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    Ajay's Story 2.0: And Again I Stand.

    You are probably used to me starting my entry on me laying on my bed in my ship's cargo hold and reading some sort of Warhammer 40k literature.
    This one was NOT the case, for I was sitting in my room aboard K-719 and tuning my simpod. Even though Canteen has taken the "Stranger" away again for some sort of maintenance, so I was left on the ship that served as his HQ, and people from here had to deal with my presence (which usually spelled heavy metal and rock being played in my room for most of my waking time).

    And again I stand, with a truth I couldn't bare: I'm grounded AGAIN and instead of being grounded on my home planet (you can call it industrial hell for all I care, it's an industrial heaven for me) I am locked away in rooms and routines of a big freaking battleship.[1]
    Flyagin's response to the question "so what the bloody flying rocket propelled wire guided optically tracked tube launched flak am I supposed to do?" was "You'll find

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    Ajay's Story: Armed Trust

    Mirtrak Battle Station, Weth.
    Stagnation does people no good. But fighter craft suffer it even worse. If "Stranger" had a sentient AI, you could've asked it. But if my ship had a sentient AI, it would have vented me into open space soon after I got addicted to Inner Core fighting, for putting the poor old heavy fighter's hull through hell several times - or for sitting at one base for weeks straight.
    Of course, since I did not want my ship failing me, I needed to do maintenance more often than usual. So when Flyagin's message flashed up on my personal console, I was running diagnostics of the ship's engine block. Since it's a zone close to a ship's fusion reactor and a zone that regularly is in contact with high levels of space radiation - among other things - I was wearing an exoprotection space suit. When I was done with checking out the engines, removed the suit and took a decontamination shower (just in case), Canteen was busy trying to melt my console

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    Ajay's Story - Big Game Hunting.

    I was having a rather pleasant (if lonely - though most of my afternoons are lonely) afternoon, laying on my bed and reading, when I got a call on my personal console. What surprised me was that it was Flyagin inviting me into a conference. It was surprising since conference mode is used when three or more people need to have a common chat. Most of the times Flyagin called me, it was usually a two-person conversation.
    I pressed "Join" and activated the comlink.
    Besides me and Canteen, there was one more conversation partner.
    -Greetings, Comrade Second Rate Captain - I greeted the said partner, Natalia Kameneva, and then spoke to my CO. - Hi, Canteen.
    I heard a chuckle from Flyagin and a formal greeting from Kameneva.
    -Ajay, we've got a mission for you - my CO said.
    -I have read your report of the Great Doms began using gunboats as a part of their fighter patrols - Kameneva continued. - Our interest in this class of the ship has been piqued. These escort

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    Daedalus system: Police central just issued a warning that known |DP| mercenary is moving to fulfil a bloody termination contract on peaceful IOC trader. Luck has smiled on professional bounty hunter that time. Nearest police officer from Silver Arrows had not yet fully functional his new ship offensive systems and mercenary ship has quickly left Daedalus while merchant ship debris were still floating around. No survivors were detected.

    But despite brilliant fulfilled assassination not all has worked as planned. In space appeared three more police officers, one from Blood Guards, one known under his nick APE and one from K.P.F. clan and mercenary ship was soon after marked three times for fine. This was for a mercenary a really unpleasant situation, fine amount few times exceeded his bounty income and he decided to run and keep distance from all incoming police ships. Hunter and hunted role has changed and chase which started in Daedalus continued through Tau systems, Leeds, then

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    After a long day he decided to get in his mining ship to make some profit aside. without being bothered and mugged or even disturbed or molested by other individuals, pilots, aliens and whatnot.

    minding his own business, he recognized some red flags going off near his dashboard. Alerting him to pay a bit closer attention to the surrounding individuals, who must have pissed someone off really bad, since they had a nice, shiny, blinking sack of credits attached to their heads.

    Not even thinking twice about it, he immediately jumping out of the seat of the mining ship and right into the seat of the fighter ship, which is always fueled up, well maintained and ready to go.
    Checking the scanners around, he discovered one pilot going from the corridor through Nephele towards X-3043. Checking the own system he decided to fly from New Tokyo towards Hokkaido, Chugoku and aiming for X-3043.
    The luck must have been on his side, since the fellow pilot flew right into his wings (sorta) getting

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    Ajay's Story: Flight of the Munificent.[1]

    Since some time, command has taken a liking to interrupt my reading of Warhammer 40k books. This time was no exception, though it was "Caves of Ice" this time. I was just about to read how the "brave" main protagonist of the book was just about to witness the huge-ass flak-off explosion[2] when Canteen's message appeared.
    "Ajay, phone me back. NOW. G.M. Igor "Canteen" Flyagin."
    Well,it isn't like I was reading that book for the first time, and messages from Flyagin so far were promising some interesting stuff. I jumped from my bed and got myself into shape, then left my flat - I was on Murmansk by that time - locked it and headed to my ship.

    -A wreck seeking? Really, Canteen? - I asked my CO, talking to him via videophone built into my personal console. - To find a Rheinland freighter lost since... two years or so, and find out what happened to it?
    -Better than doing nothing, am I right? - Flyagin asked back.
    -Listen, I was working on

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    Ajay's Story: Yet Another Homecoming.

    -Yes, everything is alright - I've reported to my commander via the comlink. - The Hypergate is completely usable.
    -It delivered you to Inner Core system?
    -Yes, straight from the anomaly Hypergate in the Omega 3 uses. Currently I'm in Weth. Mirtrak Battle Station.
    -Very well - Flyagin said. - You need to return back. There is something we need from you.
    -Namely? - I asked.
    -Do you know why you have been suspended?
    -Let me guess, being friends with Dom'Kavash? - I replied.
    -Partly. But there was another reason. Some time ago, "Gorshkov", a Czar-class carrier, came under attack from Warrior heavy fighters. In Nedjef.
    -Yeah, I've heard about it.
    -It was a precedent. During that time a freelancer named Edison Trent was aboard the carrier.
    I nodded. Edison Trent was the first human to make contact with the Dom'Kavash. Never seen him with my own eyes though.
    -So far, I have been tasked to keep an eye on you. By the way, since you are a Coalitioner that has

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    Author's Note: The previous chapter had a classified fragment. I planned to write it down when people will start finding the ███████ ██████ system as well as what is beyond. If you do not want to spoil the fun, turn back. if you don't mind spoiling the fun or are that desperate to know what did I find, you may continue, and do not forget that I have warned you.

    Ajay's Story 2.0.
    Data declassified by Coalition Intelligence Directorate order # ИЕФ131114_009.

    While working (thankfully, with his permission) on editing my subordinate's stories, I mostly leave all his writings untouched. The only exception from this are classified data, the only reason I have to do it. Fragment that is following was one of such classified data. The original author did not mind me erasing it from the story release, but asked me to release this fragment once information has been declassified.
    For now, such a moment has come.
    Coalition Intelligence Directorate General Major
    Igor Evgenyevich

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    Ajay's Story: 2.0.

    I was sitting on my bed and reading "Angel Exterminatus"[1] in my room aboard the CNS K-719. I've been sitting on that battleship for a long time, mainly due to the fact that my CO decided to separate me from the first friend I've had in my whole life. He said that "Stranger" needs recalibrating and repairs. The ship has been in my care for little less than two years.
    Only now I realized that I really can't live without my Basilisk. How I really want to hop in the cockpit, launch the engine and fly somewhere. Inner Core, Altair, Nomad space, doesn't matter.
    The message came up.
    "Greetings, Ajay.
    The Hypergate is activated.
    Meet me on the landing pad.
    Your CO,
    General Major Igor E. Flyagin."
    I bolted from my bed, quickly got myself into the shape that looked vaguely like Coalition Intelligence Directorate Senior Lieutenant, and left the room, heading towards the landing pad.

    When I arrived to the landing pad, I've seen my CO. And behind him...
    -You're done

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