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    Thargoid Spire sites

    On the begining were these places known as the Thargoid Barnacle Matrix, which consisted of multiple objects: a Toughened Spear Root, Barnacle Matrices, Coral Roots, and Coral Trees, the latter two of which dropped the corrosive commodity Coral Sap. The sites also were heavily guarded by multiple Revenants (biomechanical combat droid) and had a huge masslock factor. Their purpose remained unknown until October 16th 3309 when they evolved into collosal Thargoid Spires,which are almost 6 kilometers tall (5.85km measured from an SLF), passing even the diameter of the Orbis Starport and almost three times the length of a Majestic-class Interdictor. Spire sites are occupied and guarded by multiple Thargoid variants.

    ED Wiki

    Anti-Xeno Combat, often simply abbreviated to AX, is the act of engaging in combat against the Thargoids, a spacefaring territorial insectoid species that employ biomechanical ships and technology.

    Who/what are Thargoids? ... The consensus so far, however, is that they're insectoid, carbon-ammonia aliens. They've been around the Milky Way for millions of years already, doing their meta-alloy harvesting stuff, on and off, for that entire time. They likely function in a large-scale society similar to how an ant colony operates. Queen or queens, they make all the decisions that get handed down and executed without contest by the soldiers, workers, and otherwise drone_esque members of the species. They display a far more advanced understanding of witchspace (wormhole theory and mechanics) and bioengineering. We mechanically build all our tools from the working of raw metals and the like, they seem to create their tech and infrastructure by growing and manipulating organic and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. They're assumed as inevitably hostile to all forms of life other than themselves, that posseses the ability to interact with any of their operations or tools (basically is a potential adversary on account of their own technological advances, and otherwise.) They fought the Guardians and wiped many of them out, before they repelled the Thargoids by means of their AI war-systems and machines. We've encountered and fought them (likely an expeditionary force) some hundred years in the past, and repelled them with a weaponized virus, of sorts. That's also very likely when we got a hold of their hyperdrives and reverse engineered them (took a couple hundred years, too). Recently we tried bombing them again, as they've attacked ships that were transporting Guardian_ and Thargoid materials. And that bomb, which was meant to repel them all at once, ended up summoning the Titans to our doorstep, and the accompanying invasion fleets as well. [source]

    The Anti-Xeno Initiative is an Elite:Dangerous player-group dedicated to protecting humanity from the Thargoid threat. We defend systems targeted by the vile xenos_, study their technology and behavior, and perfect our battle tactics. Whether you seek to save the galaxy, kill some aliens, conduct research, or hone your skills, you will find help here.

    "Glory, to Mankind"
    Motto of the Anti-Xeno Initiative

    The Anti-Xeno Initiative was founded by CMDR Gluttony Fang on 15th of November 3303. We are the largest dedicated AX (Anti-Xeno) player group in Elite:Dangerous and act as a hub for the broader AX Community. We are partnered with Canonn Research, who provide us with the latest findings related to our mission. We also coordinate defense efforts with other player groups to protect as many lives as we can. We constantly strive to get better at what we do and we have some of the best Anti-Xeno experts among us.

    The membership in AXI is non-binding, meaning you can also be a part of any other player group you wish. We have people of all walks of life and all matter of allegiance. We ourselves are a completely independent and apolitical - we do not support or oppose any faction, power or group, unless they force our hand. That said, we protect our members. We have a sizable contingent of PvP pilots to repel any attempts at disrupting our primary mission.

    Anti-Xeno Academy

    AXI site link: Anti-Xeno Initiative

    Thargoid ships

    Cyclop (large, combat interceptor)

    Non-hostile unless encountered alongside Thargoid Scouts or provoked by approaching closely, attacking, or refusing to drop Thargoid or Guardians commodities. Small Thargons (small drones able shot or ram like a missile) Swarm size. (source)


    Basilisk_ (large, combat interceptor)

    Non-hostile unless encountered alongside Thargoid Scouts or provoked by approaching closely, attacking, or refusing to drop Thargoid or Guardians commodities. More powerful weaponry than Cyclops. Faster than the other variants with a top speed of ~530m/s. Double swarm size as Cyclop. (source)


    Medusa (large, combat interceptor)

    Non-hostile unless encountered alongside Thargoid Scouts or provoked by approaching closely, attacking, or refusing to drop Thargoid or Guardians commodities. More powerful weaponry than Basilisk_. Triple swarm size as Cyclop. (source)


    Hydra (large, combat interceptor)

    Non-hostile unless encountered alongside Thargoid Scouts or provoked by approaching closely, attacking, or refusing to drop Thargoid or Guardians commodities. More powerful weaponry than Medusa. Quadruple swarm size as Cyclop ... this Thargoid vessel really is DEADLY!!!. (source)


    Orthrus (large, special interceptor)

    Originally suspected a support vessel meant to seed new Thargoid Barnacles. Since the arrival of the Maelstroms, has been witnessed collecting Thargoid Probes from systems under Alert. Has no weapons or swarm, but expels a caustic wake and activates a Guardian module decay field. It will call for aid from other Thargoid craft if threatened. (source)


    Thargoids Glaive (medium, space)

    __ TBA __

    Thargoids Scythe (medium, space)

    __ TBA __

    Thargoids Banshee_ (medium, surface sites)

    __ TBA __

    Thargoid Scouts (small, space/surface sites)

    Small Thargoid combat ships in 4 variants: Marauder, Berserker, Regenerator and Inciter. All of them are flying in groups and are immediatelly hostile, which also further affects other Thargoids ships behaviour!

    Thargoids affected systems and sites

    Info source: Thargoid invasion - Next target systems? | Frontier Forums

    Maelstrom systems

    Systems with active environment (it quickly and continously damages all Thargoid technology on your ship) containing Thargoid mothership (titan_) hidden inside caustic cloud. To be able pass this caustic cloud you will need caustic sink launcher(s) and Thargoid pulse neutraliser (both can be purchased at rescue ships in nearby systems.

    Peripheral systems

    Each Maelstrom has Peripheral systems, defined as its outermosten systems where Thargoids are present. Peripheral systems are known to include Alert, Invasion and Control. Each week, those Peripheral systems can receive up to 85% Peripheral progress, or 100% if a Matrix (containing a Spire site) is present. The Peripheral progress is applied as a percentage, ignoring the system strength. Spire site actions (within Matrix systems) affect Peripheral progress; see below. Titan_ rescues no longer affect Peripheral progress.

    Matrix (Spires) systems

    Some systems contain a Thargoid Barnacle Matrix (which later evolved into Spire sites), revealed on the Galaxy map with the words "Spire site present". Matrix systems cannot be completed via normal means, only via Peripheral progress. All known Matrix systems are otherwise the same as empty Control systems until cleared via Peripheral progress. Matrix systems which are cleared then recaptured later by Thargoids become merely normal Control systems (see below!).

    • All Spire sites are on thin atmosphere planets, therefore Odyssey is required for any access using vehicles or on-foot.
    • Spire sites can be used for Peripheral progress even if they are not themselves Peripheral at present.
    • Destroying Orthrus Interceptors at a Spire site affects Peripheral progress.
    • Looting Spire Refinery Compounds affects Peripheral progress.
    • Spire Sabotage missions affect Peripheral progress, available at Rescue megaships.
    • Spire sites at cleared Matrix systems lose most of their items and all of their Thargoids.
    • Thargoids cannot reoccupy a Spire site, and nor is any Peripheral progress granted by a recaptured Matrix system.
    • Spire sites are therefore a limited resource; be sure not to clear the final Matrix system inadvertently.

    Alert systems

    • Cargo delivery refers to high-demand items at the Commodities Market, and equally to items requested via supply missions.
    • Cargo delivery has a moderate effect, though should be done via supply missions.
    • Passenger evacuation has a weak effect.
    • Salvage can be collected at signal sources, including for unpopulated systems, albeit slowly.
    • Combat is possible at signal sources, including for unpopulated systems, or using Hyperspace to summon a target.
    • Combat via summoning Interceptors has a strong effect.
    • Research samples via summoning Interceptors have a strong effect.
    • Settlement reactivation missions for nearby Control systems will help both systems; Odyssey is required.

    Invasion systems

    Ports can be operational, attacked, damaged or abandoned. Operational and attacked ports are active, damaged and abandoned ports are inactive. Invasion systems reported with active ports should still have at least one damaged port for conducting evacuations. Docking is not possible at an abandoned port.

    • Cargo delivery to an active port has a weak effect, and is best supported via Fleet Carrier. Inactive ports cannot receive cargo.
    • Cargo_transport of the injured from an operational port has a weak effect, limited by being very few in number.
    • Cargo_transport of the wounded from an attacked port has a moderate effect, limited by being few in number.
    • Cargo_transport of the critically wounded from an damaged port has a strong effect. Look for the "significant damage" status.
    • Passenger evacuation from an active or damaged port has a moderate effect.
    • Combat is plentiful at AX Conflict Zones and at ports under attack.
    • Combat is possible by dropping from Supercruise and awaiting Frame Shift Anomalies.
    • Research samples from Interceptors have a strong effect.
    • Settlement reactivation missions for nearby Control systems will help both systems; Odyssey is required.

    Control systems

    Combat is plentiful at AX Conflict Zones. Combat is possible by dropping from Supercruise and awaiting Frame Shift Anomalies. Research samples from Interceptors and from Scouts each have a strong effect. If a Military settlement is present, populated Alert systems within 20 Ly will offer AX Reactivation missions; Odyssey is required.

    Recovery systems

    The recovery completes itself automatically after four weeks if a port was damaged, otherwise after one week. Four-week recoveries can be assisted via settlement reactivation missions; Odyssey is required. Despite being listed as a possible action, cargo delivery has had no effect in the past. The weekly reset does not apply to recovery progress. Recovery has no effect on the respite interval for being attacked again.


    Victory in a system looks like this:


    It does not look like this:


    The white chevron marks one unit of progress which is still missing, and the clue is in the text above which tells you explicitly what will happen. All of those are Invasion systems; no other Alert system nor any Controlled system seems to have any attention. If I may point out a couple of general observations:

    • Controlled systems require combat exclusively, Alert systems in effect require support exclusively¹, and Invasion systems accept both.
    • The scattering of effort above plus the effort potential during downtime could have been combined to win a third system.


    • Supposing momentarily that combat and support aggregates are equal, it seems to me that the combat effort could start at a Controlled system and support effort at an Alert system, both then meeting up at an Invasion system after the former two are secured.
    • In practice, the rapid completion of HIP 20485 suggests to me that support efforts are superior and might best be focused entirely on containment via securing the Alert systems, while combat efforts retake Controlled systems one by one, perhaps only considering one Invasion target per progress wipe if both efforts will have a surplus which can be combined to do that.
    • If it is important to stop an Invasion then we could begin with one Invasion target, though I imagine that would risk poor surplus management unless we focus only on Invasion targets.

    Video guides

    Titans (thargoid mothership) assault - (2024)

    Three anti_Titan ship builds - (2024)

    The Fundamentals of Cold-Orbit

    Where to Help: Hauling, Evacuation & AX Needed to Defend the Bubble!

    Chimera (VHF) : PvP and pods farming. This ship is not the most agile, but weapons hardpoints placement and possibility to use 3 CDs offers for a good pilot good combat services.

    Saracen (VHF) : Big cargo hold, good agility, perfect for pods farming

    Iguana (VHF): very small front profile, ideal for really tought NPCs fighting (Altair Sector, Inner core Sector). In cases when you will face 6 or more coalition rogues, you will really feel significant difference in survivality :)

    Butcher: I really liked this ship for its look and still very good combat performance and also decent cargo space

    Hmm, I think it could be something with a way how to anticheat works and use of only one processor core for Freelancer as a game. Do you have more as one FL accounts which you change before problems starts?

    Hi, Demonmegi,

    there were numerous changes to "vanilla" game. I did not played NMS (not excactly my cup of tea), but if you have some screenshots or ideally shorter videos from actual game (what I have read makes obvious there was huge evolution since rather bad release), then it for sure would be welcom to have here on portal. Freelancer as game was practically all about flying a ship (with storyline in background) and doing missions/trading. NMS imo is much more about planets surfaces exploration.


    There were quite a few changes to the game with Phantom_Liberty expansion, worth to check, game has changed allot. Link to news: Phantom Liberty - Redstreams - SWAT Portal and Cyberpunk 2077 - 2.1 Update - SWAT Portal.

    Just wanted post one nice site introducing guides and info for latest state of the game: Cyberpunk 2077 Guides Master List - (works great on phone too)

    and one (I really like how this one look) by player created free interactive map: Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Interactive Map ... there are also other free maps (google search), and also one old paid map with nice graphic at piggyback, but sadly very outdated. This new linked one have clean simple design and functioning search, could be very usefull for every completionist. And here is related reddit article.

    And for PGs and other similar equipment… double check if you have it equipped after purchase (that dot in upper left corner), it doesn’t equip automatically. I’ve learned this lesson few times 😎 in the past.

    It actually was a great time spent playing Crossfire when I created my own info char starting with making neutral rep and then visiting all bases. Using ‘shortcuts’ was never my thing while playing games 🤠

    It is for Multiplayer ;) SP I like doing the Campain and then it starts to get a bit boring because of no new interaction.

    I know the "trick" with creating one character to fly around the whole universe, visit every base, buy 1 item of each commodity and then check the prize each day on this character and then trade with another character. Not sure if that is what I would prefere as the kind of "roleplay" because you then have a multiple personality "issue" xD and it is very much time to invest.

    There are some less known details, like that commodities have on some days on certain stations better prices and this applies especially for black market goods. Next to it, cycle for dynamic economy is

    So with some patience and out-of-game "preparation" you can create very efficiently working calendar with informations what is worth to sell ... player can make money few times faster with such knowledge and info like this was in time when I played use regularly for anti-smuggler police operations :)

    I also used info about Alien Organisms , which needs only 1/2 cargo space per unit and which can be mined in some asteroid fields. Two examples:

    Omicron Theta - amarus nomad asteroids - 4F Alien organisms

    Telosis nomad asteroids 5E Alien organisms

    Or at some days you can buy very cheap and sell in not so distant place.


    Creation of "catalog" (visitied all bases, cargo in storage) character of course is needed, however you can do it also using single player, bcs market files work the same way :)

    Should be "H" key, few more details here: help with controls [SOLVED]

    Keys set I meant for turning your ship (battleship) ... in turret mode you use mouse for aim turrets, so keyboard keys for maintain turns and ideally speed too are needed. It may need some practice, but it really works very well.

    TropX ... your interest related to dynamic economy is for singleplayer or multiplayer? ... First case have somewhat limited possibilities, but second one have few interesting possibilities including trading opportunities for black market gods :) . Changes to the mod are unlikely, but I can give you few gaming tips if interested.

    That mentioned "list" of course exists, but tricky part is that is available only for clan members :cool: ... in my case it was |TSH| clan trading database. However every player can make own one.