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    Let's Play Freelancer Crossfire: Mission 5

    WARNING: People participating in the drinking game "whenever something explodes near Edison Trent, take a shot" are strongly encouraged to overthink their life choices and at least downgrade it to a sip.


    So, we stopped Intermission 4 on our way to Planet Cambridge. To start Mission 5, land on Planet Cambridge and go to the Bar. The cutscene will start automatically.


    Trent: Hey.

    Trent walks up to Juni

    Juni: I was wondering when you'd show.

    (Yeah, riiiight. It took almost 10 months.)

    Trent: Did you find Quintane?

    Juni: That's the thing. The good doctor has just disappeared.

    Trent: You mean like the others?

    Juni: No, not like them. This one left a trail. But I need your help, Trent. Are you with me?


    It's kinda funny how we still rely on the LSF intel for difficulty. Even considering that LSF intel has somehow missed Rheinland ships back in Mission 3.

    "Accept" clicked

    Trent: taht's why I'm here. Count me in.

    Juni: Good. What do you know about xenoarcheology?

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    Intermission 4

    WARNING: Once again, by the time we'll be done with this Intermission our equipment loadout will go deep into overkill territory.


    Okay. So. We've got free reign over most of Sirius sector. Let's get back to trying to get the killiest set of equipment.


    First order of business is getting a new ship. I opted for Seahorse on Planet Harris in Tau-31 (Leeds->Stokes Smelter->Tau-31 jump hole, there fly to Harris right after the jump gate). This will fix our Bounty Hunter reputation. You can ignore this step and deal with Bounty Hunters being hostile if you want.


    Then let's go to Kusari. In Tau-31: from Leeds jump gate -> Outpost Holman -> Tau-29 jump gate. In Tau-29 go along trade lanes.

    I did some missions in Kyushu. I recommend doing missions against Blood Dragons. Yes, their Dragons have a tricky hitbox, but they drop Lieutenant Escape Pods which cost 100K credits each.

    Once the cargo bay is full, let's find a prison to drop them off. It's located in Shikoku. There is a shortcut,

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    AUTHOR'S NOTE: I decided to not do the Intermission 3. I'll have it rolled into this article.

    As for the Intermission 3, I just decided to take a scenic route to Texas around the Rogue bases to fill my cargo bay with extra pods. Selling them earns Trent a new level and a message from Juni.

    Jun'ko Zane: Trent, this is Juni. Something's going on, I need your help. Meet me on Manhattan.

    While I take a scenic route to Manhattan, have a Trent's Log update.



    Like the last time, landing on Manhattan springs a cinematics on us. Fasten your seatbelts boys, someone's playing The Rains of Castamere.



    Juni watches as Trent's ship lands onto the landing pad. Trent exits the ship, she walks up to him.

    Trent: Juni, what's going on?

    Juni: Over here.

    Trent: Hey, what's wrong?

    Juni: Nothing. Something. I don't know yet.


    Trent: What do you mean?

    Juni: Ashcroft is missing! He was on a Liberty dreadnought in a maximum security cell, surrounded by armed guards! Trent, you don't escape from that!

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    Okay. Now that we have our overkill setup, let's get this show off the road!


    And so the game springs the initial cinematics on us right off the bat...

    Lonnigan appears and walks up to Trent, gun in hand

    Lonnigan: Don't move. Just listen.

    Trent: Lonnigan! Where have you...

    Lonnigan: Stay still! I had to kill a man to escape today. What's one more...


    Lonnigan: Why are you still here? Don't you see what's going on? Freeport 7? Zone 21?

    Trent: Yeah. The Order.

    Lonnigan: No! It's not just them, it's the Liberty! It's artifacts! They're on to something...


    Trent: Look, let's just talk about this...

    Lonnigan: *shoves the gun back into Trent's face* No more talking! I know what I'm doing now, I have a plan. I wanted to warn you, I felt that I owed it to you. Don't try and follow me, Trent. Get out of Liberty while you still can!

    Lonnigan takes a few steps back and runs away

    Trent: What the...


    Welp. That happened.


    Bartrender: Nice to see you again. How are things?

    Trent: Interesting. I'm looking for Junko

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    WARNING: From after this Intermission, FORGET about fighting the NPCs on equal terms until well into late game. By the time this intermission finishes, Trent's loadout will be deep into overkill territory.


    Actually, now that we have access to the Liberty systems, earning credits is less of a problem. First of all, let's go to Texas.

    The jump gate to Texas is just one trade lane away from Norfolk Shipyard/Battleship Missouri. I have to warn y'all that you might encounter Outcasts. They are more dangerous opponents than Rogues. In Texas, take Trade Lane to Planet Houston, find the station LPI Huntsville on its orbit, land on it and sell all Escape Pods there.

    Also, nearly all prisons have a music track running on them. It used to be the Great Escape theme. It isn't anymore.



    Juni: Trent. This is Juni. I'm back from assignment and got a job for you. Meet me on Manhattan. I'll fill you in on the details when you'll get here.

    That being said, it is now our turn to make her wait.

    Now that we

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    Author's Foreword:

    • First of all, the problems related to the hosting of images seem to be fixed. For now.
    • Second. I kinda made more screenies along with videos, but had to rerun some moments and snap some screenshots from videos. You can thell those from others 'cos they will have a Bandicam watermark.


    So, the game wants us to move the story along by going to the Manhattan bar and talking to Juni and King.

    I think it's the only place where the game is generous enough to let us start the cinematics by talking to them. Afterwards the game will spring cinematics on us as soon as we either enter the bar or land on the planet.


    King: Good to see you again, Trent.

    Juni: Well, now that we all here. The LSF has an important mission for you. Are you interested?


    Trent: Yeah, sounds good.

    Juni: Good, here's the details. The LSF has a line on a smuggler that's been moving Artifacts in and out of Liberty space.

    Trent: What sort of Artifacts?

    King: Alien. The very old and fetch a good price among collectors

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    Okay. Our order of business is to get about 80 thousand credits out of nowhere to get Juni to notice us again.

    It would actually be fairly easy with Crossfire. The escape pods picked up in Mission 1 would be far more that enough... except, I'd have to sell them on LPI Huntsville in Texas. And I'm still locked in New York!

    Normally this means do missions until green. However, there is one thing.

    Crossfire has Dynamic Economy. Which means that each time you update it, all prices on stations change. Which means you can luck out.

    And luck out I did. I stumbled on a trade route of Niobium from Baltimore Shipyard to Planet Pittsburgh (15 credis buy, 1368 credits sell). Of course, I needed a freighter to trade, so I switched to Rhino.

    Small advice: Try to avoid trade routes that involve Fort Bush. There is ALWAYS a queve at the Fort Bush.

    Another thing is. The Trade Lane to Pittsburgh is almost ALWAYS disrupted. The Liberty Rogues have all the tenacity of cockroaches. Good thing you can go off

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    Okay, so, here we are stranded on Manhattan, with no ship and no way to get back home...

    Oh. Speaking of that, there's one thing worth mentioning: Edison Trent keeps a personal journal. Let's check it.


    So... that dude we last saw wheeled out on a hover gurney is named Lonnigan, and he owes Trent a fat load of cash. But he's not quite in the condition to pay up, so Trent's stranded here until he gets better.

    With that said... let's check the local bar.



    So, this is the local bar. Trent walks in and makes way to the bar stand.


    Trent: Sidewinder Fang.

    Bartrender: All we have is Liberty Ale, friend.

    Trent: Fine.

    Bartrender goes to pur Trent's drink, Trent looks around and notices a lady sitting at one of the tables.


    Bartrender: Her name's Junko Zane. She's a tough one.

    Trent: Oh, why's that?

    Bartrender: She's LSF. All business. If it's the job you want, that is. On the other hand, if you're looking for something more...

    Trent: Oh, the only thing I'm looking for right now is this drink. *drinks*

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    Hello everyone. This is Ajay, and I decided to make a playthrough of Freelancer Crossfire.

    First of all, I'm going to get this out of the way:

    -I was going to make this story only screenshot-followed at first. Then I decided to finally man up, create an YT channel and use it to host videos of cinematics and combat scenes. This comes with following problems you'll have to deal with:

    --I'm using unregistered Bandicam. This means, videos will be short and will have that watermark. At least bandicam's watermark is not as annoying as other programs'.

    --Using videos might break my concentration on taking screenshots. In some cases I will use screenshots taken from the video after recording, which will mess up quality. Deal with it.

    -I will play with full knowledge of the Freelancer Crossfire world, but I will pretend I know jack about the game's plot for the purposes of humour.

    -I will get the most cheesy configuration of ship/equipment I can think of.

    -My combat skills suck and I am not

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    Heavy spoilers for Lost Fleet update ahead! Unless you completed it OR aren't bothered by spoiling the update, DON'T OPEN THE SPOILER.

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