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    Yeah, bigger and more complicated than expected.

    In the end its about 650mb (about the size of the original game)

    The server so far seems to run stable.

    Some minor issues already are fixed.

    You can patch old singleplayer savegames with a tool called "FactionPatch" located directly in your Freelancer folder.

    I will monitor this patch in the next few days before I do an official release announcement. (want to make sure everything is working)

    The storyline meanwhile is done.

    You will need about 50mins for the new mission... maybe a bit longer.

    However, I would advice to replay the first two bonus missions since the story of these missions is connected (it helps to understand how stuff fits together).

    The question if players need to start fresh singleplayer chars due to the introduction of a new faction can be answered with a careful "most likely not". Ive spent the past 7 hours writing a small tool that automatically patches old singleplayer savegames with the data that is required for the new faction to work correctly.

    All you have to do is to run that tool once.

    It will patch all singleplayer savegames. But before you complain... missions in the new systems only will work if you are using an OpenSP savegame or a savegame where you have already completed the final mission of the CF main story. Of course you can use any storyline savegame and play through the main story to unlock the missions.

    Like I said... all savegames will be patched... for the missions it just depends if any SP story content is active or not.

    What about the multiplayer?

    Well... yeah... dunno.

    The account structure is a bit different so I need to investigate a bit more how to patch this. Tomorrow I for sure will know more.

    an object has to have the hardpoints on the cmp if you want to use them in the loadouts.

    You can create a default loadout defined by the solararch or you can create custom ones called from the system.

    In case of ships its a bit different because of different settings for npcs and player ships.

    hard to tell without really knowing whats inside the mod

    most likely related to a ship (which by default require to have a HpMount) or a solar object that has a loadout which uses a HpMount (for whatever reason)

    0xa7becc0e = TLR_shield01

    search you loadouts for a TLR_shield01 that is mounted on a HpMount

    The release is getting closer and closer.

    All work on the new systems is done. Took me a bunch of days to do the detail work and get rid of a few glitches.

    But now it looks good.

    The systems as they are going to be released might even get updated with additional content later.

    The lost fleet update is going to be the foundation for a series of story driven updates in this specific region of space. This way I can introduce new content without interfering with the main story. Potential updates might involve adding more systems as part of an exploration and colonization effort. New ships, new stations, most likely a rogue faction, weapons and equipment.

    Weapons and equipment will fall a bit short with this release since I consider it pointless to introduce an isolated faction with superior weapons or alternatively introduce weapons/equipment that players do not need/want (because they are too weak). It is better to create a story at a later point explaining the development of new equipment as result of the newly created contact with other factions.

    That does not mean that the new faction is weak or does not come with new weapons worth going for. I made sure that visiting these new systems is worth it.

    As you can see above the main enemy are going to be Nomads and I altered the mission design so that the new faction offers high reward destroy and kill missions against Nomads. As explained last week the problem with the reputation remains. A completely new savegame (deleting the cfstart.fl from the savegame folder) would work. But alternatively to that I am looking into possibilities updating existing savegames with the data required. I need to run a few more tests.

    How far is the development in general?

    Well, I am currently browsing through our ticket system, trying to get as many reports fixed as possible.

    The only stuff left to do then is working on the storyline (which might take a few days) and include voice samples into the mod.

    The 2nd image above is about what size you can expect from this update.