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    Time for an Eidolon hunt guide.

    This wont be an easy guide nor will it be short but I will skip a bit info that in my eyes you wont need.

    I link a few videos I recorded to show how such hunts work. I think it is best to see how the stuff I describe actually works.

    Why doing Eidolon hunts?

    They allow you to collect sentient cores of higher rarity which you will need in order to improve your standings with the quills.

    That in return gives you access to better amp componentes and arcanes (very important). Arcanes can massively improve your builds without using mod slots. You can sometimes even remove specific mods from your builds and replace them with others if the arcane is able to cover the same job.

    You also will earn Eidolon shards which will help you to gain focus points and allow you to unbind certain focus abilities (which in the end means that you can combine different focus schools, at least in a limited way).

    Eidolon hunts are considered end-game activities.

    You can accept one of the two Eidolon bounties on cetus during night time.

    Cetus has a day/night cycle and if you want to do a hunt you should plan accordingly. The orbiter navigation console shows information about the cycles and the navmap on the plains of eidolon also show detailed information about the current day/night status.

    Depending on which bounty you select you should consider that such a hunt might take some time.

    The easy bounty is a Terralyst hunt where you only have to kill or capture the very first Eidolon (the Terrayst). This task can be done in just 10 minutes or less and should be your first go if you are new and interested to learn the mechanics.

    The 2nd bounty requires you to capture the Terralyst, capture the Gantulyst and kill or capture the Hydrolyst. This task is much more difficult and time consuming since not only you have to deal with 3 Eidolons... these Eidolons also get more difficult and dangerous.

    While the Terralyst only fire a few shots on the ground to deal damage and stomp his foot to knock you back the Gantulyst will also cast energy beams which do AoE and the Hydrolyst will cast lightning strikes that you have to avoid and some kind of poisonous AoE around it.

    Gantulyst and Hydrolyst are way larger than a Terralyst and therefore move faster which makes it harder to follow them in operator form.

    Kill or Capture?

    Generally you should try to capture Eidolons because the rewards will be better.

    You get bonus Exceptional Sentient Cores for a capture aswell as Flawless Sentient Cores and Brilliant Eidolon Shards.

    The difference between kill and capture is pretty easy.

    If you do not have charged Eidolon lures at the final phase of the fight you are going to kill the Eidolon.

    To capture one you need at least 2 charged lures for the Terralyst and 3 charged lures for the Gantulyst/Hydrolyst which are close to the Eidolon right before you kill it.

    You can find these lures everywhere on the map close to Grineer camps. Shoot at them... then hack them. Now they will follow you.

    To charge them you need to find Vomvalysts. Once they get close to your lures they establish a link to them. Now it is time to kill the Vomvalysts. You will notice that instead of dropping Sentient Cores the will transfer their energy into the lures.

    One lure needs 3 of these charges until it turns from yellow to blue. Only blue lures can capture Eidolons.

    So your first tasks always will be to get some lures and charge them.

    Charged lures can be damaged and killed by Vomvalysts... so you have to protect them. That won't be a big deal if you are only going for a Terralyst since Vomvalysts only do enough damage to lures if they get buffed by the Eidolon. The buff from a Terralyst is not strong enough to be a danger to your lures.

    Ok, assuming you have lures it is time to find the Eidolon.

    It can be anywhere on the map but initially spawns at the big lake and walks clockwise over the map.

    If you find it you should mark it so that all team members know where it is.

    Now it is time for you to switch to your operator form and start destroying the Eidolons shields (purple). The Eidolon can not be damaged as long these shields are up and they can only be damaged by an amp.

    Generally every amp works (as long you dont use the Mote Amp -> it sucks). Some amps are more effective than others but have disadvantages in other areas.

    Amps consist of 3 pieces. The Prism (which determines the primary fire mode), the Scaffold (secondary fire) and the Brace (which adds bonus stats).

    The Tier 7 amp (Klamora-Propa-Certus) I use in the vids is specifically effective against Eidolons but will lack the range that other game activities might require.

    You certainly wont have access to it if you are just starting doing Eidolon hunts.

    My advice for a beginner amp would be the Shwaak-Shraksun-Lohrin combination. I have used this for a long time and it works pretty good. You can rank up your standing with the quills to tier 3 by killing Vomvalysts at night and providing the sentient cores to the quills.

    Once the shield of the Eidolon is destroyed it will flash red and now you can damage the Eidolon by shooting its Synovias.

    The Synovias look a bit metallic and are located on the Eidolons shoulders and its knees. Terralysts have 4 Synovias, Gantulysts and Hydrolysts have 6 of them.

    You need to switch back to your Warframe and if possible use a hard hitting weapon with good range. Snipers work good but also kitguns like a Tombfinger will get the job done.

    When you hover your mouse over the Synovia the grey health bar of the eidolon will change color to yellow. That is a good way to find the right spot to shoot at.

    Once destroyed the Eidolon will stagger.

    IF you do not have a charged lure the Eidolon will start to disappear now and spawn at a different location on the map.

    But if you have a charged lure the Eidolon can not escape. This really saves time.

    Since you only destroyed one Synovia so far the Eidolon how will restore its shield to 50%. Time for you to switch to the operator mode again and use your amp to destroy the shield.

    When you see the red flash you can use your warframe again to destroy the 2nd Synovia.

    Same as before. The Eidolon will stagger. Your charge lures will prevent the Eidolon from escaping. Then the Eidolon will recharge his shield and you do the same process again two more times until all 4 Synovia (2x shoulders, 2x knees) are destroyed.

    The Eidolon will fall to the ground but it is not dead yet. It will call for help.

    Vomvalyst will approach and try to heal it.

    You need to kill them... and if possible charge the remaining lures. Remember, for the Terralyst you will need 2 charged lures.

    The Terralyst will stand up again. This time it will not have any shields and you can deal damage directly, anywhere on the body.

    IF you finish off the Terralyst now without having 2 charged lures the Eidolon will be considered "killed". That also means if you wanted to do the 3-Eidolon hunt (Tridolon) your bounty will fail at this point because you only get Eidolon shards if you capture them.

    With 2 charged lures the Terralyst is considered "captured" and leaves a large amount of Sentient cores of different rarities aswell as an Eidolon shard floating in the air.

    If you took the easy bounty you are done. Congratz.

    If you took the hard bounty (Tridolon) you collect the sentient cores and the shard.

    Now you move to the big lake with the (I assume) Eidolon/Sentient bones in the middle. There you can place the Eidolon shard (you can see me doing that multiple times in the vids).

    When all team members have done that a new Eidolon will spawn from the lake.

    I advice to make sure to get enough lures before placing the shard. The 2nd and 3rd Eidolon require 3 charged lures for the capture and it can be that lures get destroyed. So better collect a few lures more than you would need.

    The procedure for the Gantulyst and the Hydrolyst Eidolon is pretty much the same as with the Terralyst.

    The main differences are that these new Eidolons will attack you more frequently and deal more damage. You also need to destroy 6 Synovia (two additional ones on its back).

    - charge the lures

    - defend charged lures from Vomvalysts

    - use your amp to destroy the Eidolon shields

    - use your normal weapons to destroy the Synovia

    - repeat, repeat, repeat...

    If on the final damage phase you notice that your team does not have 3 charged lures you should try to get new lures from somewehre and get them charged asap.

    Tell your team to slow down if necessary. You can charge new lures on the final phase if required. That is possible.

    Your team in that case just needs to prevent that Vomvalysts heal the Eidolon until the 3 lures are charged. Then you can finish off the Eidolon.

    That is how Eidolon hunts work.

    General tips:

    1. Remember to collect the Sentient cores whenever you can. Always collect the floating Eidolon shards after you defeated one of the Eidolons.

    2. The unidentified item you get after defeating an Eidolon is always going to be an arcane. Every Eidolon has its own set of possible arcance drops. That means sooner or later you will have to do Tridolon hunts if you want rarer variants of Arcanes.

    3. General advice I consider highly important is to spent as much time as possible in operator form.

    When controling your operator your Warframe is invulnerable. It is the best way to prevent dying. If your operator gets killed... instantly switch back to the operator form to prevent that your warframe gets damaged. Only use your warframe to bulletjump into the range of the Eidolon (and if possible switch to your operator mid-air to avoid AoE damage) OR when the Eidolon is vulnerable and you need to use your normal weapons to destroy the Synovia.

    4. Use your operator cloak as often as possible. When you are cloaked your operator does not take damage.

    Pro tips:

    1. You might notice in my vids that very often right after I took down the shields of an Eidolon you hear that sounds which indicates that a Synovia was destroyed.

    That means a team member one-shooted the Synovia.

    You most likely wont get that done because you would need to deal insane amounts of damage. Don't worry about that. You don't need to one shot anything to do Eidolon hunts. It simply is not necessary.

    However, I will show you in the vid below how these players actually are doing it.

    As you can see my sniper rifle does ~50k damage on the grineer if I hit the heads and if it orange crits it does ~98k damage.

    The lower damages you see sometimes are because I either do not hit the head (my eidolon build for that sniper rifle has reduced accuracy -> heavy caliber mod) or because of higher distance to the target (every weapon has a damage fall off based on range).

    Just ignore the lower numbers.

    The players which one-shot Eidolons utilize the Madurai Focus school... specificially the ability "void strike".

    On max level this ability increases the total damage of your next 8 shots by 12% per second you have used Void cloak.

    So if you stay cloaked for 30 seconds it's 30x12%=360%. That means your next 8 shots fired will deal x3.6 damage. A crit hit that previosly did 98k damage would do 353k damage now.

    The scaling of that ability is to my knowledge unlimited. If players stay cloaked for minutes they will deal millions of damage with just one shot.

    That is pretty cool actually... but it also means that these players will not help you to kill vomvalysts nor will they contribute in destroying the Eidolon shields.

    You can see the damage multiplicator in the upper right corner.

    It certainly is worth to know how it works. I personally don't use that method very often because usually I have the strongest amp in the team and focus on bringing down the shields.

    2. It is very important to have high crits when playing Eidolon hunts. In the vid above you see why. Yellow damage = ~50k damage, Orage damage = ~98k damage.

    You can make sure to use weapons and mods which increase the crit chance.

    But there also is another method worth to consider. Pets.

    There are two possible methods.

    You could use a Smeetha Kavat. The Smeetha can use the charm mod which can grant a random buff to the kavat owner every 27 seconds. One of the six possible buffs is a 30 seconds increase of crit chance by 200%. This is a pretty high buff but since these buffs are random they are not reliable. You might have a totally different buff when you actually need crit chance during a damage phase on Eidolon hunts. On top of that, the Kavat might die and you have to revive it which costs time.

    An alternative is to use a sentinel instead (it does not matter which one). Important here is that you select a primary sentinal rifle (keep in mind that the deconstructor of the helios is not a primary weapon. It is a melee weapon).

    Now you can put as many mods of the Vigilante mod set onto that weapon. Fervor, Offense, Supplies and Pursuit fit onto that weapon... which would mean that you have a 20% chance to "enhance" crit hits. That means a yellow crit will be enhanced to orange, orange to red. In theory you can put the other 2 mods of that set to your warframe to increase the % to 30. Your sentinel will be pretty much useless during the Eidolon hunts in terms of killing enemies. Every pet is useless in that regard. But the buff from the vigilante set is very useful when you want to destroy the Synovia.

    When your sentinel is being destroyed you can not revive it (unlike kavat) but you do not need to worry about such details. The buff from the Vigilante set always will be active even if your sentinel is dead. It simply does not matter. Take a sentinel on the hunts... make use of the vigilante set on the sentinal weapon. Do not bring a kubrow or kavat. Especially do not bring a Kavat since the wild Vasca Kavats might attack and infect it with the virus on the Plains.

    no it isn't.

    Players join the server... players make some money... players get the good or even best ship and equipment... players leave the server after a few days or weeks because of boredom. That's the cycle lately.

    And there is absolutely nothing other than RP activities that could keep people engaged...maybe even join a clan... which in result could end in more RP or people building clan bases again or using the other features we have on the server.

    So... no, its not too easy.

    We provided everything players need... its the players turn to make use of it.

    It is totally pointless if I start developing something new that just like the the stuff before isn't used by the players.