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    if digging deep enough would provide the evidences then the evidences would be public knowledge by now.

    It is impossible to hide something that requires that many people involved. A mathematic approach on this topic showed that no large scale secret would remain secret for longer than 5 years. In terms of a deep state would be easily visible via international money transactions.

    What you call deep state is nothing but ordinary capitalism. Which btw. in my eyes is the more problematic issue.

    And in the United States this sick uncontrolled capitalism is made even worse by a two party system and a centuries old fucked up voting system.

    with other words there is no proof

    when I look around I see a childlike dumbass playing President... there are certainly people trying to whistle ideas into his ears... but when I consider how many "advisors" failed to advice him even on the easiest topics and how many of them gave up or were replaced after a short time then I see absolutely no really issue except for the man with the tiny hands himself.

    This guy does not need people to tell him how to fuck up.

    Its a simple to remember name Trump uses for all the people he does not like.

    An artificial enemy to blame while his friends do exactly what the so called deep state is blamed for.

    After the felt eternity of his presidency this President of the not so united states made these claims, you would assume HIS government has investigated and found real evidence that can be presented to the public about the deep state... but... nothing. Just words. Empty claims by a mad man that just alone because of his ego and his hate destroyed a medical system that would have been important these days for millions of americans... a guy which wants (wanted) to cut funds to the Centers for Disease Control... a guy which constantly makes false claims and then all of a sudden can not remember these claims anymore just a few days later.

    There are meanwhile thousands of claims Trump made which would not pass a fact check. So why even bother about what Donald Dumb says?

    The lesson learned today probably is that the event is doable even if you are relative new to the game.

    You were already writing it off after only getting a few waves done. But then we went right to the max wave.

    Even if you would only reach wave 10 in a random group (that is most likely to happen) you might earn ~1000 credits in that run. When the 100 enemies are defeated you would get a bonus that is twice as much as the credits you have earned while playing. The first 10 waves dont even take much time.... maybe 15-20 minutes.

    The event still runs 3-4 weeks.

    A total of 3000 event credits (bonus included) per day would easily get you to the max rewards.

    Its just a matter of starting early and doing small steps.

    The issue we had today was that we started doing the mission 1 hour before the invasion did end.

    The disadvantage is that our fleet was not able to defeat the 100 enemy ships after we left (probably not much was missing).

    So we did not get the bonus credits. We missed 4500 credits this way.

    The best strategy is to visit the flotilla and check the mission timer. Every invasion last 3 hours. Starting to play when there are 2-3 hours left would be perfect. Then there is enough time for to fight back all 100 enemy ships in time.

    It sucks a bit that we did not get the bonus credits... but maybe next time we can take care of a better timing.

    Generally I think the event is pretty fun.

    The cooperation inside the team and also the fact that up to 100 players can participate in that fight is great. I think when we started we had 5 ground squads and 4 in space. As team leader you get plenty of extra updates such as score updates or small communication windows showing which player on the space teams is using or requesting your kill codes. At a time during our fight an outside player on the flotilla has sent us heals into the mission (yep thats possible if people are willing to invest 75000 creds)

    you did fine

    remember... we went all the way to the final wave and were facing large groups of lvl 188 enemies... some which were even invincible for some time

    A short Scarlet Spear Event guide:

    The event can be entered by MR3 players and upwards and runs for roughly 1 months (probably is going to last longer due to some bugs and balancing problems atm).

    Generally speaking Earth is under Sentient attack and your job is to fight back the Murex attack fleet via the Earth Flotilla.

    To start the event you have to visit the Flotilla and talk to Little Duck. There you can buy an OpLink that you need for this mission.

    Every Flotilla needs to defeat 100 Murex and based on how many Murex you and your teams have defeated you get rewards.

    The fight is split into ground combat and railjack space combat. Both is linked.

    In ground combat you have to fight Sentients on Earth and defeat the Condrix there (there are damage phases when you can attack them after you defeated the smaller sentients). Once the Condrix has no more health you are tasked to place your OpLink to collect kill codes from it. The OpLink can be placed using your gear wheel.

    ALL players in the team should place their OpLink because the scan time gets reduced this way and you get better rewards if all players have placed it. If a player from the team does not place the OpLink then the entire team gets rewards from a lower tier reward pool.

    While the OpLink is in place you have to defend it from Grineer which think that the Tenno are responsible for the Sentient attack.

    The scan usually does not take long.

    During the scan you can get up to 3 kill codes. These kill codes are automatically transfered via the OpLink to the Railjack teams. They need these codes to shut down the Murex ships.

    After 3 defeated Condrix you can extract if you want... or continue the fight until 17 Condrix are defeated. Every new wave will increase the difficulty but also your rewards.

    The first wave has an enemy difficulty level of 25 and rewards 15 event credits. The 2nd wave will reward 30 credits... etc. until you get ~220 credits in wave 17.

    The enemy difficulty by wave 17 is set to 188. By that time you should have earned ~2200 credits.

    For a starting player the difficulty is going to be insane but I am convinced that when you have a halfway working team you easily can reach wave 10-13. Just do your stuff... and shoot everything... and then place the OpLink when the other players do that. And when it getting too difficult for you... extract and join again. This way you can earn 500-1000 event credits.

    In space you are joining a railjack team which receives the kill codes and has to board the Murex in order to kill them.

    My experience is limited here as my own Railjack is not up for this task yet. I could join a railjack team and will try that probably today to see how good the event works on the space side.

    Basically the space team gets the kill codes... one team member pilots the Railjack... a 2nd team member takes care of repairs.... while 2 team members try to deliver the kill codes to the enemy fleet using their Archwings.

    This being done 100 times (by all the teams accumulated) and the enemy fleet is defeated.

    You might remember that your ultimate goal would be to earn 50.000 event score (=credits). That sounds insanely much.

    You also might notice that after completing a match your event score wont update. That is normal.

    Only when an enemy fleet is fully defeated (100 destroyed Murex) your contribution to the victory is being calculated into an event score.

    So if you earned 2000 credits and then had to stop playing... you should not worry... once the other players have killed the enemy fleet you will get your event credits and a bonus reward. The bonus reward is twice the amount of credits you have earned while playing space or ground combat. So if you have earned 2000 credits in ground combat you will get another 4000 credits to your inbox and a total of 6000 event score (counting towards the 50.000).

    I think the bonus reward is limited to 10.000 credits because I clearly had a higher score than 5000 yesterday evening.

    There is a time limit for defeating the enemy... the players have 3 hours to defeat 100 Murex. That should be no problem at all.

    Depending on your score you can earn emblems. There are emblems for space combat and ones for ground combat.

    e.g. earning 1000 points in ground gets you a 1 star emblem.... earning +5000 points and you get a 3 star emblem... the 2 star emblem is probably somewhere between that (3000?).

    I suggest starting early with the event. Do a bit every day and you easily reach the 50.000 score.

    If you are a new player... go as far as your team can carry you and support the other players.

    e.g. a Rhino can revive others while protected by Iron Skin and use the 3rd ability to buff your team damage

    A Mesa can easily deal with the Grineer mobs.

    A Limbo can shield the OpLinks from being destroyed.

    Probably every Warframe can contribute in one or another way.

    Start early... get 1000 credits per day (+the 2000 bonus) and you easily can reach the 50.000 goal by the end of the event.

    I played maybe 4 hours yesterday and have reached a score of 30.000.

    A positive side effect of this event is that on ground combat their is a good chance of earning Endo, every few minutes you get spammed with relics and certainly also worth to mention if you are a new player you can get a good amount of intact sentient cores... which will help you to get started with your reputation prior doing Eidolon hunts (nobody wants to get introduced to Eidolon hunts with the starting Mote Amp -> believe me that is a bad idea)

    You mean that after star trek discovery stole the story from a relative unknown video game, star trek picard went all in and stole the story from mass effect (and that in the dumbest and most boring way possible)?