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    Flhook is a background tool on the server, why should it have a UI? That makes no sense.

    Multicore support for FL would mean to create the Freelancer code again... from the scratch... without even knowing what the original code looks like.

    That is not how it works.

    The annual Mod awards just started today and you can support us by voting at Crossfire 2.0 mod for Freelancer - Mod DB

    I know, we did not have a major update in 2020. The Blackstar update did delay but instead we were working to make Crossfire future proof with various small updates, switching servers, releasing a new launcher and re-releasing the mod including all of its previous updates using a standalone installer which prevents many issues players previously had.

    With other words in 2020 we worked to improve the foundation Crossfires is based on.

    From this point it will be much easier to improve the mod based on community feedback aswell as the already layed out path for new features and new content.

    Many areas of the mod will receive overhauls in the future which instead of pushing out as an annual big update will most likely be released on the fly as micro updates. This will allow us to react faster to issues and get feedback from the players.

    Thats from the 2009 movie. That would be the Kelvin timeline.

    While I can not tell for sure I doubt that Discovery is in the Kelvin timeline it was stated to be the Vulcan homeworld that existed back when Burnham and Spock lived there. So it must be the original planet.

    If it was the Kelvin timeline Burnham certainly would have noticed a difference between the planets. I would notice a difference if Earth all of a sudden is replaced.

    I am giving the benefit of the doubt. In the 2009 movie Spock had to watch the destruction of Vulcan from a nearby planet... which apparently was close enough to display vulcan in the skies. I just dont think that another planet as close/big as displayed in Discovery is even possible. A moon on the other side... yes... that would be possible. The size of the shadow on Vulcans atmosphere is almost as big as the moon/planet itself so it must be ultra close.

    Ive spent half the weekend doing updates to the website software. Mostly performance improvements, fixes, some layout changes, but also some new features.

    For this topic most important should be that the discord sync got replaced with a much more reliable version and probably you already have noticed that newly added server events are now announced automatically at discord. This will help to spread the word and hopefully gets more ppl joining these events.

    Additionally i tested the demo of a shop plugin which potentially can b used to organze clan system payments. It is not 100% what we need but with a few creative settings still might be usefull. Dunno yet.

    I wonder how they explain that vulcan in the last episode had a moon.

    You know... it never had before.

    Maybe the romulans brought one when they moved to vulcan?

    or its a death star

    My first try to do a solo Iso vault run including the arcana bountieis on deimos.

    The recent changes made it much harder than the iso vaults before. The nerf to octavia force me change strategy and use a gunblade to kill the necramechs. It takes longer than before but at least works. Biggest problem is to stay focused since you need about 90mins to reach and get the tier 3 bounties done.

    If you intend to farm for the weapons and arcanes I would advice to plan much more time for these runs because you can repeat the bounties once unlocked. It clearly makes sense to repeat at least the t3 one multiple times once you already unlocked it via a t3 iso vault completion.

    Otherwise you would have to start from the scratch next time... which means another 90mins just to reach that point again.

    Biggest issues is really to stay focused and not make any stupid mistakes (like I did in the vid).

    This is my build for the run above.

    Solo runs are faster and more reliable unless you really have a team trying to work together.

    Just recently I had problems finding teams willing to go all the way to t3, which forced me to abort the run. Thats why I prefer solo atm until I find people really willing to go the whole way to t3 and maybe beyond.

    This is btw. a test of all my weapon builds so far aswell as a showcase of the mod layout.

    I have not that many weapons that i decided to put forma on but the ones I have perform very well.

    This also shows the performance of the plague weapons compared to normal ones.

    As you can see the Keewar performs very well.

    The Kripath on the other side in a direct comparison with the Lesion underperforms heavily. It is not a bad weapon but absolutely not in the same league as the Lesion which only took 2 forma while the Kripath required min. 5 forma.

    The Plague Keewar with 2 Forma is a much better choice.

    The 5 forma Kripath is about at the same performance level as an Ohma without any forma and even without catalyst. (I tested that but did not record it).

    Most other melee weapons in my arsenal perform at a very similar level. My most favorites are the Kronen Prime, the Lesion and the Sephan (a Nikana Zaw).

    The Stropha has a niche role for killing bosses but also performs well against other high-lvl enemies. I just dont like the flow against low level enemies.

    The Venka is an outlier in this list as you can see it performs fancy crit damage, with a perfectly high crit chance and crit damage... and on top the best crit multiplier in the game -> 13 (other weapons only reach 12). The problem is that it lacks range to be an effective melee weapon.

    But that is not the purpose of my Venka. I use it as a stat stick for Frames like Ash or Khora.

    The exalted weapons of these frames take their stats from the melee weapon equipped. With such insane crit stats the whipclaw of Khora (as you can see in the vid) turns a very effective weapon. I have 2 Khora builds... one for farming with the strangle dome. Here the enemies get trapped in the dome and the whip will kill them while they drop extra loot (including energy to keep the dome and the whip slashes running).

    The other build is a pure DPS one to maximize the whip slashes.

    At the end of the vid I switched to showing ranged weapons and it is not hard to see how unbalanced melee vs ranged is.

    To be fair... most weapons would perform better if I switch to a damage type that fits to the enemies. But who does really do that in normal gameplay?

    Most of my ranged weapons are balanced to work well against corpus by default.

    Thats why they underperform a bit in these tests.

    But even if I would match the damage types they would not even get close to the melee weapon damages. And on melee you barely ever have to match damage types at all.

    I think ranged weapons need a buff.

    They work fine in almost all situations on the normal star map and also on the open world maps. This test was done vs lvl 175 heavy armored enemies... you dont see such in normal gameplay. But when you play Steel Path... or endless Arbitration missions you would reach lvl400 enemies after ~1 hour gameplay. I really doubt that ranged weapons are even an option in such situations.

    well star trek used to be based on science and logic

    while star wars was a space fairy tale

    the problem with the new trek stuff is that does treat old stuff in a pretty awful way

    explaining stuff contrary to what was known before

    trying to fit in real science without even understanding real science

    and literally everything is just drama instead of the old "lets fly out there, explore stuff and have a small adventure"

    Episode 7 is a great example

    This was nothing but a terribly written soap opera. Non-sense talk throughout the entire episode interrupted by bad actors crying.

    People used information they should actually never have. e.g. Burnhams mother knew her demotion without anybody ever telling her about it. I really doubt that the federation would officially spread messages "oh just so you know we demoted burnham".

    The stuff just does not make any sense.

    I have no problem with here and there are some minor overlooked issues with the story... but in the new trek shows you get bombarded with obvious errors and stuff that simply does not make any sense.

    The biggest problem I have with such stuff is that it does not only ruin the new trek... it also tries to ruin the old star trek.

    In Episode 7 once more was claimed that Spock only became the man he was because of Burnham (a woman he actually barely knew and never ever mentioned).

    Based on Discovery Spock would be a loser without her. It is totally impossible that he became the man he was because of his own experiences throughout his life (without Burnham).

    And then there was this holo of Spock which was taken from an TNG episode and was claimed to be in Picards personal files. I assume accessing personal files of a starfleet admiral is possible to everyone. The word personal does somehow lose its meaning.

    Worse than that is that the holo was edited to fit into the context of that episode... which you could interprete as Picard faking his logs and using spy drones to record high ranked federation diplomats. Not that there is much to destroy about Picards legacy since "Star Trek Picard".

    What else was reveiled in Episode 7... oh yeah... already before the burn the federation almost ran out of dilithium.

    +100 billion stars in the galaxy, most of them with planets, asteroids etc. and the ~300 federation worlds ran out of dilithium? Makes no sense.

    It also makes no sense that the Vulcans think they are reason for the burn. Looks like they are complete idiots meanwhile.

    Because... Burnham said no the vulcans are not the reason and Burnham always is right in that show. Dont the Vulcans know that?

    Romulans and Vulcans united again on the Vulcan homeworld... cool.

    But the romulan empire was very wide spread with many colony worlds. I doubt that that would be possible.

    Star Trek online (also owned by CBS) has a problem now... since the Romulan Republic is doomed to die again.

    Oh an something I once again cant understand is how burnham knows (and asks the admiral if he knows about it) about a vulcan project which did not even exist during her past time. Once more she pulled information out of her ass which she could not have known.

    a paradox, yes

    but not impossible to happen in Star Trek.

    I dont think that the spore drive requires dilithium at all. It requires energy (in case of the discovery coming from its warp core btw) but it does not seem to matter how that energy is generated. Based on literally every explanation given in Star Trek dilitihium is nothing but a moderator inside the warp core which regulates the matter-antimatter reaction to produce the energy needed to create a warp field by the warp coils.

    By this explanation it does not even matter where the energy for the warp engines comes from. A fusion reactor big enough could do the same job as a warp core. In theory they could even charge capacitors to do short warp jumps or use more exotic stuff like red matter or a tech that utilizes the energy from an uncontrolled matter-antimatter reaction.

    The only reason why warp tech would not work correctly is that subspace was damaged/destroyed (an explanation that also was given in the first episode). The problem with that explanation is that pirates and syndicates and these delivery guys do not seem to have any problem using warp. The only logical explanation given why warp does not work for the federation, klingons etc. is totally ruined by the fact that they show how other minor factions still use warp.