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    Can you please try to replay this SP campaign part using your latest MISSION save? Fight with Nomads should be not a problem (unless you kill too much of them which may make Dom'Kavash hostile), more likely you missed some of mission triggers like reaching some of ends of trade lane etc. In case of issues I strongly advice to precisely follow given instruction and follow generated mission points including docking with trade lanes etc. using autopilot ... and in any case, please do not use autosave for "replays", this is assured way to have problems in SP campaign sooner or later.

    Hi, it is just general advice but most of issues can be resolved with reloading of latest mission save. My best guess is that the highest threat for SP campaign is use of autosave (is confirmed that it can in some case unreversible corrupt campaing progress), and then not following of given mission path where is not reached some of mission triggers and it results in various issues like closed gates, unfinished jumps, hostile npcs (which should be not) etc.

    There is quite a few nice improvements added into this game including much better environment reaction to damage and V's presence in latest 1.6 update released few days ago. And was also added few more changes to playability related to sniper rifles makes play little more challenging. I have feeling like they have in 1.6 improved also character model including reactions to light sources etc. This game simply is still very good for relax and having fun when you have just very limited play time. In 1.6 were added also clothing sets (1-6) which changes look only ...kind of transmog and was also added first time official modding support. Story expansion is planned for next year ... imo they worke on this game really hard all the time from the release (not meant as excuse for state on release itself).

    Hello SeerixSR388, welcome here! As I see you may liking to improve littlebit on your combat skills, so I suggest to you look at some of combat videos in our wiki section: Combat Video Guides - SWAT Portal . Nothing can ofc replace experience, but with few tips you may progress on combat part much faster and have more fun while playing CF mod. Especially learning how to use rapid fire with slower projectile weapons, and how works evasive flying may be real changer to the combat.

    Then there is a small problem, the installer does not allow you to register the directory for installation.

    This is working like intended to avoid repeated issues which happened for numerous players in the past when was this mod installed. Crossfire mod is now installed into separate preset folder:

    • For install is needed only Freelancer game (vanilla) installed (no mods, no patches)
    • FLMM is no longer needed!
    • Crossfire mod installation will not change vanilla Freelancer install!
    • Installer contains link to preview page where you can see how some settings will appear in game.

    There is simple solution to DK’s hostility, which however requires use of earlier gamesave (before player jumped via hypergate into Inner Core System). Killing ancient drone ships in Dervon (which is part of the story!) makes DK friendly. Reason (potential) why they aren’t ’green’ may be extensive killing of Nomad’s ships, that’s all.

    Another possibilities (why things go wrong) are modded game files, use of autosave or not follow of campaign script) … with all those plays which I did myself, only autosaves use was real danger when I simply played SP campaign and followed it’s given path.

    As mentioned above, for some bases you will need to learn where to fly manually to immediatelly start docking sequence. Except this forget about trying to dock on battleships (and similar shipy type) bases. On the other side this ship have big cargo space, so it really is usefull learn how to use it the best. I used this ship frequently back in time, but it needed experience and some flying skills to learn how to use it effectively.

    There is not set any minimum limit for clan membership. Actual clan systems are next ones: Shop - SWAT Portal . Renting new system need to be discusses first with server admin SWAT_OP-R8R , to be honest I'm not exactly sure what is required for start in a new place ... however building a clan base definitelly was a great activity which I personally very enjoyed. It need allot time and huge amount of resources, but it is good as goal and clan bases looks good and have some nice stuff there for production. You can also set info about clan here: Clan - SWAT Portal which may be good starting place for little propagation. This portal have quite nice possibilities for clans advertisiment, all depends about if you like do those things or not.

    For buy Antares Freighter you either need to be in contact with any clan leader which have base and can open you access there, or you can buy one in your own base once you will build appropriate module (it will need some time :) )

    Hello guys, Xacova  Roxon , welcome on portal! The best bet for you to try clans experience is spent some time in game and talk with people via server chat. Here on portal you can get improved technical help or numerous advices (inlcuing all this ingame info in wiki), but there lately is really low clans activity here.