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    just curious: Why bother about some folks, that believe earth is flat. Why even waste resources to clear the facts.Its not. Period. Or do you explain students why 2 x 2 = 4 is?

    Nightfalls usually are a bit harder than heroic strikes. They have 5 minutes less time to complete and here and there are enemies that bear more and can deal more damage. Especially the time factor makes it harder. If you dont have 5 or 6 minutes left in normal strikes you barely will be able to do the nightfall strikes. If you decice to join a nightfall then you could be sure that you will get players know how to do it - more or less. Nonetheless communication really can help here.

    Yes you are right. I like the nightfall strikes as they are more challenging. However also true that you have to have a good team to succeed. Especially the last one (Pyramidion) is he one i like most, where you can throw granades very fast and your super power loads faster, so that you can use it quite often during one run. If that NF strike is active i prefer to use a Titan with Impulse granade and dual granades (Striker as far as i know - upper right part in the skill tree). With that you can instantly throw granades - with very minimal pause time.

    Another mode is where you have to find oracles that you have to shoot to gain some bonus time, or another one is to shoot normal enemies to gain little time bonus. But once you have a good team - try to stay with them and play those strikes. BUT you dont really get better loot - so sometimes its not really worth to run them. Except you should finish it just once to have game progress (trophy and banner as far as i remember).

    The normal strikes are relativ easy compared to that. There are a few maps which really are easy and some are just a pain in the ass, because you have to "run" long ways.
    Unfortunate i could invite you to our clan - but we couldnt play together as we're a PS4 clan and PC and PS4 players cant play together, same as XBOX ones cant play with PS4's together.

    Next week starts the Iron Banner matches, PVP team plays that usually can be finished - even if you're not that good at PVP. I like the amory that you can loot - some really looks nice. So worth to play. Normally you just have to play a few matches to get through. And you can continue to play to get more chances to get all that iron banner loot.

    It is planned to increase the storage capicity with one of the next DLCs. I usually get rid of the normal loot even legendary items as far as i dont play with them (hand guns, snipers, etc).
    You have 3 chars with 10 slots for each category + vault. Right now enough if you just can delete some useless stuff :D

    Not possible. There are no Exo sets. You can only wear one exo weapon and one exo armor. There are sets avaibable. Some of them look good some not ;)

    America first - if there just would be a border around it thus they can do whatever they want to doom themselves.... But actually what they do also has consequences elsewhere (oil, net neutrality, air pollution). But hey lets not turn this into an anti-America thread.

    Automatic rifles and pistols are typically used in PVP matches, but for my feeling, there are a lot of pros inside which makes it hard to win, especially on PC where aiming is a lot easier. There are the "Trials of Osiris" or The "Trials of Nine (as it is called now)" which are only available during the weekend, which is more or less a 4 vs 4 combat. Makes fun but requires a good team to win anything.

    Titans can be really a help, they can abide more damage as every other class - and with their two grenades, they can be of help in every tricky situation. I love the Titan too, but my main char is a Warlock. Warlocks are good at healing and for distant attacks, while Titans rush into the battle. Hunters are fast and agile and sometimes a pain in the ass :)

    Destiny 2 could be better, especially the story part. But the fun factors are the events and the strikes and rais, where you need to group up to get through. On prestige, they are even challenging.

    What i can recommend is using an app called Ishtar Commander to switch stuff between your chars, because that also works without using the treasure in the tower. And typically this tool offers to equip your char with those items to give you the max power level possible. This can be useful if you finish the weekly missions and get the rewards from Harthrown, Ikora, Zavalla or Cayde. For crystalls, this is irrelevant as with D2 the item level is already fixed, while in D1 this was dependent on your power (at that time light) level.

    I can recommend the strikes and the nightfall strikes, you group up with 3 peoples and finish that with better chances for equipment or weapons.

    The story is designed in a way where Gary (ahm no Ghaul) attacks the earth and the traveler and by the end of the first mission the light of the Guardians. You're directly thrown into the battle - but you will learn about the power and the light of the Guardians a bit while advancing your character. The story itself is very thin and the Gary is just a fly - not really a final boss - considering that you can use your power moves a few times while beating him. But cutscenes and videos are pretty well - also the effects are better than in Destiny 1.

    After the campaign, there are adventures that also advance the story. Play those to learn more. In Destiny 1 there were Grimoire cards which explained a lot of stuff. They have removed this in Destiny 2 - to the dissatisfaction of the community.

    However after the players are through the story they may still game to build up their characters, to learn the other power skills (void, fire and arcus). They can take part in the Raids as well as Strikes or PVP events. Still, a lot to grind and play together. The Raids and Strikes, however, are team events, which can contribute a lot of fun and require team coordination. Destiny grows with the DLCs and we had Curse of Osiris in December already and a new Gods of Mars is already in the queue.

    Summer update is now also server sided activated. Much luck and fun with your updates.

    One thing you need to know so far:
    After the updates have been applied to your BS you will be kicked from the server. This is required to sync your character again otherwise the updates will not work directly. I try to work on a different solution - until this is done this kicking stays in. Its normal and you're informed about it. After landing and applying the parts you have 10 seconds. You need to relog to the server then.