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    In short, this trading CG lasting from 7th to 14th October offers nice chance how to get Fleet Carrier (personal megaship), including additional internal services/modules, for discount prices (from 10 to 30% depending how CG will end) from 15th October for one week. There are two places, first in Colonia system (place approx 22000 ly far from Sol) and Alkor (approx 80 ly from Sol) where are centres for this CG. Only Fleet Carrier alone costs 5 billions, so in case of 30% discount can commander save nice amount of money. It also looks like this CG may on both places reach max tier (i.e. highest discount for Fleet Carriers and the best money paid for participation).


    CG task is about delivering of Ceramic Composites, Computer Components or Thermal Cooling Units either to Alcor system (Macdonald Settlement) or Colonia system (Jaque's Station).

    In Elite Dangerous is now ongoing an Exploration community Event which is aimed on exploration of systems (unpopulated) with at least one Earth-like-world (ELW). System can be already discovered by other Cmdr. Full details are here: YOUR name in Elite! Tourist Beacon competition | Frontier Forums

    Tourist Beacon competition

    Community manager Bruce G: Greetings Commanders,

    Explorers venture into the depths of space and discover beautiful systems that most will never see. We would like to offer you the opportunity to share your best discoveries and be immortalised in Elite Dangerous.

    Our plan is to place approximately 50 additional Tourist Beacons throughout the Milky Way. Therefore, we’re running this competition in-line with this week’s exploration-based Community Goal.

    To enter, reply to this post with an in-system (not System Map) screenshot of the most interesting unpopulated systems containing an Earth-like world you can find! When the Community Goal ends on 30 September, we’ll choose our favourites and add Tourist Beacons to those locations. Each beacon will feature the entrant’s Commander name in its text!

    To qualify, submissions must:

    • Feature a screenshot of an unpopulated system in Elite Dangerous which contains an Earth-like world
    • Include your in-game Commander name
    • Include the name of the screenshotted system

    Note: Only one submission will be accepted per player. If you submit multiple screenshots, the last one will be considered your only valid entry. Entries after 14:00 BST on 30 September will not be counted. We reserve the right not to include any Commander names in Tourist Beacon text that we deem inappropriate.

    While the system must contain an Earth-like world, it doesn’t have to be the focus of the image. Try to show off as many features as you can which make the system interesting and a strong potential tourist destination!

    All winning entries will receive 5,000 ARX in addition to the Tourist Beacon, so get exploring!

    Good luck


    further opinions on mining from other people?


    I was doing mining allot and regularly back in time in Crossfire and have some ideas, but question is what can be done with possibilities of freelancer game engine. User merlwyb asked (hope that I understood what he meant) if can be mining in CF mod improved with adding skill (experience) requierement to mining process which will result in better (or special) mining output. As example: Elite Dangerous have basically two/three mining methods, one uses classic lasers on rock surface and do not need much skills (kind of what we have in freelancer/CF mod), second/third are about finding and extracting ore from inside of rocks with two differen methods which both need special equipment and skills/experience including flying skills, timing and good aim.

    Personally I think that classic mining using turrets in CF is good, I only would make mineable more areas based on asteroids field descriptions and balance prices based on different cargo volume which is in CF (i.e. gold needs three times more cargo space as alien organism, but profit of mining it is much smaller in comparison = no one experienced will be mining gold because of that). What is special in CF mod are megaroids, this is something similar to asteroids which have core in ED, but way how is that core extracted is very different in ED (much more difficult etc.) It for sure would be nice to improve little mining of these big rocks (which are client side only if I remember it right), but I really have no idea if can be mining process of those improved in some way (now it is about shoot on it long time enough).

    I have question for megaroids: can they have different content as is rest of asteroid field where they are located? Or is it hardcoded and cannot be changed?

    For mining itself would be nice to have megaroids inside of asteroid fields like gold or silver where result of mine one/two such rocks will fill ship cargo. Or alternative is rise prices of (example) gold/silver significantly, remove them from normal station market (buy) and make them acquirable only via mining with mining ship which should be exclusively able mine megaroids (which should have much more of units of gold/silver) ... please it is just very rough idea, Im just thinking aloud about what may be possible in CF. Reason for above is make it enough interesting way (comparable) with soulforge train used for turreted mining of alien organisms. Thing is, that it is allot of changes and very questionable if technically possible (I lack technical knowledge of freelancer engine to offer better ideas).

    Greetings! As freelancer (i.e not clan member) you can choose any rp you like. Licenses are described in CF wiki with other info which may come handy. Have fun!

    .. and here goes that fast/cheap and easy CPU change :bohsw:.

    I checked how it look in my PC and there is some additonal free space around, but definitelly not much in direction towards RAM modules which are high, and also there is not much free space above cooler. I attached few images.

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    Hmm, thinking about it again, and maybe in this case I will ask one IT company which I used few times in the past (and was very satisfied) which can order/return parts and check cooler installation in real conditions without risking to buy something what will be not possible use. It is little too costly for trying blind luck by myself ... and I'm really glad for advices/tips given!


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    hmm, it explains few things, thx!. But I will definitelly need to check pc case dimensions first, because that cooler you have seems is really huge :bcrying:

    SilentiumPC Fera 3 HE1224 v2 should handle 180W, is still available in local shops (middle priced coolers with good reviews). I hit roof regularly with old CPU so yes, I want to get better one. I also do not intend to overclock it (never liked do it), so I hope cooling will be ok. What I'm not so completely sure is power source which I have ... it works with setup above perfectly well and stable, but dunno how to check power needs for new CPU. Is obvious that I will need new PS when will do graphic card upgrade sometime in the future, but for now I would rather like to avoid such step.

    I know that it is little necroposting :toocool: ... but in last few weeks I was thinking if to upgrade CPU from Intel Core i5-8400 to Intel Core i9-9900KF (which is available in local shops for 330-355 € and should be compatible with MB). Dunno if it is good idea or not .. see note below.

    Actual PC:

    • MB MSI Z370 TOMAHAWK, s.1151 (with latest bios 04/2021)
    • PS Seasonic Energy Knight SS-500ET, T3 500W
    • CPU INTEL Core i5-8400 (2.8GHz, 9MB, 6c) LGA1151 Coffee_Lake, 65W
    • CPU Silentium PC Fera 3 HE1224 v2, 120mm fan
    • DIMM Kingston HyperX Predator_DDR4 16GB (Kit 2x8GB) 3200MHz CL16 DIMM 1.35V
    • MSI GeForce GTX 1070 Ti GAMING 8G, 8GB GDDR5
    • HD SAMSUNG SSD 960 EVO MZ-V6E250, 250GB + Samsung SSD 970 EVO 500GB MZ-V7E500BW + one older classic 7200 RPM HDD (think 500 GB)
    • playing in 1080p - ProLite E2483HS monitor 24''

    Note: with latest DLC for ED I saw that my CPU is also going to its max and adding more performance may be good ... I know that main gaming performance gain is coming from GPU, but with current prices it is absolute no go :(

    Turrets with stats allowing match with more 10lvl weps as only guardian cannon. There however could be better to have for these turrets lower (also?) lvl, if I remember it right, there is more ships with turrets mount lvl7 and higher.

    Btw … imo the best would be to have special loot (3-4 of special commodity/debris) from black star fleet fighting which will allow produce variety of special equipment in clan bases.

    Is it difficult to discuss this matter with OP privately? 500 eur for currently set rent is enough to have covered 50 months (more as 4 years).

    I think it means that mission failed and therefore NPCs use your char reputation stance to show as friendly/neutral/allied. When you accept mission, then targets will always be hostile (red) to you, no matter if your normal reputation is not hostile at that moment.