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    Take care about food 1st. This last MoO is very different in this regard and colonies need to make enough food for themselves. I strongly suggest read guide which I posted link above, it will make play much easier.

    It seems that the game's devs went full silent shortly after release (could be also due some of publisher action (link) ... ), official forum dont have any offical post after 2017. Fortunatelly for us there were few great modders which saved this game. Numerous bugs were patched, game was re-balanced, and UI tweaked. That's the main reasons why I suggested start right away with mods. Is fact that at later stages of the game turns needs more time, but game (modded) is at least for me very stable. For now I played 90 hours and I had only 2 crashes so far, both easily solved with latest save reload.

    Strategical side is perfect including diplomacy or espionage, far more nicely done as old Moo2. Ships combat lacks some features (like boarding which was my favourite tactics), eventhough with mods you can apply there tactical moves and use also environment especially if fight going on in asteroid field ... I think it can offer much more as what I learned so far. Ground combat is the most disapointing, it have only very basic interface. So, suming it up there is big unused potencial in vanilla, but with mods it is playable and fun.

    While searching for some nicely looking game which can run also on my notebook with integrated GK I decided give a try to on steam available Master of Orion. Don't look at minimum requierements, notebook with i5-8250U can run it perfectly on Ultra graphic (more RAM can be helpfull, I have 16 GB). I suspect that you will need much more computational power of your CPU as GPU especially at later stages of the game when is counted "next" turn. This game is not the same like MoO2 (eventhough it feelt very similar), but to be honest I really like it so far :) .


    If you are MoO2 nerd like myself, and will decide give it a try, here is few starting tips which can save you headaches:

    1. Dont't bother playing "vanilla" game and right from start install (subscribe) two most used mods (some good rebalancing, but MAINLY numerous bugs fixing)
      • 5X - The Ultimate Balance Mod and Unofficial Code Patch (UCP)
      • both above mentioned you will find in steam/Master of Orion/workshop/most_used right on top
      • to get both running at once you will need subscribe also 5X UCP Compatibility Mod (please read in description how should look mod load order)
      • UCP is needed install how is described in included “ReadMe.txt” !!! (in my case I used manual installation and it worked flawlessly)
    2. And now read "Tips for New Players":…filedetails/?id=765587684 ... this game looks similar to MoO2, but there is for some "things" used quite different logic and this article is very helpfull and informative.
    3. Enjoy! There are numerous settings and you can get very different experience based on your mood from fast action to long game.


    August 24

    U.S. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers grants a temporary restraining order that will prevent Apple from blocking Epic Games' access to development tools for its Unreal Engine, but as of now, she is not forcing Apple to put Fortnite back on the App Store. The restraining order goes into effect immediately and will remain in force until the court issues a final order on the motion for preliminary injunction in September.

    Apple lost quite big hammer used against EPIC :) and there it seems is rising more and more cases about Apple forcing small devs to play under theirs rules.

    Imo there is only real chance for reducing shared profit if court decide against Apple. They for sure do not want to do it by themselves. I also think that Epic Games aren't 'good guys', but at such lvl hardly anyone will play 'nicely' if want achieve some changes. Atm I'm more curious what will happen if Apple remove development account for EG and this includes (may?) engine used in numerous other products. If no one side step back, I think this fight my be really epic. Huge amount of money are in stake there imo.

    ... there is needed any clan leader to rename players characters. GRs do not have these rights (unless something changed from time when I played). Except Clan leaders only OP and Huor can do this (admin rights).

    Spock thx much! ... Ive updated all systems except Luyten which have some images already. Will look on it later :)

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    Alsace entry updated with info about Ion Cannons.

    If there will be some screenshots from each systems, I may add them into wiki entries too. I can also create entries for each station, if there will be details about them. (sorry, no time for play, but with given info I can do wiki updates :) )

    Sol Sector

    All above mentioned systems are now in wiki. I changed also texts for entries which were made earlier. Thx much Spock ! Some maps which I used may missing some small details, but this I can look next time :) .