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    Is possible think about adjusting some of lower lvl weapons projectiles speeds up to 1000 m/s? I’m asking because for example for hunting in inner core sector would be very interesting full guns setups which at given new speed (1000) would have good chance to be used efficiently (read as hit target in hands of skilled pilot). Now is for full guns PvE build possible use only ancient drones guns setup.

    After few more days I can confirm that Elite Dangerous is on new PC working visibly better with "old" graphic card. Much less stuttering, shmootness of functioning, and also movement of more objects. To this include also faster game start etc. It looks like older CPU (i5-8400), or maybe less ram (16 vs 32) were limiting overal gaming output despite what were various benchmark utilities saying about good balance.

    New build is up and running. So far it seems like all works very smoothly. Tested shortly play Elite Dangerous and Cyberpunk 2077 and play seemed more fluid including higher fps. PC runs very quiet. Also windows activation passed without any issues. ... Now will come that slower part with reinstalling other stuff, setting back keybindings (which I forgot to backup), testing to start old pc with integrated graphic and so on :)

    For my actual PC I have further use (or better to say my son really want to have it ;) ), so I will keep that older SSD with windows as it is now and solve new windows license for new PC.

    I will look little more around, OEM will be good enough, if is cheap, but I still need (must) verified source (shop). I have some restrictions related to use of legal software due my RL work position. This is not something what I can take lightly. Thx for advices guys, I go check what is offered by local sellers.

    edit: ... found one local seller which I used before, price is better as I found in 1st lap :)

    I've added new 500GB SSD (Samsung 970 Evo Plus, will be used only for windows and few other sw except games), since in old PC I have Samsung 960 (250 GB) and new mobo do not have this one in compatibility list (970-990 are listed) and sent order ;) ... should be home in 1-2 days. My "old" PC will very likely end on my son desk, so it will have its use. He is very impatient, but he will need wait till next year when I buy new graphic :D ...

    I've now checked windows license on my PC ... it is OEM license installed on that older 960 samsung. So I need to take care about one more thing, and it is new windows 11 license. I'm little unsure how to proceed with this, but I can buy secondary licensed windows 11. In one local verified shop is avialable an "Retail" version for 59 EUR. To be sure I specifically asked about it, hence they have description in Czech. It is not exactly cheap but still 1/3 of normal price. I also have cheaper options (around 40 EUR, but this was OEM license). There should be possible also buy old OEM win 7 key and use it for win11 activation, but I do not know exactly how it works and if it really is worth the hassle.

    Now I'm even more curious how it will continue (and here I mean ongoings at Russian home front), it's like watching multidimensional chess match which have visible just outer layer. I really have no idea how can further coexist Prigozhin with Shojgu and Gerasimov which got from him a strong slap into face.

    ... last 24 hours were quite interesting for Russia. Prigozhin move seems was surprising, honestly I thought they would remove him long time ago, but could be that they tried and failed (just my thought). Personally I don't think he have chance, but that was also the case with attack on Ukraine where many expected it will end in hours. But it for sure is very very bad precedent, and if it that "rebellion" will continue for more as week then Russian governament would be even much deeper in troubles. We can also see next russian season of people falling from windows etc.

    One from many articles in world media:

    Hello Donie,

    Welcome on forums! For multiplayers (MP) you may need to ask around about access to Deep Space 17. Rockets ammunition is problem for Inner core sector. DS 17 I think had something, but not sure how it looks now. Short reference to this players station is also here: Inner Core Extreme Tourism Guide - SWAT Portal. In singleplayer there is not possible buy alien weapons. There are also players which have/had quite well stocked chars with inner core weapons which are usually in Sirius sector near New York.

    I tried to look also DD4 builds, but it seems like their lifetime/sales are ending (sadly price is not affected) and in local stores I did not find anything what would catch my interest. Below is build based on DDR 5 and I've added better PSU:

    • Fractal Design Focus 2 Black Solid (case)
    • Corsair RM850x (2021)
    • Intel Core i7-13700K ... TDP 253W
    • Noctua NH-D15
    • Kingston 32GB KIT DDR5 6000MHz CL36 FURY_Beast Black EXPO ... KF560C36BBEK2-32, XMP Profile 1: DDR5-6000 CL36-38-38 @1.35V, KIT is supported by MB

    + later RTX 4070 or 4070 Ti (4080 is too costly, at least now)

    Wouldn't be more effective to ban offending user? On another discord server I blocked one of users with above mentioned mindset bcs I do not have there admin rights ... with them I would kick him out. Or temporary at least ... I learned firsthand that trying to discussing opposite opinions with some people is simply not working. Easiest way (effective to self pressure and adrenaline level :) ) is say that such stuff do not belongs here.

    Imo there should be always respect to admin, be that in game or discord or forums. If it is missing, then showing to non-cooperating person an exit-doors is in my book right action. Pinning post about rules is just a bonus. In relation to discord usage I prefer to have one "off-topic" or universal channel when is another one used for chat about concrete game ... it helps avoid spam or off-topic moments which from time to time happens even in the best organised discord servers.

    Btw, it is just my opinion or something to think about as alternative. I think that this portal discord server showed his usefulness.

    Searching for RAM modules:

    • 32GB: Kingston Fury Beast Black 32GB (2x16GB) DDR5 6000 CL36, AMD EXPO ... XMP Profile #1: DDR5-6000 CL36-38-38 @1.35V ... those are low profile which may be good idea with chosen Noctua cooler.
    • 16GB: Kits with 2x8GB have much less options, I found only Kingston Fury Beast Black 16GB (2x8GB) DDR5 6000 CL40 with XMP Profile #1: DDR5-6000 CL40-40-40 @1.35V (those are also low profile)

    both kits are in chosen MB compatibility list