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    You will need to replay SP campaign from earlier savegame (when there was not used "autosave" before). Sadly, use of these files was repeatedly confirmed for saves-game corruption, and it including further mission-saves. We usually try warn players about this concrete issue, but it is not commonly known alas. You can try use my saves if you will not want go back or are unsure if there was autosave used or not. Send me PM please if interested with package of SP saves.

    Note: they need to be patched first like is described here: Crossfire bonus mission - Lost Fleet for assure that newly added NPCs faction, for this latest SP Campaign update, are working correctly.

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    I've added info about autosaves (as warning) into both articles about CF mod and bonus mission and also wiki (campaign)...

    Btw, I do have all SP campaign mission save-game files (zip packed, size 20Mb). These all should be working 100% as I used them numerous times when was needed test something, replay chapter etc.

    I will send a link via PM if someone will need it.

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    New thread created ... I think it is good to keep it here and can be continued if there will be need for it ...

    tromozil :

    try next ships (VHF):



    From top it should be the fastest ... I have stored aside some old data/stats for ships and these above had higher impulse speeds as is common (unverified info). Hope it will help. In list above are also not ships which were added into CF at later date (clan ships ... multiplayer only, and some other).


    I fear such info is not available and common FL "info" tools used for pull info from mod files are not working with CF (purposely). I fear that you may need try ships which you may like (design) and chose one which seems will work the best for you. There are also different hitboxes for ships, so fat strafying ship with huge hitbox will get more hits as ship with smaller strafes and tiny hitbox. Also hardpoint placement can makes big difference. But mainly .. for play SP you can use practically any VHF, however I agree that some may be little more challenging as others ;)

    My personal basic idea is somewhat different here, it is more focused to play a role (and much less focused on PvP itself). Reason is quite simple, PvP is not what majority of players wants or like (for a reasons, and I think can fully support it with personal experience from other "space" game with much more players) and in CF are roles fully focused towards PvP with keeping only low touch with the local game environment itself. Simple server RP rules were working for some time and then slowly stopped for: players leaving to other games, other mod(s) or changing interests due less play times etc etc. The worst imo however is that in CF (MP) is almost complete lack of interest to play certain official role (merc, cop, smuggler, pirate) in a way where it is meaningfull. Meaningfull imo is, that smuggler do smuggling, merc do hunting or helping other roles, pirates chase others (this is very likely only one RP which really was working the longest) and police to keep crimes off (and bcs I played this role for a long time I know well that interest doing Police RP was the lowest). What I experienced allot was that players did almost exactly opposite and avoided play an official role as much as possible, mainly because it was part of PvP ... why I should smuggle when I know that this cop/pirate will chase me, .. meh, I will no do it now and will wait till he logs off ... sounds familiar? ...

    Question(s) is(are):

    1. can we do some changes to what we have now to bring up more playing a role (and have more fun even if with small number of players at server) without fear of PvP?
    2. Is possible make server official RP more tied with local Freelancer/CF environment?

    I personally think that if player like to play a role in game, then there is much bigger chance that he will have much less problem accept PvP. One from steps which may help with this is, that ingame environment (NPCs, Factions of FL/CF) will be inseparable part of this. It is just something for discuss here, it could be that it is or will be not possible realise or worse that mod admin will see it as clearly bad idea :)

    Few ideas:

    Make server role required part for players (i.e. license will be automatically applied after hard-set character play-time) but using different philosophy:

    1. license (automatic) will be smuggler: offer not only trade BMGs but increases also normal profit for trading up by 50(?)% . On flip side it however reduce possibilty to be allied with police/pirate factions (maximum +2? bars). It also may reduce profit from missions/pods.
    2. Mercenary license: except bounties (PvP) will grant income bonus for all missions and delivering escape pods (+50%). On flip side it will reduce possibility to be allied with Police and Pirates (+2 bar max). It also can reduce profit from trading.
    3. Pirates license: except tax, working for pirates factions will grant you income bonus. Flip side is maximum neutral rep with police factions (+2 bars)
    4. Police ... opposite to Pirates.

    For Police and Pirates licenses: visiting as hostile opposite area will bring heavier damage to your ships (+30% more damage from NPCs).

    Coalition license: Increasing trade profit in Coalition up by 200% and the same for missions and pods income (in Altair sector ofc). Flip side is maximum reputation reduction in Sirius space (+2 bars). Coalition pilot can go fully hostile vs Sirius space licenses (and opposite) ... just some basic idea.

    All above is just something for discuss, bring new ideas, think little more about RP, i.e. playing a ROLE and this role will make difference how local ingame environment will react on player.


    EDIT: Reason for +2 postive reputation is disallow ships purchases from "opposite side" ... can be maybe too harsh, I think +3 allows buy so it could be set as maxiums for examples above.

    Ragnarok is ship which can't be used for play SP campaign (due its speed) where it can broke campaign triggers (and corrupt yours savegames in the process).

    For getting it for OpenSP ... it's not possible by normal gameplay. It requires change game files and this is clear reason why this is not supported by mod creator. I know some people have good enough 'technical' knowledge for it, but if so, it will not appear here on forums threads. I hope it's enough understandable.

    Imo below is my personal evaluation of hard NPCs fights in CF mod (from toughest)

    1. Coalition or Coalition rogues in Altair sector ... including missions ... these are really crazy 😁
    2. Dooms races in the Inner Core Sector (Savages)
    3. Dom'Kavash in Altair (they didn't drop bots/bats I think so that's 'problem'.
    4. Dervon ... Ancient Drones
    5. ASF or CSF (X-3043, Sol and other) ... missions available.
    6. Nomads (these tougher which can be found in Lost Paradise, Unknown systems and Altair sector)
    7. And then you can try new NPCs in Sol sector (part of latest update to the mod ... they can be challenging solo)

    I did an update to the Oasis system included changes to the description (should be now little more logical also). It explains few things about the Oasis and brings small piece of the lore into CF. Both wrecks descriptions were also corrected (with a note about previous name in wiki entry for Scharnhorst).

    With experience how much work needed previous transfer, I would be only maximally happy if the next transfer will happen only at time when pulgins we use now (wiki especially) can be transferred automatically.