Cmdr Karina Forlon

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  • She was born on Christmas Day in Dahan system and then spent most of her childhood in Dahan's biggest planet named Smithy's Claim in Nelson Works city. This city was the only one on a planet which had a spaceport, and this was very-likely what influenced her most in mind and dreams. She did not know her father well; he was pilot of a spaceship and returned to visit his family only rarely. She knew however, that she could count on him There was a very unpleasant situation in her life when she was at technical high school and needed to deal with very insistent young man from wealthy family. It also happened in a physical attack, her left eye was damaged resulting in the need for a cybernetic implant. She didn't know what exactly happened, but her father visited his???? parents only once and all the trouble ended. That man which caused her so much pain was missing for few days and then found in local hospital with several broken bones. He never told others what have happened to him.

    On her 21 birthday she got an unexpected present. Her father was not there, like as usual, but he sent her a gift ... it was medium size box containing a dark space-suit and an access card to a spaceship. To this card or the spaceship???? Joking!!!! was attached a small gift-card with text saying: "You can now follow your dreams anytime you want ..." It was anomalous, but there was only one person who would give her anything like this. She did not tell her mother, her reaction would have been expectable ... she waited one whole week, before she decided to visit the landing-pad marked on the access-card. When the ship's door open and she stepped in, she knew that her journey had just begun ...