usual day

It was early in the morning. The sun did not even appear at the horizon and I decided to jump into the pilot seat of my vessel.
Checking everything before launching into the dark space of X-3043 which was awaiting me. Everything ok. So.... go for it.

The docking ring closed behind me and I was on my own. Surrounded by some ASF and some CSF fighters defeating each other.
Not bothering with their business, I discovered some human pilots floating around and apparantly being bored.
Then I received some hails from 3 fellow pilots being in the dark space of X-3043 as well.

My original plans have been to pay Tarsus a visit again, since by this time I recognized 2 CFPD members along one IOC member being busy with one poor pilot.
Probably trying to make him leaving Tarsus.

Since I did not want to interrupt the fun of police with help of a mercenary ripping appart one poor pilot. I had a bit smalltalk to the other pilots who hailed me a second earlier.
It turned out that those pilots are members of the same faction I am. Nice, loving and always caring pirates from a long missed LP clan.
Apparently those pilots have been a bit bored and they finally asked me for a friendly comparing of fighting skills.

I of course accepted this "invitation" and it came to a show down, how well my rusty, lately not very often used skills, are working.
2 of the pilots challenged me in a 1 on 1 match, which I won.
No, I don't want to brag about beating others in a fight, but I'm still proud of not having forgotten how to kill the opponent when it comes to the need of it.

Then I think, the wifes of the pilots must have called them back in. They thanked for the nice company and left.
Understandable, since no one should even think about pissing off a wife at all. Especially not the wife of a pirate, since those are the true pirates. ;)

Since the 3rd pilot was still outside, not leaving or attempting to challenge me too, I decided to go back to the original purpose of being a pirate within the dimensions of the world of crossfire.
Asking the 1 pilot remaining in space, for a bit support of 10 credits. Taxing the crap out of him, hoping that he will deny and I would get another fighting challenge instead.

He decided to pay the 10 credits, which was of course fine with me.

In the meantime I recognized that Tarsus got emptied one by one. The sytem owners left space completely and so did the apparently hired mercenary after getting the other (unknown) pilot out of Tarsus.
I don't know why they left. Maybe because they saw me ripping other vessels appart without taking any serious damage myself. Or they also got called back in by their wifes or parents,
Parents because of this - no one really knows at what age they do allow police men to start flying in space and someone has to take care of them flying around.

So I had to deal with, not engaging any police men in their own system - once again

On the other hand. There did show up another victim right infront of the planet in X-3043. Just in time as I was finished stocking up the cash from the one remaining pirate colleague :)
I nicely asked this new pilot in space for the little donation of 100 credits into my wallet.
He refused, so I had to convince him to get back to the planet by armed force and think about his denial before comming out again.
He came back out but didn't change his mind about paying the 100 credits.
He engaged me whenever he left the planet, so I had to show him where the frog has its curls. This procedure was going on for 5 times and I did just let him go :)
Making some cash due the "lessons" was way more profitable than just recieving 100 credits, I asked for in the beginning.

As finally the pirate colleague had to leave too and I did not see any other company around I decided to dock again and getting my ship maintenance done.
In the meantime I think about where to go to next time I jump into my seat. ;)

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