AUTHOR'S NOTE: I decided to not do the Intermission 4. I'll have it rolled into this article.

    As for the Intermission 4, I just decided to take a scenic route to Texas around the Rogue bases to fill my cargo bay with extra pods. Selling them earns Trent a new level and a message from Juni.

    Jun'ko Zane: Trent, this is Juni. Something's going on, I need your help. Meet me on Manhattan.

    While I take a scenic route to Manhattan, have a Trent's Log update.



    Like the last time, landing on Manhattan springs a cinematics on us. Fasten your seatbelts boys, someone's playing The Rains of Castamere.



    Juni watches as Trent's ship lands onto the landing pad. Trent exits the ship, she walks up to him.

    Trent: Juni, what's going on?

    Juni: Over here.

    Trent: Hey, what's wrong?

    Juni: Nothing. Something. I don't know yet.


    Trent: What do you mean?

    Juni: Ashcroft is missing! He was on a Liberty dreadnought in a maximum security cell, surrounded by armed guards! Trent, you don't escape from that! After our last

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