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  • Sea of Shadows, Freeport 11


    "Sigh ..." tall man dressed in the Daumann suit was silently standing at Freeport 11 gallery. He was looking from the gallery window, but his mind was somewhere else. "He always knew that his time is limited, but this knowledge was not a help for him at that moment. It was a long time and memories were still too fresh. Two days back he was ..."





    Omega-3 (two days earlier), Planet Sprague, SAC offices: Fleet-Admiral Forlon just returned from the Inner Core Sector from the operation Firefall. This operation was not fully finished yet, but latest findings were more as surprising. With the new informations found on old battleship wreck was rising significantly a chance that there may be hidden more pieces which can fully answer what happened to The reconnaissance fleet, which was the first human fleet blindly sent to the Inner Core for gain important answers ... only a very few people knew the whole truth hidden behind this expedition.

    "Beep", the silent tone announced a message coming from the offices secretary ... "Sir, we just received a hand-made letter addressed to you. Your instructions were to inform you immediately, if this will happen". "Thank you, I'm coming", replied Admiral. The chair in the admiral office has still spinning when the office doors were closed. Letter in the secretary office had very basic look, but on touch it could remind the old Earth times. Except addressee was there on opposite side only one letter "O". Admiral took this letter with a little shaking hand and returned to his office. He knew precisely what he will find inside and he was right. Inside letter was a folded piece of paper with a brief message: "It's a time, meet me at Freeport 11". There was not given any date, time or signature, but it was not needed ... message delivered such a way, had for its addressee very clear meaning.

    Admiral opened his personal communicator and inserted short code. This code was very simple, was activated a script which started searching through clan internal databases for certain personal & other informations and once were they found, they were deleted and overwritten. Next came the time to prepare one last promotion. This one was a long time overdue, but there always were some reasons ... the reasons which were now no longer important. "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Silver_Arrows Command is proud to announce that our long-time member Cpt. Hanzo Hasashi, known also as Trinity_ , was today promoted to the rank Rear-Admiral. It was a long time for him to reach this position, but he is now the 4th clan member which ever was promoted to the admiral rank! ... " After this he added one coded personal note readable only for the new admiral and pushed the button "Send". Once finished with the paperwork was time to dress up. Admiral's uniform remained draped over a chair and through emergency exit leading directly to hidden small hangar departed a man in the civil suit ... old looking Butcher was waiting there.

    Sea of Shadows, Freeport 11: Clearance to dock for an unmarked civilian small fighter was granted. Navigation computer on board was completely erased and ship pilot headed to the station bar. There he has ordered a Beer and his memory fall back to the old times when he for a first time appeared in the Silver_Arrows, to times when small inexperienced clan needed for a first time fight with old mercenary PX clan, when were for a first time met a CFPD and BG officers and how after this small clan grew up, step by step were gathered contacts, knowledge and fame. Friends, enemies, long chases, fights, battles, explorations and different tasks ... many and many good memories worthy to remember.

    Suddenly were his thoughts interrupted, someone behind his back has coming close and was heard: "Greetings old Friend". Man turned around, his tired eyes stared on a person in the black uniform, the person which was... Then passed a brief moment of a silence and both men together headed to the_corridor leading to the hangar. "One long chapter of life was closed, what will happen in the future no one could tell...".

  • The universe is vast but at times it is just a tiny place where people meet at its crossroads. Their paths might lead into different directions but one day they meet again.
    I'd like to believe in that... I decide to believe in that.
    Thank you.



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  • :salutes Will be missed by all, and we will be here f you ever decide to come back. Good flying mate.

    "He who does not learn from the mistakes of the past, is forever doomed to repeat them."

    Friends will always be there for you,check on you when your down,and stick with you no matter what happens. that is what a true friend is.
    "I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy. Because they know what it's like to feel absolutely worthless and they don't want anybody else to feel like that" Robin Williams

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  • I am sure the Admirals Office will always be opened for one to sneak in and have a look now and then, also to pour some water on the plants. Or just to have one of the good old drinks with his fellow comrades. For now we wish him nice journeys around, take care, the universe is big, but there is just one home, so dont hesitate to show up now and then, so we all can be assured your life is prosperous and healthy...

  • Most of the things I've learned here came from the man that is leaving us now. Most, if not all. A sad moment for all policemen, if not all spacemen. I wish you best of luck in your life, as I always did. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will always be here.

  • While I rarely saw eye to eye with you on the turns SA took after Admiral Thomas left, I will never forget the role you played in my admittance nor what you did for my people.

    Best of luck to you, Admiral Forlon. May the stars guide you towards bright futures.

  • You will be remembered as a great Leader Sir! I think no man could have suited your role as Admiral better. It is a shame to see you go. Your efforts for the Silver Arrows clan will go down in History and you will never be forgotten.
    I salute you for one last time and hope that one day we will meet again in times of peace and where worries are few.

  • One way or another, in game or RL, everyone is entitled to retirement. :)
    Many say that nobody is irreplaceable, but remains an empty space that can not be filled so easily. Good luck in RL and hope to see you in the cockpit you sometimes. Your work as police officer was outstanding and maintained a balance that gave pleasure to play this mod.I hope you left behind officers as combative as you or the pirates will feel alone and will spend more time in bars.( or not :) ). Nevertheless, all believe that Internet will not disappear so soon and you will not be deleted installation kit. So anytime you can login and choose part time pirate job. :)

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  • well, Mr. Police, we had bad times, but mostly good times. it was fun to talk with u, to kick pirates asses with u, to chase smugglers with u, to be chased by u ... ur disappearance is in any case a big loss for RP in CF. but life is not over and so is always a chance to see u again. and if not: my best wishes to u :)

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  • Same here! Mr. Police, thanks for your help and the fun we had. :salutes
    Wish you all the best!

  • Hello dear Officer,

    sad to read that your direction leads to a different place now. Will remember the nice conversations, hunts, fights and team events we had together. Many thanks for your huge contribution and for sharing your knowledge - I wish you all the best in the future and hope to meet you from time to time in space again!

  • There's always a place for an Arrow in my universe.
    Cheers, best wishes, and good flying.
    It has been an honor to fly with you, Forlon.

  • Hey guys thx for all your replies and wishes. I'm too not much happy with given situation but RL is still 1st, you all know this :) . I have no idea if I will have a chance to return at least partly on CF, and if so, then where and how return. There are going on changes in SA which I'm not compatible with, so you may meet me one day in a pirate or smuggler vessel ... :)

    I wish all allot fun in space and hope that will find possibility how to meet you again. I still stay in touch here, still is needed to do allot things on portal so if anyone will need help I will try be useful (even if grounded :D )