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    I finished cleaning up. only 200gb and 350k files r left (thats not bad considering that there are currently 2 Portal backups which will be removed once all content from the old Portal has been restored).

    The new Portal alone consists of +94k files.

    I found a few nice gems in the old TLR backups ;).

    Will upload it to the gallery now.

    A few additional changes that are important.

    • The Wiki is to about 90% restored. Only some entries of the Crossfire category are missing. That is work in progress.
    • The old Bugtracker entries which were not "done" have been included into the new Ticketsystem. It simply didnt make much sense to transfer stuff that no longer is needed. Suggestions also have been transfered but only if they are still valid on the new Portal. A bunch of Portal suggestions are no longer valid because the new Portal meanwhile covers the suggested changes.
    • A few Forum boards and categories have been removed since they are no longer needed. Further changes to the Forum structure will be done soon.
    • The antispam settings are going through some fine-tuning. We had a few bots which managed to post their crap but in the end that were just sporadic cases. Over at lancersreactor more than 20 spambots manage to register per day (the email validtion over there doesnt work correctly atm which is the only reason why they can not flood the website with spam)... so compared to that the SWAT Portal is fairly secure.
    • Speaking of that... I fixed the problem that prevented that SWAT Portal emails could be delivered to certain email providers (e.g. hotmail).
    • Currently google and other search engines will not provide many search entries if you look for Portal related stuff. That is because the entire link structure of the Portal has changed and everything has to be indexed again. I have no idea how long that will take. So far only 750 urls have been parsed by google (less on bing). That is only 1% of the entire Portal. It might take several weeks or months before the entire portal is completely indexed.
    • After meanwhile +2 weeks on the new Portal software I am meanwhile able to compare the website performance. The old Portal had very fluctuating loading speeds between 1.2sec to 2.1secs per page (using a 100mbit connection). The new Portal does the same job in 0.3 seconds average.
    • You might have noticed that the old Crossfire Website ( does not exist anymore. All content has meanwhile beeen included directly into the Portal. The subdomain is still valid and will remain valid. It will lead directly to the new content here on the Portal.
      Reason for that change simply is the fact that all the expernal websites we had required too much administrative attention.
      Every website, no matter if it was the Bloodguard clanpage, the Phoenix Legion Fleet or the Crossfire Server website required to be updated regulary with content and also required to get software updates. Doing that for one or two websites is ok. Doing it for so many websites is a nightmare.
      The clan websites and have been integrated into our new Clan&Guild Management. The subdomain links are still valid.
      The Crossfire Server website now is part of the Portal which allows us to integrate much more functionality into the Server related pages. All content that existed on the old Website is now part of the new Portal pages (and has been updated).
      Big advantage is that the administration of this content is alot easier and that content updates can be done more frequently since all Portal areas are compatible to one another.
    • There is an ongoing project that I am working on related to the new Portal.
      Everything is new, everything is shiny but not every member knows how to use all the new stuff.
      Thats why I am working on a Portal guide which will explain all the different new Portal features in detail. I think that will help members to understand some of the settings and discover stuff they have not noticed before.

    Currently I am cleaning the server from +15 years of junk.

    Old websites, old backups, old Portal versions, old scripts, 338gb of stuff that I considered to be "maybe useful someday". Some of that stuff is still operational and doing its job in the background -> and wasting performance and resources.

    Time to get rid of it.

    Btw. the Server will be a bit slow while I am delete all that stuff. There are more than 700.000 files and I think most of the stuff is not needed anymore.

    Ok, updated the rules on the new page.

    The only thing missing is the german rules version, a list with server police members and a general mod description. Everything else from the old page has been covered.

    BTW. @Event Managers

    I would advice that you use the Crossfire Event function on the Calendar to get upcoming events displayed on the new CF page.

    In theory such Crossfire Server Events also will be posted on the forum automatically.

    no, it only uses already existing CMS functions

    plus a few new custom stylesheet declarations and a template extension to get the server statistics included.


    Early in 2017 we already agreed to update the server rules and you created a thread with proposed changes.

    The red, blue and green highlights got me totally confused.

    Is there a final version that I simply can include? (a german translation will have to follow later)

    nothing happens randomly without a reason


    Autoban time=1526878349 id=5BD45090:125D59C2 ip= reason=timer cheat, servertime=142.219 clienttime=152.237 rate=1.070


    no, the Portal can only link to one specific server

    even if it would be possible to link to multiple servers it would require to get permissions and access data for every server

    while I agree that it would be nice to have the discord widget more visible I wouldnt want to get other stuff moved down.

    Lets face it... the dashboard requires to have the user boxes at the top because of the registration link etc.

    On the forum it most important to see what happened on the forum... not on discord. Every page has its own priorities for boxes.

    Lets discuss the new Discord Server.

    Yesterday I managed to link the Portal usergroups with the Discord server.

    The idea behind that is to give specific usergroups access to specific channels.

    This might become an interesting feature to clans where clan members automatically get access to specific discord channels.

    But we are not at that point yet.

    First we should discuss the general structure on the discord server.

    To be honest Im not sure if its a good idea to create game specific text channels to discord. Afterall we have our forum for that purpose.

    But I can imagine to create voice channels for games (where required).

    I think one main discord text channel (lobby) might be enough.

    Putting clan specific stuff aside... what else do you think would be good to have?

    Btw. to synchronize your Portal account with Discord you will have to go to your "Account management" on the "Control Panel" and scroll down to the very last point.

    There you can activate the "Discord-Synchronization".

    Once done you can in theory use your Discord Avatar here on the Forum (thats optional) and your role on the Discord server gets updated. You will notice it when your username on Discord appears in a different color.