Confederated Strike Force

  • The CSF (Confederated Strike Force) is a group which is fighting for the separation of the houses of Sirius.


    The CSF group is the counter part to the ASF (Alliance Star Fleet) which stand against being united, having just a few authorities left to decide about good and evil of millions of inhabitants of Sirius and Altair. They fight for regional power to support each territorial advantage and not selling themselves short at the ASF. CSF Leadership consists of a 'Federation Council' with military and civilian corporations representing separate star systems pooling resources, manpower and sharing bases. You sometimes can witness fights in X-3043 between ASF vs. CSF - Olympus vs. Proton battleships. Even the CSF does not have any official allies or enemies, the destroying of CSF vessels will negatively affect other unlawful acting factions. While the killing of other factions does not have any influence on the reputation toward CSF. If you want to be part of the CSF (Special ASF vs CSF Crossfire server Role-play) mount their license and take part in the events held on the server. Just ask around and inform yourself.

    2. TYPE

    • Special

    3. HQ


    • Particle weapons (strong vs. Graviton, weak vs. Molecular)
    • Positron shields

    5. ALLIES

    • none


    • Unlawful acting Factions.

    7. ENEMIES

    • Alliance Star Fleet

    8. BASES

    Station name
    Far Water Shipyard X-3043

    9. BRIBES

    Station name
    Planet Tobruk