Politics... demonstrations... popcorn...

As you know, the deputies elections were in my coutry in 4-th dec of this year. But just after that:

THAT I call the shit. No, not the cops - the opposition supporters... They are wanting to see their own country at the chaos?...

heh... I hate revolutionaries...

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  • nope... For "Russian Patriots"
    But I will vote for Putin as a president. Just becouse he almost rised the whole coutry from ashes.

    Abd again... I hate the revolutionaries. Especially the liberals, funded by the U.S. Embassy: http://spb.hh.ru/vacancy/4034593

    We are at Information War, you know. If we'll fail, then my coutry will fall again. I just can't allow this. Just becouse a live here.

  • You have voted for Putin party?

  • 10-th Dec protesters rally failed :D

  • they would like to rally at 10-th Dec again. But in every town in Russia.

    Sons of the...

  • History repeats itself.