Wukong Prime

General Information

Wukong truly is the monkey king in Warframe.

His passive makes him almost impossible to kill. Actually it prevents him from dying three times per mission and buffing him afterwards.

He can use his Celestial Twin specter to "double" the damage you can do.

He can create insanely high armor values and he can heal very fast when required.

And yes, my Wukong has wings. I always wanted a monkey with wings. ;)

Abilities (sort by usability)


Wukong can avoid death 3 times per mission using his five techniques. Randomly 3 of them will be choosen which avoids him bleeding out and restores 50% health.

- primal forces: 300% elemental damage for 60 seconds

- heavenly cloak: invisible for 30 seconds

- cosmic armor: invulneratble for 30 seconds

- monkey luck: killed enemies drop extra loot for 60 seconds

- sly alchemy: collected orbs are 4x more effective

Ability 4 - Primal Fury

Summon the Iron Staff and unleash fury.

Ability 2 - Cloud Walker

Evaporate into a cloud of mist and float through the battlefield, dazing any enemy encountered, while healing Wukong and his twin.

Ability 3 - Defy

Wukong and his twin become invulnerable and defy enemies to attack. All damage is captured, stored, and dealt back in a single furious strike of Wukong's staff. Bonus Armor is then granted relative to the damage captured.

Ability 1 - Celestial Twin

Shedding part of himself, Wukong creates a twin to fight by his side. Attack at range and the twin will melee, pull a blade and the twin will lay down covering fire. Use again to command the twin to attack a target with increased damage.

Celestial Twin will create a duplicate specter of Wukong which has twice the health of Wukong himself and remains in the mission until being killed. The Wukong specter has access to all of the equipped weapons but will use the opposite type of weapon as the player. If the player users a primary or secondary weapon the specter will use melee. If the player uses melee the specter will primary or secondary (depending on which weapon type was active last).

The specter can be ordered to attack a specific target by pressing the ability key again. This causes bonus damage on this target.

The specter does not seem to consume ammo.

Cloud Walker can restore health to the specter for every meter traveled.

When using Defy the specter also will use Defy.

When using the Primal Fury Staff weapon the Specter also will use that Staff.

Btw. you can not cast Celestial Twin and go idle. The Twin will stop fighting at some point if you do nothing.

Cloud Walker turns Wukong into a cloud which can travel ultra fast and Wukong is invisible during that time. Status effects are removed and Wukong heals per meter traveled.

Security cameras or laser barriers are not triggered. The duration however is very limited.

When using Defy Wukong enters his defiance stance in which his movement speed is reduced and all incoming damage is stored. When leaving this state all stored damage is multiplied by 7.5 and released to the surrounding enemies. After that Wukong receives 1.5 of the stored damage as armor bonus.

Ability Range increases the damage radius, Ability Strength increases damage and also armor (max armor = 1500) and Duration applies to the length of the defiance phase aswell as how long the armor bonus is applied.

Primal Fury allows Wukong to equip is Exalted Weapon the Iron Staff.

200% Critical damage, 25% critical chance, 30 Status chance.

To be honest... this weapon by no means any good especially when you consider that you can not use mods like Weeping Wounds or Bloodrush. Normal melee weapons have the tendency to work equally good or even better due to the scaling nature of these mods.

If you ask me you should use the Celestial Twin non-stop since this will increase your damage output (two fighting monkey are better than one fighting monkey).

Use the Defy ability to increase your armor value when needed/regulary and use Cloud Walker if you need healing.


Monkey King Build

High Ability Strength because that increases the health of the Celestial Twin. High duration because that increases the Damage and Armor of Defy and the healing of Cloud Walker.

Iron Staff Build

I guess with the limited amount of mod options it won't get better than that. The Iron Staff is a bit underwhelming.



Only dead fish swim with the stream.
Don't discuss with idiots. They only drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience there.

This is ten percent luck,
Twenty percent skill,
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will,
Five percent pleasure,
Fifty percent pain,
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!