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    Weil du keine Clan-Base bauen darfst. Es ist nur den Leuten erklärt, für die das freigeschaltet ist :)

    Pff, einfach so das gravitatorische Gleichgewicht durcheinander bringen - klar wird man dafür bestraft^^

    Der Ban beruht sicherlich auf einer anderen Sache. Müssten wir warten, was OP dazu in den Logs hat. Sofern dort nichts Ban-würdiges enthalten ist, wirst du sicherlich auch schnell wieder Zutritt zum Server bekommen.

    Nice review!

    Well I have the game for PC and PS4 and must say the PS4 version just offers some more content (PVP maps and some exclusive missions afaik). But in the end the principals are the same. What really annoys me are the weekly events - because all of a sudden with level 385 they are all very easy. And with a good team - well easy going^^

    The Sniper from the weekly event (whisper of wyrm) has some nice perks and if you do 3 critical hits it returns ammo back. Really nice feature. I very much like the idea to get it. I like the jumping part and the riddle to get it as well as beating the 4 rooms of enemies and the 3 final (big) bosses to get it. Doing this all over again for mastering the weapons is ahm - time consuming, finding the treasures and do that stuff a few times again and again. As far as i know after you found all the things and have completed this 3 weeks in a row you will get the ship.

    Both the sniper rifle and the ship are content from Destiny 1 - there this rifle had to be taken similarly. Running and jumping fast to get through an open gate and then 3 rooms of enemies with a final room that really was hard to take. Ahm - also there you had to finish all that in under 20 minutes. So the mechanics are similar now - but thats what people are looking for (at least you and me :))

    The Raids:

    Well even those follow a story - all 3 raids. Although i admit that the Calus part missions are not so well designed - but still offer high rewards. Thus they are good to level up. The team however should know the mechanics and what it requires to fnish. With a good run - you beat Calus with just one wave. Same goes for Argos (well I never did him in 1 wave - but 3 ;)). I started with Spire of Stars (3rd raid) but never finished it. Our clan is demotivated to run it - but it has also very good jumping parts and riddles to solve for the team. But the end-phase can become really hectic and chaotic and requires a good and well coordinated team.

    Escalation Protocol:

    You said it - the grouping of players here is the key element. And people spend a good amount of time to group together. This is not so well programmed - and should be redesigned. You cant beat it with 3 players in a fire team. 5 could do it, Better are 9. The way you described is the best to find each other and invite others to the fire team. Often we asked other players in that area if they could carry some of the clan mates thus we can meet and do the escalation so far. I like the armor and weapons and I also like this part of team action.

    I cant imagine that the way how players here can meet was what Bungie had in mind. That makes no sense for offering community features.


    A lot of players complain the price policy bungie has. But well its not cheap but i also am busy playing it and trying to get through the more difficult parts (like never finished a prestige raid). However you need a team (clan mates) to do the most stuff, and that keeps players busy and enjoying the game - although they could do that part better - it should be easier to meet. I already ordered Forsaken deluxe edition which includes the next few DLCs - well that shall i say - i like the game :)

    BTW: If someone wants to start a raid or needs fire support - leave me a message. I know nearly all game parts and am not that bad getting through strikes, raids, pvp, missions and quests.

    ah well i am here :) but not everytime^^

    I would need to check the code, probably once the base has level 9 it is not possible to reset to level 8, this has to be done manually in the base file on the server.

    what speaks against just rebuilding that module? Once deleted modules cannot be brought back easily. Just by replacing the base with an older (from the backup) version.

    If Germany is doing wrong and not obeying rules feel free to go to EU court (Spain) and seek for justice. Spain would have the same right to do with every prisioner as far as the law and regulations allow it. Make use of it, but dont blame us if your country does not use what they can use.

    Our law btw does not distinguish about being German or of any other nation, people are equal when they are at court. And i dont think its different in Spain. And if then i really would be worried about your justice system. Our laws are not above any other. The justice is just fair and without emotion. Your statements are full of emotions which have nothing to do with rationallity. Justice is based on facts. I would leave the judgement over Puidgemont to the professionals and not your or our personal feeling about it.

    Often it helps to switch roles to see also the other perspective. As much as I can understand that a lot of people want to see him punished, the decisions whether he can be punished or not are matter of facts and if all that is brought up is in his guilty. And if not then he cannot be punished for something he is not guilty for - and that btw is part of our national law. That is why we cant extradite people to countries where they are killed by their national law, that would make our lawyers guilty.

    Just wrong. You believe you're right - but there are laws that decide about right and wrong. What supreme court do you mean - the Spain one or the German one? As far as I know this case wasn't yet in the EU court. Take it to the EU court - let they decide. Until the case isn't there, he is in the charge of our courts and protected by our laws. I means thats the principal of being in one community - called EU. Otherwise someone could be hunter over different nations just because someone (Spain) feels the person it is looking for doesn't get the penalisation it deservers. That would be stupid.

    What we have to win? Well there are human rights and national laws - every human being is actually protected by these laws. I think its better to obey laws instead to ignore them. There is more to loose if we didnt follow these rules.

    Again, its not your interest and not your decision - also it actually doesn't matter what the majority thinks its right. Being right or not is the hands of the courts. Your example with the terrorists just lacks rationality. And I am pretty sure we Germans would be fine if you deal with him, because majority trusts in the courts decision (imho).

    If you feel there is so much wrong feel free to move to another community and be more happy there. I am happy to live in the EU. There are many difficulties every nation has to work on - and the community has to work on.

    You mix up things to fit into your world. But it isnt right.

    Spain would have every right to prove extradition of persons to Germany. If they don't do it (which I strongly believe they do prove), then it is up to them. But actually the law tells them to prove before they extradite to any other country. So we dont extradite him due to treason but our law finds legal actions against him for embezzlements and corruption justified why we still prove to extradite him to Spain. Result yet unknown but could be certain that we will follow the extradition request to Spain.

    There is a good reason why justice is in the hands of the judiciary powers and not in yours or mine or anyone else who feels to be right or wrong :=) And i am happy that it is this way. Works like a charm if everyone would obey.

    I am fine with fines of big technology companies. And its not that you Michael cannot switch search engines or try to access other stores - its about that there plenty other normal users who dont know how this works - and i believe those numbers are much greater than those who know how all this works.

    Also somehow these big tech companies needs to get involved into the communities - that is also bearing the financial costs to keep communities running. I mean they pay "most of" their taxes in the US and not in Europe (some just pay nearly nothing here) - but they use the infrastructure others have or had to build and pay and they make huge profits dealing with personal data which dont return to the public. This money can be used to invest in infrastructure or other culture stuff, the big companies dont do or avoid by shifting profits out of the reach of EU.