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  • Looking back since I wrote my previous entry, I don't think I would ever imagine that the situation in the Galaxy would shift so cardinally.
    Or maybe I did imagine that and have forgotten about it.
    So... first things first? Deep Space Motherflakking Seventeen. The first stronghold of the Mankind on the way of Great Doms' conquest, and hopefully the first nail in said conquest's coffin. Something to get humans to finally man the flak up, stand side by side, hold the flakking line and throw these invading aliens back from whatever galaxy they came. Simple, right?
    Unfortunately, some human arseholes disagreed. Even I didn't expect the sabotage attempt; even though we worked around it and managed to get the station running. What followed was a number of supplying operations to upgrade the station. Quite soon the first operations that used DS17 as staging base took place. I still have fond memories as we discussed Operation Podstava and Operation Countercharge together with other pilots.…