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    30 fps is just fine and as it would be fixed for everyone on console there is no advantage for players using higher fps rates :)

    Less cheating^^ Although there are other options to cheat :(

    btw. Console or PC version?

    How was the performance for you?

    The console version - i rarely play on PC any more (already sitting entire day in front of a PC :))

    The PS sounded like having the vacuum cleaner activated on max power - aside from this there was just the normal game lack, which they described and are working on (rubber banding, NPCs disappearing, etc.)

    As you said, buying stuff keeps the staff paid and the server running...There have to be supporters and as soon you can get all that gear by playing or just have an outfit that just changes style than i support this kind of financing.

    Years ago - now i am too old to follow this hectic game any longer and well hit the opponent in time :D :D :D

    Actually all this flying and jumping and wall climbing destroyed the COD fun.

    Well I tried the Anthem VIP and public demo already too. The VIP demo had a lame bug that caused the players to join any activity - as far as i have read numerous players were affected and in most cases the PS players hung in the loading screen. The workaround to close the application and then restart and joining your previous session worked so far, but yeah not a nice feeling. But they solved this nasty bug for the public demo the last weekend.

    I had the opportunity to test 3 of the 4 available Javelins; the Storm, Interceptor and Ranger. Haven't tried the Colossus.

    The Strom Javelin is a bit like the Warlord in Destiny, the Interceptor gets close the Hunter in Destiny and the Ranger is a mix of both - there is not a real comparison as character in Destiny. The Colossus is like the Titan. Apart from the nasty bug i really enjoyed this new game. The graphic was quite OK - surely not what you expect on an game fair. The sound and the feeling is really good, when you control your Javelin through the map. The feedback is also good that you get, so flying around is really easy to learn - aside from this the most have the capability with long jumps and a bit of floating. I pre-ordered the game already in December (my own xMas gift :)).

    The Stronghold is the community hub - like the Tower in Destiny. But steering around is really something they have to improve - although it must not feel the same in Destiny - but its way too slow and i feel its relative big. A lot of rooms were locked or seemed to be locked. I have no idea if they will be released for the final release. The available strike was really funny and challenging - i tried it several times in hard mode and yeah provided a lot of fun. What i didnt like is the fact that whenever you're shot down and your Javelin was destroyed you had to wait until a team mate did repair you. You had no chance to switch to their view seeing them in action. I believe that is something they will change in the final game - cause if there is really action ongoing it could last a few minutes till they can safely approach and repairing your Javelin. I also felt the grouping a little bit too complicated, inviting team mates and start action. Would love to do that on the map or having better and faster options to do that. I believe this function is entirely reworked in the final game, cant imagine this stays the way it was. Yeah the final boss was like a big bug/spider and took some rounds to beat it up - not too complicated at all - there was the middle "room" which was way more challenging as there you had enemies nearly everywhere around you + snipers with deadly hit capability.

    Anyway now i have to wait for the final release. Not everything was good in the demo - but hey it was a demo. I am looking forward for a good game that offers some hours of game play aside to Destiny.

    PS: As far as i know they dont want to have micro transactions in the game - and actually everyone should be able to get the gear by playing - although they surely will offer possibilities to buy stuff. They just have to balance that when buying in game gear this is no advantage to other players and mostly remains style and look of the Javelin and not power and performance gear. Well - we will see.

    could be an access right problem or you are starting from desktop and havent set the work path to be the freelancer folder. Something along this way, thus the updater cannot read the update :)

    Hm - for me thats way away from reality. If you land or crash on a planet, how are you supposed to survive not knowing what you can eat, how plants are grown and if plants on the planet might be poison or not. Also how are you supposed to build a shelter - alone. This might only work if you have bots doing this for you and you have technology and enough power to let them do the work. One men alone would not be able to survive under normal circumstances long enough to learn and dont make vital mistakes again and again. There has to be a certain population to withstand that. So better IMHO would be to plan such a genisis project. Have a team that lands on a yet unexplored planet to build a base. Maybe even team mates to switch roles while as long as you dont have the control over others those operate alone (KI like) :)

    Dont find the idea wise to land or even crash on an unknown planet and survive *rollseye*

    But yeah MP interaction comes in the following chapters^^

    Again i dont find it worth playing to build an own shelter for everyone. It would make more sense to find each other and then start to building a base for all together. Everyone with its own special skill he/she could contribute - and yeah its also wise to have cooks to raise the moral^^. So the first idea would be i have my crashed ship and use the remaining scrap to build a com array for reaching other stranded players of the same community. The movie Lost in Space had this part and i think thats more realistic. But finding each other should not take weeks - players would be very fast frustrated - imo.

    As for the rest i thinks thats feasible and could be interesting to act together to build a shelter, a better com array to broadcast to space and try to get contact to others. While it would also be important to ensure the community can survive on that planet and learn about the vulnerabilities to the community. But that can only work if there are resources to get all this build. So the community should have it. I cant believe a high society educated population knows how to drill holes into a planets surface and dig for resources to refine them to high quality products and so on and so forth.

    ... to be continued...

    PS: As to this part is a bit like sim city - dunno if thats a good choice to start a game with. At least i could imagine that too much solo gaming could become boring nowadays - at least to such a big project - survive on an unknown planet. I am also up to learn the environment and survive - but with something not after crashing onto a planets surface.

    its not a good idea to exchange the kernelbase.dll file. Its is integral part of windows and only changing of this dll might bring other problems.