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    And for SC ... well, to be honest this game isn't my interest. Starting with hardware needs and slowness of its development, and also it's flight model which is (imo) few lvls worse when compared to Elite D., there are numerous reasons why I'm only very rarely reading news related to it. It's also very questionable if this game will be released at all ...

    I play elite now for 4,5 year ... money slowly increase, they never were any real problem (overall assets crossed last week 9B). I do not have yet federation rank to buy corvette and want also build T10 for casual mining. There isn't rush, when I'm in mood for make new ship, I go for it. The longevity of this game is for me however the background simulation (called BGS) and squadron supported minor faction where I'm involved the most. ... with occasional exploration and numerous other activities (guardians or witch hut nebula expansion etc.) to avoid burnout which is unavoidable if you do similar things only for too long.

    :) .. it will be seen tomorrow (less as 24 hours) what all can be done with the fleet carrier (FC) :) . One from possible ways how to get rich "quickly" is also use of wing massacre missions in wars (ideally in wing of four cmdrs which shares together these wing missions). Few weeks ago I raised my finances up by almost 1B during four 'war' days.

    Link: Frontier YouTube channel

    And as I've said, I may ask him for details mate and get back to ya.

    If you will do it, I will be glad. I had some feedback about not so good quality of saitek stick (and it is not low price) so I will welcome 1st hand experience. I only can say for sure, that contactless sensors on all three joystick axes are a necessity if it should serve long(er) time. Im also interested only by joystick, bcs throtle which I have is for my use perfect.

    That Thrustmaster TWCS throttle is what I have ... and is perfect imo .. cheap and highly functional with many buttons/axis (it is almost unbeliavable that any produt made these days can fill both these criteria :D ). I alas cannot use pedals (RL restriction), and this is why joystick with twist is for me a must.

    Have someone prime experience with above joystick? Or have some other joystick as recommendation? I have myself Thrustmaster T16000 which however have serious weakness in its twist axis and poor cheap sensors. Above joystick is also not sold in my country, I can use theirs european site for order it, but honestly I do not know if it is good idea, I have no experience (yet) with purchasing stuff from foreign shops.

    I'm searching some more info about decent joysticks which have also "Yaw" axis usable in flight simulators and games (like Elite Dangerous :) )

    I've found this one:

    GladMkIIFront.jpgOffical page say: VKB-Sim Gladiator Mk.II is the latest mass-market joystick made by VKB. A grip is designed by VKB engineers based on well-known KG12 grip used on number of WWII airplanes and adapted for PC pilots to be more ergonomic for tabletop use. Gladiator Mk.II is a desktop joystick featuring highly accurate magnetoresistive (MaRS) sensors for pitch, roll and yaw axis. It allows to connect VKB T-Rudder pedals directly to the joystick without Tiny controller or Black box and presents both joystick and pedals as a single USB device. The pedals are configurable with provided software as an additional axis. It simplify configuration and makes both of them easier to manage within your PC simulator or a game.


    • WWII KG12 grip replica
    • Ergonomic grip angle
    • Pitch, roll and yaw (twist) axes are equipped with MaRS sensors.
    • Throttle axis
    • Metal baseplate for stability
    • Silicone feet for strong surface grip
    • 2 Years warranty

    OK folks ... going remove all last posts. Please stay away from keyboard for at least few seconds before decide write something ugly.

    .. Damn, better go to watch some film or go work out X( ... Corona itself and recent restritions to RL are really bad enough, it really is not needed to make it even worse here on portal ...

    guenni7 that quoted part was about possibility for pirate to make a 'bargain', for example: he can offer smuggler free "trade" for 24hours if he will pay him agreed sum. If not, he can chase his prey again, after will pass an hour, and use /tax. It is not against the server rules and can be beneficial for both parties. Players can be quite creative in a ways how to do RP (while stay in boundaries of server rules) ...

    Hi Martin,
    I think I have a problem sharing your very enthusiastic view on role-play.
    As long as shoot-on-sight for smugglers is granted to police (or pirates that think they have the right), I don't see no fun in this.
    I understand that in role-play this apears to be legit, but for me personally it takes all the fun away.
    As I stated before, I would be ok with a tax or fine, but getting shot on sight several times is not exactly a way to bound me to crossfire.

    Pirate which will shot you on sight is breaking server RP rules. He may think what he want, server-rules are clearly saying what he can do. Its for server police to deal with this behaviour.

    Police can shot you only if you smuggle, there are ways how to denny officer this opportunity (dump cargo for example, or do not smuggle several times and send smile to such officer :) ). If he still wil shot you (no contraband onboard), he is also breaking server RP rules. It may be costly tactics, yes .. on other side as smuggler you can make moneys really quickly.

    Server rules are in place exactly bcs that reason to assure that all server RPs can have fun, problems starts when some players breaks these rules and they are not reported ... I may help you more if I know more details. We can take this into private message if you will want.

    That's sure true for pirates and police, for a smuggler with only one available bmg trade-route daily I think it's not.
    If your oponent sits on one of the endpoints of the route and has a well equiped ship, there's simply no chance to make the trade.
    Would all be good, if I get taxed or fined, pay it and good is. But as rules also allow not using tax/fine but shoot-on-sight, there's no point for a smuggler to take the risk.

    Yes, BMGs have special days for extra profit, but if someone sit in destination, then may depened about who is there. You alwas can ask if he is open for possibility pay tax/fine or if he not communicate. And there are other places and routes (many) which allows good profit each day ... clever pirate can make nice money, for police it is not so easy but it always was about decision what is acceptable for each smuggler ... I usually let smuggler go once, these which I knew had fortunes I sometimes asked to drop cargo, sometimes shot them when didnt respond. But this is all about have fun for both sides in RP situation ... something what not everyone understand. Btw only police can shot you on sigth with illegal cargo ... however it is one from things which I always thought were bad.

    If I was smuggler, I would do it most of time and poke police officers to "try" chase me :) ... if they would be not interested to do it, and instead drink cofee on one place, I would gladly make my money in different place. In the end ... chase itself was at least for me the biggest fun, try estimate where target can go and try to reach that place faster :) ...

    you can try read this: Smugglers or other things I wrote in Police Alliance and other also may have some interesting stories, which can give ideas what to try :) . Smugglers can be those who can generate numerous RP situations ...

    guenni7 ... I spent hours with chasing trains and was chased in it myself. It's not easy, if prey is experienced and there's not needed even using hides aka go up or down. It was for me one from biggest fun and challenges. Chasing someone skilled is not easy task even in group, the prey just need to accept that his destination will be reached later. RP is about fun for both, once you won (escape) once you lose ... money in game are just money, they never were problem to get. If you log off only bcs not want be catched, then this is exactly what kills server RP or lead to have less of it. What if: ha someone is coming, let's have some fun and take him aroun Sirius space ... 😉