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    I was caught. I was apprehended by several freelancers in the Inner Cloud system one system away from New London.

    I gave them a deal. They let me leave, I offer 50 million credits and a case full of the finest Custodian Whiskey a man could get practically for free. However, most Freelancers I have recently learnt fight for honour, for integrity. Well that and the bounty on my head was much higher. I was ruthlessly shot down and my Antares, and my entire hold of Whiskey was destroyed.

    But, I somehow managed to escape. Multiple burns and scrapes ravaged my body as my escape pod flew away from the hunters and onto Planet Crossfire.

    In a desperate attempt to not enter Sigma-17 empty-handed, I stole a ship from a man who was in our clan. Stealing the |DP|Lucifer, a Chimera with an adequate load out, I managed to sneak back into custodian, get a small load of Whiskey and attempted to run again back through Omicron Alpha. It was there that the hunters had learnt I was yet again at large and

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    Since joining with the Blood Dragons, my call sign was altered to the |DP|Undefeatable. It must’ve been nearly half a year until they were able to trust me. I ended up working under Col. Myugu, a renowned Blood Dragon officer who was strict and precise. Apparently apprenticed under the legendary Lieutenant Ozu in his younger days, he used the knowledge given to him and became the hard ass colonel he is to this day. According to Myugu, the dragons had never had much use for using ships such as destroyers or battleships as they were mainly a faction that relied in raiding for resources or intel, but maybe it’d be time to start using them. The Kusari Naval Forces are cracking down on Blood Dragon activity majorly within the areas of Hokkaido and Honshu, and it’s time they respond with violence. The ends justify the means.

    My first official mission with the Blood Dragons was to permanently damage Yukawa shipyard. The construction and repair rings on the shipyard are the primary targets. I

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    After finding this bucket of bolts for sale at Astugi for a small Fee, I became the Captain of the Undefeatable, a formidable Kusari destroyer that was nearly atomised during the battle of Death Valley before it was salvaged and repaired at Astugi. After joining a Mercenary Clan and having a big foothold in Kusari space, I thought it was only right to commandeer a Sleek Kusari capital ship. I began working under the Kusari Naval Forces and wore the official IFF tag of |DP|KNF_Undefeatable. My main mission, was to aid in discovering the secret Blood Dragon base hidden somewhere on the edges of the Kusari Colony. A few Naval officers believed it to be somewhere in the Tau systems since the Blood Dragons worked loosely with the Outcasts. Some believed it to be hidden somewhere in the depths of Chugoku. Low sensor efficiency, organised strikes at the Battleship Matsumoto in Hokkaido, and most systems seemed to be linked to Chugoku where plenty of Blood Dragons are known to lurk would make

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    After having to lie low since the first initial thieving, it was time to do more. I couldn’t handle being noticed so quickly, but now, with my small fleet being so quickly assembled and very well equipped, i began to jot down another date for my second thieving. The numbers 03/01/3021 (DD/MM/YYYY) were quickly scribbled into my personal notebook and quickly stuffed into my shirt pocket. In the meantime... my special voice had practically ordered me to raise more chaos.

    Flying into New York, I worked out of Buffalo flying under the Banner of the Outcasts. Partaking in several Rouge and Outcast raids on West Point, and even a fully coordinated attack on the Battleship Missouri and Norfolk. No faction having any shred of Lawful allegiance to the house of Liberty were safe from the Whiskey Thief. However, the Freelancers were. For I had no problems with the many freelancers i have encountered within New York, I have in fact offered some credits and weapons to a small few in exchange for

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    After several covert strikes against the ASF, I was prepared. Entering my Antares Freighter, I left Far Water and made haste to Neutro Station. Ever since the first whiskey incident on Planet Blood, they decided to export their whiskey to Neutro Station in exchange for other important commodities vital for keeping the legendary BloodGuard Squadrons somewhat ‘intact’.

    I managed to stealthily sneak into the basement area of the Neutro Bar and carried crates and crates of Whiskey onto my Antares Freighter sitting on the deck of the launch bays. I managed to steal nearly 260 tons of the stuff completely undetected. I was thinking “hell... maybe this is easier then I expected?”

    My voice that had laid dormant ever since I landed at Far Water told me to stop being so Naive and to hurry up and carry this theft out. The sooner we do this, the sooner our lust for power can grow. I quickly grabbed my last crate before an officer saw me out of nowhere. He knew I was nowhere near the commodity

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    Another problem that I have faced was that... nobody really knew who I was

    I mean, I had only just started my fleet up. There was no big news bulletin about who I was because nobody knew what I was really doing, nobody’s seen the Whiskey Thief in action really.

    As so, I have enlisted some of my services to the Confederated Strike Force. The |DP|WhiskeyMurderer’s objective to get noticed, is to assist the CSF in as much battles against their Lawful counterpart, the Alliance Star Fleet. Co-ordinating attacks across key points in the Crossfire system against the lawful military factions amongst the Sirius Sector was a big part of my plan that I had put into action.

    However, a problem had amassed. And that problem was that I was worried that I was worried that I was going to attain attention too quickly. Too many police clans, too many freelancers, and even too many of my own clan would know that something big was going to happen, and that it was going to start with me. It’s true, I do

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    I appeared face to face with the Clan Leader Denne. I of course had already prepared and was already itching to grab my sidearm in case things went South. However, he expressed no interest in whatever I was doing. I watched as he was rushing past me

    “There’s been reports of multiple police casualties in the House systems as well as bombings on at least seven different planets. The news haven’t told me as much as I’d like to know... but I’m deadset sure it’s one of those pirates again...”

    I watched as he stopped and turned towards me

    “Do you want to join?”

    It was then that my heart started really racing. I didn’t even realise my hand was still gripping the handle of my sidearm until he sort of eyed me down.
    “PLAY IT SAFE” I heard my voice answer and I sort of managed to stumble my speech out

    “I Umm... I have more urgent business to attend do... I’m gonna have to use the Mercy Darks production lines for a small while to prepare... you go ahead and enjoy the hunt... for that pirate...”


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    I had a plan, finally. To build a small fleet, and utilise it to its fullest potential. I travelled to every corner in search of something. On my journey,. I purchased a Chimera from the vaguely familiar ship dealer of Capua Station. Outfitting it with the best equipment money could buy, this would be the ship that Freelancers and Clans everywhere would fear. After parking it in an undisclosed location. The voice told me I need to think more... bigger. And I know what it meant by that. I added a Liberty Dreadnaught to my small fleet. The firepower and size alone would strike terror into the hearts of anybody. But then the voice attempted to clarify

    He told me I was a dumb fool as there wouldn’t be enough space for me to transport vast quantities of stolen liquor across the Galaxy. He told me the best idea would be to purchase a Soulforge train. Sure, it has next to no defenses and is capable of being torn apart by even the weakest of ships. Which is why I needed help. I needed a

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    This is where I’ll jot down my only memories and plans that’ll remain a secret only with me

    First off. I remember absolutely nothing of my history since I woke up. I woke up on the deck of the seemingly abandoned base of the Mercy Dark all alone. Taking a stroll around, I managed to regain a bit of my more... happier memories. Memories of my old family. Memories of my current family. But... they all seemed to be filtered out. As if I was wiped out but not fully.

    i decided to walk even more around the base but to no avail. I couldn’t remember any more then I currently could, and it frustrated me. It angered me. I lashed out, punched a wall, but I eventually settled down by drowning myself in Liquor. Tons and tons of it. I was consumed with drinking for weeks before I had a niggling voice in the back of my head to break the cycle. This voice wasn’t really my inner monologue. I know exactly what my inner monologue is and this isn’t it. Maybe it’s my better judgement? Coming to me

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    After DarkMatter's sleep in a premium room in Nuetro Station that was worth around $12.000 credits, DarkMatter decided to go ahead on his journey. DarkMatter knew all of the troubles he would have ahead, but didn't realise however, how or what he was in getting in trouble with. DarkMatter settled into the cockpit of his Bullpup and launched from the space pads of Nuetro station.

    22th July 780AS
    Location: Nuetro Station, Custodian System
    Status: Alive and prosperous
    Nuetro Station: Freelancer Alpha 1-8 you are clear to launch, good luck out there..
    He had decided to check out the Planets that the trade lanes interact with. But however his peaceful fly was interrupted by a group of Outcasts, all wanting a chunk of his credits each..
    Outcast Gamma 6: Freelancer, you have been taxed for $312.000 credits, you are hereby required to pay, or manage to run away.
    DarkMatter could not run away or fight with these fighters. These were top-notch Wolverine fighters with their hardest hitting guns:

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