Capt. Khaos

After finding this bucket of bolts for sale at Astugi for a small Fee, I became the Captain of the Undefeatable, a formidable Kusari destroyer that was nearly atomised during the battle of Death Valley before it was salvaged and repaired at Astugi. After joining a Mercenary Clan and having a big foothold in Kusari space, I thought it was only right to commandeer a Sleek Kusari capital ship. I began working under the Kusari Naval Forces and wore the official IFF tag of |DP|KNF_Undefeatable. My main mission, was to aid in discovering the secret Blood Dragon base hidden somewhere on the edges of the Kusari Colony. A few Naval officers believed it to be somewhere in the Tau systems since the Blood Dragons worked loosely with the Outcasts. Some believed it to be hidden somewhere in the depths of Chugoku. Low sensor efficiency, organised strikes at the Battleship Matsumoto in Hokkaido, and most systems seemed to be linked to Chugoku where plenty of Blood Dragons are known to lurk would make it a more ideal base for their home. My first job was to defend the Matsumoto in the Hokkaido system.

I must’ve collectively spent a week patrolling the Kato and Unto clouds for any Blood Dragon patrols or strike attempts. Unfortunately, none have appeared. I have had a hand in defending the Chugoku gate construction site against the Golden Chrysanthemum faction however. After a while, the Camelot clan that had taken refuge initially in Hokkaido and had turned it into a bustling haven for smuggling and criminal activity grew wary of my presence and after several meetings with my CO, I had been requested to leave the system. Not wanting to cause any tensions, I respectfully accepted and I ended up patrolling Kyushu instead with fruitful results. I must’ve had a hand in destroying over 200 Blood Dragon fighters and freighters who were obviously out to attack the people of Kusari. Oh how wrong I was

After working for the Kusari Naval Officers for a month, I grew to become the notorious Dragon Killer amongst the ranks of the KNF. However, one fateful day I was talking to a civilian on Planet Kyushu. I learnt a lot about the history of the Blood Dragons.

“Long ago, the Blood Dragons used to be what the Kusari Naval Force is now. Powerful, plenty and brutal in terms of protecting their people. However one day, a discrete group had performed a coup with the help of Samura, murdering the current Shogun and replacing him with their own. Any of the ancient Blood Dragons were either killed or forced into hiding. However, the surviving remnants had managed to flee to Chugoku and had turned a dead system into the home of legends. Honing in on their flying and combat skills, they became one of the best fighters in the Galaxy. The difference here is, the Blood Dragons fight for honour and for the people. The Kusari Naval Forces fight only to maintain their foothold in Kusari. Which is why one day, the Blood Dragons will rise and justice will be given.”

I wouldn’t have believed him if I hadn’t read up on the history of the dragons themselves and everything was right. There was a coup, and the KNF were truly the evil ones. Despite all this proof, I still never believed it until I had a chance to witness it. I was given an order by my CO to eliminate a transport filled with Civilians under the Blood Dragon faction. After denying the order, I was fined and was suspended for a month for ‘aiding criminals’. I knew there was something truly wrong with the KNF, which is why I decided to venture into Chugoku.

After several hours of searching, I was hailed by a small squadron of Fighters belonging to the Blood Dragons. According to the squadron leader, I was subject to immediate termination. However, I managed to somehow convince them that I wasn’t here to fight but was here to ‘defect’. I’d heard enough and was sickened by the attitude and the corruption of the Kusari Naval Forces and wanted to do better by the people of Kusari. I was taken to the Legendary Kyoto base with the reluctance of the Blood Dragons ensuring I won’t tell a soul about it, otherwise they’d do their best to silence me. After agreeing, I managed to moor on Platform Four on the base. Taking a step onto the chunk of rock, I took a deep breath and grinned to myself, knowing now I was truly home and that I now had meaningful work to do