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    Is it difficult to discuss this matter with OP privately? 500 eur for currently set rent is enough to have covered 50 months (more as 4 years).

    I think it means that mission failed and therefore NPCs use your char reputation stance to show as friendly/neutral/allied. When you accept mission, then targets will always be hostile (red) to you, no matter if your normal reputation is not hostile at that moment.

    Please correct me if I see it wrong: rent for SoS was unpaid for last five months. There was already for quite some time ongoing discussion about systems renting and was clearly obvious that time is coming when final decision will be made. Clan base in SoS was disabled and rightfully so. It's still nothing serious if clan decide to restore payments. Base was already reenabled for two clans. If clan decided to cease paying rent, then base stay disabled. If you have problem with that, please solve it privately with Op. There is not a need to start flames or something like that on forum ...

    after a death from npc i lost group and all ships friendly and not are shown white colored. I can't see enemy in red as before!

    Greetings, can you please be more specific if it is issue in single player, or single player campaign or in multiplayer? In case of 2nd, is it during some concrete mission? And what npcs it were? (Nomads?)

    I will look on things and update wiki with info about renting etc. It may help new people oriente much easier and shouldn't be too difficult.

    Even if this is sad thing for me with TSH clan, there was long time overdue fair dealing between those supporting server costs and those who don't.

    And one last thing which I want add to this subject is, that there was always possible discuss privately with OP if serious RL things happened and resulted in troubles with rent pay.

    Easiest way (which worked in numerous others cases too), is use ticket system. That one is ideal for ask changes in places which have restricted access. Btw, I did not followed much closely discussion about renting systems (you know, I play other games for years now), but I checked it now and it looks solid.

    I've little bit updated info about mining. CF mod have for trading and commodities hauling few differences to the vanilla Freelancer. There is now also link to wiki part listing all mineable commodities. It were good old times when we regularly did mining operations ... :)

    ... Coming to Outpost Epsilon in Enyo System from Alien Organism mining operation (in Telosis) ...

    And I found also one image reference to Megaroids mining ...

    The new one from 2021 does a good CGI job but fails at pretty much everything else.

    I think it sums it perfectly. To be honest, after I've watched it, I thought that it is one from the worst movies I ever watched and huge disapointment. The biggest fail imo is concept or story in it, but maybe it is too kind to say that this thing had story at all. And added brutality was just like a cherry on cake ... I really wonder how is even possible create something so dumb, when they had at disposal really decent old template. Sigh

    I just wanted add short info about actual state of this game. Latest big patch was 1.2 at end of the March which summary is in news here on portal: Cyberpunk 2077 - patch 1.2 - SWAT Portal

    Till today there were released two smaller updates 1.21 and 1.22 which brings further various fixes to missions and game performance. I have finished my fourth run few days ago and except some small remaining issues with temporary missing images of items in inventory, game works for me very smooth ... on a PC. There are not yet introduced any significant changes and there still remain some old problems like non-functional high lvl perks, so I expect few more months till they finish "basic" patching and can be expected new content. I still watch this game progress bcs I like much Night City environment. Can be also worth to mention that game's price lowered quite alot in local shops. I'm quite surprised that main sellers (GOG, Steam) still have the price of the game 60 euros, when it can be easily bought (with warranty) for half to two thirds of this amount.

    Remove 1lvl of station per month till station face danger of total destruction when last module will remain. It was a good fun to build a station in time when I have played so if clan decides restore activity, his members will have something to do every time when log to the server and more reasons to play regularly. This way there can be also given a time after which system will become free to be rented by someone else. You can also decide to give some time before "abandoned" station will start getting damage when there will be "only" removed access.

    It looks like broken promises and lying to players is slowly coming to be a new standard in gaming industry. This however will bring damage to gaming industry overall. Backing any game development or pre ordering will staying possible for very small amount of dev studios, and even there it goes down, peoples trust was broken. Nowadays I have feeling like creating any title in decent quality in desired timeframe is almost unreachable meta ...