DarkMatter's Logbook of Adventures Part 2

After DarkMatter's sleep in a premium room in Nuetro Station that was worth around $12.000 credits, DarkMatter decided to go ahead on his journey. DarkMatter knew all of the troubles he would have ahead, but didn't realise however, how or what he was in getting in trouble with. DarkMatter settled into the cockpit of his Bullpup and launched from the space pads of Nuetro station.

22th July 780AS
Location: Nuetro Station, Custodian System
Status: Alive and prosperous
Nuetro Station: Freelancer Alpha 1-8 you are clear to launch, good luck out there..
He had decided to check out the Planets that the trade lanes interact with. But however his peaceful fly was interrupted by a group of Outcasts, all wanting a chunk of his credits each..
Outcast Gamma 6: Freelancer, you have been taxed for $312.000 credits, you are hereby required to pay, or manage to run away.
DarkMatter could not run away or fight with these fighters. These were top-notch Wolverine fighters with their hardest hitting guns: Wyrm Type II's. They are very potent and able to destroy any fighters in a few seconds.
DarkMatter: Whoa guys, I'm not looking for any trouble, I am just a humble man travelling, I only have $2.000 to spare..
Outcast Gamma 6: Lies, you're loaded with Cash, there's no way the son of a Crime Queen is poor in dough.
Darkmatter did not want to give away his hard earned credits, but he could not fight, they were too overpowering. He reluctantly gave them each $312.000 credits each, and they happily flew away. DarkMatter managed to make it to Planet Blood without any more tax collectors.
He entered the Atmosphere and turned on the Planetary Radio Signal only to find out a shocking discovery
Planetary Radio Signal: Attention! All able Freelancers, Mercenaries or Police pilots are to report to the Custodian Whiskey bar, as there was a robbery not too minutes ago!
DarkMatter saw this as an unmissable opportunity, and decided to check it out. He met up with a few Freelancers, and a really big-time Mercenary called AZ09.
AZ09: Well, are you here to join us on our hunt sir?
DarkMatter: Sure am mate.
AZ09: Nice! Well you'll be joining my wing, |DP|ShockWave has the other wing.
ShockWave: Howdy.
AZ09: Right let's move out!
DarkMatter, AZ09 and two other Freelancers moved out towards Nuetro Station. At the end they see a massive alien Jumpgate, which was there for ages, but was Dormant. It seemed to be active again.
The group of four take jump into a network alien hub.
AZ09: My god..

The system appeared as a massive cortex of alien life. There was a main planet and a moon. There was a lot of Jumpgates leading Horizontally, and vertically. There were also five Alien Battleships in front of the Planet ready to open fire upon AZ09's wing.
AZ09: Take evasive manoeuvres!
They were all manoeuvring around like flies, but the Aliens were hitting them hard.
Ajay: Dagnabbit! These things are hitting me harder then War Hammer forty K references!
DarkMatter thought it was just one of those people, but didn't think for long, otherwise he would die.
AZ09; Everyone to the Custodian Jump Gate! It is our only chance!
We all docked in the Jump Gate apart from one guy. He was further known as |DP|Andy56t.
|DP|Andy56: I am too far away! I am closer to a "Omicron Minor system then anywhere else!
We all saw him dock with the Omicron Minor jump gate, along with a swarm of Alien fighters. |DP|Andy56t was never heard from again..
AZ09: Right, there is nothing more then we can do here. Everybody dock.
We all docked with the Jump Gate, and disturbed it's power frequency so that the Jump Gate was unstable.
AZ09's group regrouped with ShockWaves wing and had met outside Planet Blood.
ShockWave: What happened? Where the hell is Andy?
AZ09: We stumbled upon an alien system, Andy went one way with the majority following him. We barely made it out alive.
ShockWave: No, we need to get him back. We need rescue teams, everyone that can help in one way. The Liberty War Machine. Something?
AZ09: Too little too late mate, we lost a valued Clan Member.
ShockWave decided there was somewhere he needed to be, and went off to New York. He too has disappeared, only popping in time from time.
AZ09: Right here Darkmatter, here's some Credits for your help. $25.000.000.
DarkMatter: Wow thanks mate. Thats awesome.
AZ09: No sweat. Just repay me with some Whiskey or rum or anything I can drink.
DarkMatter said his goodbyes and headed straight for Omicron Theta, home hub for Independant Zoners, and Bounty Hunters. Also populated by powerful Corsairs, and cunning Outcasts. Only to be enconutered by someone who remembered him long ago..

Never Fear! Lucifer is here!
|DP|Lucifer, the ultimate engine of destruction is at your in-game disposal for a small fee of credits!
whether it is to sniff out a dodgy cop, to track smuggler's, or even to destroy a pirate or freelance Mercenary

The choice is in your hands!
Contact |DP|Lucifer in-game for any help related to above
The charges may vary with his mind, but it will be no doubt a small fee for our troubles.

Contact him today!


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