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    ... could be worth try if you can't dock on nearby prison (hostile isnt problem unles you were shoting close to station). In MP you can dock on hostile station and commodity market is not affected by player reputation towards faction owning base.

    Yes, I have at disposal saves from all CF missions. However I really want first some further reaction from author of this thread. If he really will want give CF chance, I will gladly send him package with my save games (which are 100% functional and verified numerous times).

    Hmm, I did not give next link? ... Frequently Asked Questions - SWAT Portal - SWAT Portal

    In short for clean install:

    1. Install vanilla (D:/Freelancer) ... size of folder for vanilla full install is I think approx 900 MB
    2. Install FLMM (D:/Freelancer Mod Manager)
    3. Install Crossfire (it will be installed into D:/Freelancer Mod Manager/mods/Freelancer 2 - Crossfire) .. size 6,5 GB (on my notebook: 8 638 files, 828 folders)
    4. Start FLMM and chose there to activate Freelancer 2 - Crossfire mod (it will copy files into D:/Freelancer folder and do other many system settings needed for correct mod functioning
    5. Start the mod for a first time, it will download latest launcher version, autorestart itself and then is downloaded bigger amount of latest files version (is recomended to do so also for SP for this 1st time)
    6. SP play do not requiere regular updates, MP will load smaller amount of updates each time automatically


    where you have mod installed? Mod should be installed first into FLMM/Mods directory and from there will activated via Freelancer mod Manager (FLMM) into vanilla Freelancer game directory. For detailed installation and activation guide please look into FAQ.

    Example: C:\Freelancer Mod Manager\mods\Freelancer 2 - Crossfire (folder size should be with installed mod approx 6,5 GB)

    If you do not have vanilla freelancer original, then we can't help with that. I get this my from gaming magazine CD in my country few years ago and it works. We had here already experience that some non-original freelancer versions are not running at all or they make issues during play (Crossfire) and in some cases it have lead to chain of bans on the server without clear reason. We also can't help with non-original FL bcs it is not allowed here on this portal (law reasons).

    Personally I think that it is a shame that Microsoft did not released Freelancer as a freeware (or sold license to GOG for example), but it is for another debate entirely.

    Normally you do not neeed any launcher separate downloads if is mod properly installed/activated. It should download new launcher (latest version) and restart it automatically.

    Can you give few answers?

    How big is folder where you have freelancer installed? (should be circa 7,8 GB with activated CF mod)

    Where you have freelancer installed? (is it in folder in C or D:/Freelancer or it is inside Program Files?

    Where you have installed FLMM? (And did you used that one coming with the mod?)

    How big is CF folder inside Freelancer Mod Manager/mods/Freelancer 2 - Crossfire ? (should be circa 6,5 GB)

    (to be on safe side) Were Freelancer and FLMM folders added into your PC antivirus exception list?

    Crossfire mod install should consist from few easy steps: installing vanilla Freelancer (no other mods), run this vanilla once to be sure that game is functional, install FLMM, install Crossfire mod (it will be installed into mod folders in FLMM) and as last activate mod (this will move files into Freelancer directory and do thousands of settings) with FLMM. Details are in FAQ (there is few more other entries which is good read in case you have troubles)

    There should be group with at least 10 players which can then ask to be registered as a player group (Step 1), and then they can request PMF to be added into the game (Step 2). ... In real I think you can ask as lone player for this (there is no check who all are group members), but if there should be interest with minor factions, then is 10 players good number for maintain low populated system and enjoy exploration etc.

    Below is copy of form used for fill requested data:


    Hello Commander! Please use this system to request the addition of a minor faction to Elite Dangerous for your player group.

    Step 1: Minor Faction Details

    1. Name of your Minor Faction: This is how your group's minor faction name will be displayed in Elite Dangerous. It cannot be changed once you complete this form, so please take extra care when filling out the details.

    2. Name of your player group: In order to be eligible for a minor faction, you must have first signed up for a Player Group via the submission form located here. The player group must have at least 10 members. Once you have a registered Player Group, insert the name in the field below. This information is for internal use and not shown in Elite Dangerous.

    3. Describe your faction to other commanders in Elite Dangerous: This is the displayed description text of your minor faction (in your home system) in the Elite Dangerous System Map menu. Please provide a synopsis of your minor faction here, let Commanders know what your faction is all about and what they stand for!

    • This description text cannot be changed once you complete this form.No recruitment messages or websites.
    • Do not exceed 640 characters, this includes spaces and punctuation.
    • English text only.
    • Keep the description simple: who you are, what you specialise in (Trade, Bounty Hunting, etc) and perhaps a brief outline of the faction’s origins.
    • All descriptions should be written in Third Person (‘they’ not ‘we’).
    • Please note that your minor faction will appear in the game via a server-deployed update shortly after being approved, but this update will not include this description.
    • Your faction description will be reviewed separately and further edited as required to conform to Elite lore it will if accepted be included in a future client release.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Below are the questions frequently asked with regards to Minor Factions.


    • The name of your minor faction will show up in a system of your choosing along with the description provided.
    • You will have to manage your minor faction's economy, influence and so forth within the system; other Commanders will be able work with or against your minor faction and therefore, your minor faction will be subject to the actions and functions of the Background Simulation (BGS).
    • Minor factions will be added with preset values, you will be required to build up your minor faction. We will not jumpstart your minor faction.


    • The system you choose for your minor faction must have a population of at least ONE.
    • Your minor faction’s name must be loosely related to Elite Dangerous, the lore of Elite or science-fiction.
    • Player groups can only have one associated minor faction.
    • No faction swapping. Your desired minor faction has to be the same as the systems faction.
    • Factions cannot be located in systems deemed to have significant lore importance.
    • A description of your minor faction is required.
    • Do not exceed 640 characters, this includes spaces and punctuation.
    • Do not use symbols. Only a-z and 0-9 text, and general punctuation.
    • The description must be in English.
    • No URLs / links.
    • The requested system must also contain a starport.
    • You must have completed the initial group registration process.
    • We will not accept any edit requests after your submission to the form below.
    • Absolutely no recruitment messages or website links.
    • All "addon" minor factions that have been confirmed as a squatting minor faction will be removed in addition to the main minor faction being removed.




    No. The Background Simulation applies your minor faction automatically, we do not override it.




    No. But, you can request a community goal for such instances here.

    By entering a minor faction and clicking on the "submit faction" button you are accepting our terms and conditions of use and code of conduct. If you encounter any issues with the minor factions request process, please contact Frontier Support.

    By Community Manager Will Flanagan, original thread here.

    Greetings Commanders,

    We’re pleased to announce that, starting today (2018-07-26), we’re implementing a new and revamped application system for Player Minor Factions.

    In re-working the original system for applying for a player minor faction, we are now able to process player minor faction applications with more efficiency and speed. Ultimately, this means that you’ll see your minor factions in-game sooner than before!

    Read below for more information:

    Why have a minor faction in Elite Dangerous?

    A player minor faction is a way for established Player Groups to represent themselves in-game, pushing the agenda of their groups throughout the galaxy.

    Once you have submitted a player minor faction, and have it approved by us at Frontier, your player minor faction will show up in one of the three selected systems of your choosing. Your minor faction’s description will show up in a future update of Elite Dangerous.

    You will have to manage your minor faction's economy, influence, and other galactic threats! Take part in various actions: combat, performing missions, selling exploration data and so on; other Commanders will be able work with or against your minor faction and therefore, your minor faction will be subject to the actions and functions of the Background Simulation (BGS).

    I applied for a minor faction before the introduction of this system

    If you have previously submitted a player minor faction application with the older form, then you will have an update on the status of that application in the coming days. It will either be approved, or rejected, and depending you will need to do the following:

    • … it was approved and added to the game: You don’t need to do anything; your minor faction is in the game! This system is for new player minor factions only!
    • … and it was rejected: You will need to resubmit your player minor faction application with the new system below.

    Apply for a player minor faction today!

    • Before applying for a player minor faction, please ensure you’ve notified us of your Player Group, which you can do by filling out the form here.
    • To apply for a player minor faction, please click here.
    • If you want to follow up on any future player minor faction applications, please contact Customer Support here (please allow for 72 hours after submitting your faction application before contacting Customer Support.)
    • If you have any questions or feedback about the new system, please reply in this thread.

    Fist chose a system, then OP need add settings for this system so it can be used for this. In meantime is needed chose position and base name. Then some of clan leaders need to fly there with ship carrying needed base cargo and deploy base, do settings etc. If result of voting will be clear in few days, we can close it earlier. Myself chosed two systems with eart-like worlds.

    Please give your vote here