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    nothing happens randomly without a reason


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    no, the Portal can only link to one specific server

    even if it would be possible to link to multiple servers it would require to get permissions and access data for every server

    while I agree that it would be nice to have the discord widget more visible I wouldnt want to get other stuff moved down.

    Lets face it... the dashboard requires to have the user boxes at the top because of the registration link etc.

    On the forum it most important to see what happened on the forum... not on discord. Every page has its own priorities for boxes.

    Lets discuss the new Discord Server.

    Yesterday I managed to link the Portal usergroups with the Discord server.

    The idea behind that is to give specific usergroups access to specific channels.

    This might become an interesting feature to clans where clan members automatically get access to specific discord channels.

    But we are not at that point yet.

    First we should discuss the general structure on the discord server.

    To be honest Im not sure if its a good idea to create game specific text channels to discord. Afterall we have our forum for that purpose.

    But I can imagine to create voice channels for games (where required).

    I think one main discord text channel (lobby) might be enough.

    Putting clan specific stuff aside... what else do you think would be good to have?

    Btw. to synchronize your Portal account with Discord you will have to go to your "Account management" on the "Control Panel" and scroll down to the very last point.

    There you can activate the "Discord-Synchronization".

    Once done you can in theory use your Discord Avatar here on the Forum (thats optional) and your role on the Discord server gets updated. You will notice it when your username on Discord appears in a different color.

    Ive been busy with detail work during the past days.

    A few things worth to mention.

    • There have been a few issues with the google translate widget at the bottom of the page when using mobile devices. I have adjusted the widget style to fit better on the screen and not mess up the mobile design. Also the autodetect has been disabled so there are no annoying translation messages at the top of the screen anymore.
    • By request we have a rank overview now. You can find it in the members menu.
    • By request I have added info boxes again.
    • Our gallery now is directly linked with youtube. That means if you link a video the gallery will fetch the name of the video, its description and also its preview image.
    • Today we had a few spam bots on the Portal, so I have adjusted the security settings to be more strict with bot detections (hopefully that will be enough).
    • I have installed a new cache system to the server which should improve the loading speed of all Portal pages significantly.
    • The way how the server deals with transaction logs has been changed.
      Explanation: everytime a setting (any userdata, posts, comments, likes, etc.) is written to the server database a log entry is written to the servers HDD. That could easily lead to thousands of HDD write accesses per second just for writing logs which would slow down the database performance. Now with the changes in place the server would keep the log data in memory and only write them once per second to the HDD. This will result in less frequent HDD writes and much faster database performance.
    • The Portal now make use of an image proxy function. That means if members include images from external websites in their posts, the Portal no longer will link directly to these images. The Portal will download these images and store them here for 14 days. So the images you see in the posts are actually on the SWAT server now. This prevents that other websites can fetch data from our Portal users while loading these images. After these 14 days the images will be deleted from the SWAT server. However, if members open threads which contain such images again the proxy will fetch and store these images again for another 14 days.
      This is good for the data security of the users and also gives the Portal a 100% secure rating on modern browsers.
    • A few days ago I wrote that all data that is transfered between server and users now gets encrypted. This is one of the many requirements of the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR/DSGVO) which will go into effect on May 25th. Right now I am going through these requirements step by step to ensure that the new Portal fulfills this new Privacy Policy. The use of the already mentioned image proxy also belongs to these requirements.
      Ive mentioned before that the Portal is linked with other websites and services. Youtube, Google, Facebook, Discord. All data exchanged with these services is encrypted and anonymised. Exception to the anonymisation is when the user agrees that data is shared between the services. e.g. linking the Portal username with the Discord username.

    Lots of detail work. But I think its worth doing it right now.

    We still have lots of stuff to do.

    • Wiki and Lexicon are some major to-do topics. I will jump in here to help as soon Ive the other topics covered.
    • On the old Portal we had a tour which explained the most important features to new members. I'd like to set up a Portal page which explains the different features and function of the Portal to our members.
    • Some security settings might need some fine tuning (dunno yet).
    • I did announce structural changes to the Portal. We will have to discuss them in detail. Especially the Forum structure should be less complicated.
    • The filebase currently looks a bit chaotic since we don't have that categorized view anymore. As far as I was able to find out there is a possibility to restore the original look. The plugin for that is currently rewritten and should be ready to use in 1-2 months.
    • Discord settings... i still have to do the Discord settings.
    • + probably a thousand other minor details which I current cant even imagine.

    Aside from a synchronization bot there are no other bots yet.

    Ive just set up a basic channel - nothing more.

    I am not very used to Discord (Ive only recently installed because I needed help with something).

    Whatever Discord channels, bots, etc. we might need will be set up. I just need feedback from the community about what is needed.