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    It looks like broken promises and lying to players is slowly coming to be a new standard in gaming industry. This however will bring damage to gaming industry overall. Backing any game development or pre ordering will staying possible for very small amount of dev studios, and even there it goes down, peoples trust was broken. Nowadays I have feeling like creating any title in decent quality in desired timeframe is almost unreachable meta ...

    Hello Guys.

    I installed my New Graficcard today and now i am Playing with Vanilla FL Shaders atm. I tried others wich are most working but with some Conflicts.

    Anybody has a Shader Suggestion for my Graficcard?

    Best Regards :salutes

    Greetings, ... those are really based on personal preferences and used hardware. Vanilla shader should work on all PCs, other not so much. Just try them and use one which you will like the most.

    Btw, is needed reduce BSs damage vs fighters? (it is also not much logical, why BS weapons should dealt less damage to small fighters?) Fighters can leave fight or boost away and properly evading VHF is quite hard target for any BS. It can be issue in bigger PvP battles, but both sides can bring theirs BS if such situation will happen. I was using BS in PvP quite much and these ships worked well with support ... on the other side they did not dictated how fight goes and some ships when used against were really tough targets. And for PvE there is not good if BS cannot defend properly against fighters in Inner Core.

    Im just asking bcs I see really interesting that these things changes in CF.

    It's highly recommend replay campaign from start. With latest addition to the mod were added new factions and they're not working correctly if you want use older version saves. You can use saves patcher (FactionPatch.cmd utility in CF mod folder), but have fres new saves is always better.

    ... it seems like old classic, it's easier to apologize (also can be read more profitable) than to ask for another delay of game releasing. Hard to blame Devs, I quite doubt that they were the ones who pushed so hard on December release. Looking how problematic are starts of numerous big titles I personally think that December is the most harsh for any dev team.


    Personally ... I have really hard dilemma whether buy it now (PC) or wait at least till February ... :/

    With above said, it looks like the biggest issue which CDProject have atm is state of Cyberpunk on old gen consoles (Playstation 4, Xbox One) where it seems is this game practically unplayable (and may be good question whether ever will be). Luckily not my case (from what I read game runs very decent on 1070 Ti and 1080p which is exactly what I have), but there obviously was/is some marketing issue, which very much reminds No Man Sky situation at launch.

    EDIT: asked a friend about it, he plays on PC and got this: "They are patching almost daily at this point. Consoles are bad atm, but PC ist ok. Graphic glitches, stuck NPCs etc. still a thing though."

    I have read/listen numerous recensions and also watched some play streams ... everywhere they said it have awesome atmosphere and is fun to play (minus bug of course, it looks like there is atm still too much). However it seems they try work really fast on bugs correcting. I plan to buy this game either till year end or early next year :) . With little luck they will correct some more issues which also will help me reduce data load (its quite big, and I sadly have cap/month on data ... ). I almost purchased it, but will give it more time.