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    Greetings, Cyber.Punk,

    welcome here on portal. Net framework should be installed with the CF mod and also all necessary files/libraries IF installation proceed correctly. If game (SP) crash repeatebly in the same moment, it can be (for example) bcs some file is missing (for example removed by antivirus, or corrupted etc.). What you can do (to narrow your issue) is use "eventvwr" in command prompt and look where happened issue for application. SinglePlayer campaign was played many times by many players without similar looking report; it means that it very likely is local issue. Sometimes we can help if there is given more technical informations.

    Majority of issues we had here are comning from bad mod installation/activation, files removed/blocked or changed due system or security software, and in last time it was due Win10 1809 release which was only freshly "partly" solved (you can use only vanilla shader in launcher option). But that issue (Win 1809) resulted in game not starting at all. My guess for this case is missing or corrupted game file.

    You can also upload your lates mission save just for us to test if we can pass that mission. It seems to me really early for campaign issues, but there is general advice to avoid use of autosaves (they can corrupt SP game progress), if problem happen, go for latest mission save and replay action from it.

    Known SP Campaign issues:

    • Mod not correctly installed/activated (use FLMM coming with mod please, it assures that you use correct version of FLMM which is able correctly activate CF)
    • Use of other mods
    • Game files blocked/removed by other software (or HDD issue like happened once for me)
    • Use of autosaves (really, do not use them)
    • Mission path was not followed ... this should be not case for vanilla part, but later it can be problem.
    • and I forget one thing: non-original vanilla freelancer used. We had here cases when game was crashing for player and it was due his vanilla game "source". CF changes huges amount of files from vanilla freelancer, but not all of them.

    ... can you please try use attached autosave for play? (that one is many times verified and 100% functional). Mission save "Beta 4 reports".

    @torben11 please how big is your Freelancer folder now? And what FLMM you used for mod activation?

    One link with similar issue:

    Game crash

    I guess there is more if you add crash code into search.

    .. you also do not need add any patches to vanilla freelancer, just base game installation, then mod install and activation via FLMM distributed with the mod (recomended).


    server rules are here: Crossfire Server Rules - SWAT Portal

    if you have problem with someone, and think someone is acting against the server rules, then DO a report! What you do instead is again and again the same, you break rules yourself with acting out of role-play. And KOS clearly is out of rules for normal role-play and was never meant to be used by freelancer pilot on this server. If someone offends you with his speech, you can use ignore command and this will remove all his attempts to messaging you. You can then come and hunt him for /tax and stay within server RP rules. As freelancer you also can use your mercenary char to hunt a bounty (if placed on him by someone else), or use police char to fine him if you see he is smuggling, as police you can ask him also drop a cargo, which really can be big money hit in some cases.

    CF Hook have "Ignore" commad which purpose clearly covers situations like this one. KOS condition is reserved for clans and trying to apply it can led to "Driving player of the server" ... enough of reasons for server police act if there will be report ...

    This video looks really good! For this second part ... I really would like to know whether that Disney acting is corresponding with law. It may look clearly like unfair acting, but companies like they are don't care (they start care only when taken into court and lose dispute), and this is applied also in many other situations.

    And for this topic ... similar to gaming industry, these people care only about money, they do not care about fans or support "soul" of star wars. Because they do not live with Star-wars dream, and want only make money out of it, the result is like is ... fan made film is more interesting as these multimiliion made official films.

    I also do not keep track of most of games/companies mentioned above, but after read it, it may explain some things which I do not like in Frontier Developments (they created Elite Dangerous). I noticed that the pressure to release new versions of the game in the announced timeframe is much higher than the effort to release product which is free of major bugs. Latest update which contains imo really great updates/changes to some of really important gameplay mechanisms is plagued with numerous bugs and servers instability. I have no doubts that they will be able to get things under control; and yesterday was relased an patch which solves some of most urgent issues, but it still is not well enough (imo) for me to propagating this game like I did in the past. They released new version just prior Christmas, with huge discounts, but full of problems which were for almost a month unsolved and mostly also not discussed by devs (they had holidays). They started work on this after new Year and works hard (seems to), but I have strong feeling that priorities for game developer are now very different from players view (players = customers). These things obviously have two sides of coin, trying to make perfect release may not work due too much time needed. But imo set releases into time short before long holidays is really a wrongly thought timing.