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  • Hallo Ronaldo, nachträglich alles Gute und viel Gesundheit zu Deinem Geburtstag wünsche ich Dir \o/. Sorry, konnte nicht eher schreiben :)

  • ho sheet , you are only 50% of a human xD

  • aww, nooo, u are Negan

  • Hi, hopefully you can help me. It seems I can't post anuthing on the forum, I am not receiving the activation code. Also, my account has been banned while I was docking into a station in Enigma. Charname: HeimdaII. The last two words of my charname is ii, but with capitals, so not LL. I don't know why I am banned, sure is a technical error. Before this account, I had another one, which I lost (Forgot to save the ID). Charname: Amegius. Can you transfer that char to the account where Heimdall is registered? The account with the charname HeimdaII, I saved. Thanks

    • Hi there, send either SWAT_OPR-8R or report in bugtracker for this please.

    • Yes, that's the best way because I can't help you with this.

    • Hi folks. I'm new here, would you like to forward my massage to the right person. Please.

    • write a Message to SWAT_OP_R8R

  • Glückwunsch zur Banker-Trophy:)

    • Sorry, hatte dir auf deiner Pinnwand geantwortet :-) Noch einmal: vielen Dank! :-)

  • Hallo RonaldoDaVinci, wir begrüßen Dich als unser 21876. Mitglied und wünschen Dir viel Spaß im Forum. Das SWAT Team am 27. Dezember 2014.