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    Background: Remember this?

    So. That happened again. Eventhough I tried my best not to let it happen, it slipped on me and I've forgotten about one of the best communities I ever was a part of.

    I've been trying hard to complete the first year of college which wasn't so easy as I thought it would be. But it's all coming to an end soon. Alot of ups and downs happened during the time I was away but to keep it simple and clean, I just wanted to say Hi to everyone in the community and to thank you for being a guiding light in the time It was hard for me. I wish you best of luck and I'll be seeing you folks soon, if luck stays by my side.

    Sorry folks. I've had way too much trouble with finals and exams ontop of finals and finals on top of exams on top of finals. I'll be done some time around mid june, and then I'll be back. I'm still lurking around the forums; jump in from time to time, say hi and then disappear again. Hope you're all doing just fine. Bye :)

    They are all highly outdated. Also, it seems like my ASF membership has been denied. We'll have to sort this out. I'm 100% sure that the commanding structure is outdated and needs to be fixed ASAP.

    This hasn't been brought up in a while, so I'm gonna do it. Can someone supply me with the info on both the ASF and CSF commanding structure, as I'd like to revive this. Most of the top personell of both factions is either missing or has quit CF, so that has to change. Please hit me up with the correct info.


    I'm not sure if I follow. Are you thinking of something like the /conn command in Discovery that transfers you to Connecticut?

    Most of the things I've learned here came from the man that is leaving us now. Most, if not all. A sad moment for all policemen, if not all spacemen. I wish you best of luck in your life, as I always did. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will always be here.

    yes you SA was the whole event on my ass 90% of time ,sure strategy ;) ,i was force many times to sw target on you becouse all the time when you undock i was target by you , under this condition i was not able to go after tulip and stil i kill him 3-4 times, you say that tulip ignore your commands, the guy dont speak english and i dont think is ok to force someone to make what you want ,i think in a event can be picked whatever target you want as long is not in same team with you and if your tactic was to kill only me or trying then maybe tulip's tactic was to kill denne and Hydra ...

    The event name is TEAM Deathmatch, which implies that it's a TEAM play event not a "oogla boogla i'm gonna kill whoever the hell I want". It also implies that you need to know basic teamplay, which he obviously didn't follow. And the "not understanding english" part, he has been here for so much that he learnt what "Shoot LC" means. Also, bringing up a 2 year old event is as pathetic as it is laughable at.

    One game that might have been under the radar for you all is an upcoming space sim that is not over hyped like Star Citizen or Elite:Dangerous. The name of the game is Dreadnought and it has been in production for a while now. The video below shows a well known Twitch streamer ElloHime playing the Alpha build on PAX East and showing some of the gameplay to us all. Enjoy the preview.