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    could be an access right problem or you are starting from desktop and havent set the work path to be the freelancer folder. Something along this way, thus the updater cannot read the update :)

    Hm - for me thats way away from reality. If you land or crash on a planet, how are you supposed to survive not knowing what you can eat, how plants are grown and if plants on the planet might be poison or not. Also how are you supposed to build a shelter - alone. This might only work if you have bots doing this for you and you have technology and enough power to let them do the work. One men alone would not be able to survive under normal circumstances long enough to learn and dont make vital mistakes again and again. There has to be a certain population to withstand that. So better IMHO would be to plan such a genisis project. Have a team that lands on a yet unexplored planet to build a base. Maybe even team mates to switch roles while as long as you dont have the control over others those operate alone (KI like) :)

    Dont find the idea wise to land or even crash on an unknown planet and survive *rollseye*

    But yeah MP interaction comes in the following chapters^^

    Again i dont find it worth playing to build an own shelter for everyone. It would make more sense to find each other and then start to building a base for all together. Everyone with its own special skill he/she could contribute - and yeah its also wise to have cooks to raise the moral^^. So the first idea would be i have my crashed ship and use the remaining scrap to build a com array for reaching other stranded players of the same community. The movie Lost in Space had this part and i think thats more realistic. But finding each other should not take weeks - players would be very fast frustrated - imo.

    As for the rest i thinks thats feasible and could be interesting to act together to build a shelter, a better com array to broadcast to space and try to get contact to others. While it would also be important to ensure the community can survive on that planet and learn about the vulnerabilities to the community. But that can only work if there are resources to get all this build. So the community should have it. I cant believe a high society educated population knows how to drill holes into a planets surface and dig for resources to refine them to high quality products and so on and so forth.

    ... to be continued...

    PS: As to this part is a bit like sim city - dunno if thats a good choice to start a game with. At least i could imagine that too much solo gaming could become boring nowadays - at least to such a big project - survive on an unknown planet. I am also up to learn the environment and survive - but with something not after crashing onto a planets surface.

    its not a good idea to exchange the kernelbase.dll file. Its is integral part of windows and only changing of this dll might bring other problems.

    I love the new Gambit mode too - but its not the game and invading that turns the tide - its the weapons that the invaders use. There have been times - its meanwhile a little better - that every one of the team has had the sleeper simulant (a linear fusion rifle (looks a bit like a laser weapon) with excellent aim assist - usually a one shot kill rifle). I still freak out if your opponent does not hit you, but then in the same moment you are instantly killed nonetheless.

    And you need to have teams that split itself in one part that supports killing the enemies (pvp and pve) but dont collect the motes, and the other one focusing on collecting the items. 1 player that has some PvP skills (or the sleeper simulant :)) who invades the other team's arena, Also spare the super for summoned primeval if you have a damage buf of 5 or bigger.

    As for the forsaken story, yah - you said it. It is boring, especially the part with killing the barons - not really a challenge and always the same structure. However the new DLC perfectly fits into Destiny as it proceeds with the story - it fills the puzzle. Players learn something about Mara and her beloved brother Uldren - what has happened to them. Which brings me to the dreaming city. There they did really an excellent job. It looks fantastic, the new challenges and the adventures tell the story, you can visit Mara now and then, a kind of hidden world (Shattered Throne); a little mini Raid to get an exo bow (which with you can destroy special "awoken" eggs) - simply said only this map keeps you busy for weeks - which you also require - due to the looping curse :)

    I followed the new quest line and have gotten the 3rd seed of light to complete my focuses now. Yeah. I have seen the queen - Mara Sov. The dreaming tower map looks really amazing and gloomy. The awaken missions that you only can enter if you have taken the tincture are really nice and challening.

    Havent done the raid yet, as our clan has somewhat slow progress - but looking forward to do it this or next weekend.

    My tow main chars are somewhat near lvl 550. The 3rd char still hasnt seen anything from forsaken yet.

    All in all a very good DLC in my eyes, just looking over the minor bugs here and there.

    Great, just have beaten level 2 of blind well. With some luck you get the sow of light to advance another focus.

    The new raid has been finished in over 18 hours. Crazy how players are addicted to this game. And by defeating it the team has releaseed further content for all other players. Will see tomorrow what it is.

    Prime engramms are better than thosemof heroic strikes or other missions. Exo engrams drop very seldom which is good. The dreaming city offers just more bountiees to solve on daily or weekly basis as well more stuff to explore. There is also a team event calledblind source where you can get additional item (seed of light) to release a second focus. Makes fun and is also challenging.

    The year 2 is realy good. A lot to explore and you need to do something to advance your chars. Except that the new story with the barons is not so satisfying, imo. I like the new dlc and i am loking forward to do the new raid which seems to be similar challenging as Oryx from destiny 1 was.

    isnt plasma a bit danger as its enormous hot gas? I mean with force fields - magnetism. We could generate such strong magnetic fields already nowadays, imbed a very got gas in it could be dangerous also radiation wise - i would just go with magnetic fields for a start :)

    I was also thinking if a generator propelled by the solar wind could be used to generate energy - probably not enough for a space station, but it would be also a constant energy source (as far as the star is living :))