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    Error Copy [E..46]

    • Cannot create the Crossfire game execution directory
    • Source path is not available
    • Files cannot be copied

    Error assigning game options [E...6E]

    • Cannot copy the selected game options for either multi player or single player game and low or high res settings

    Error creating game directory [E...76]

    • Cannot create the game file freelancer.exe

    Missing Freelancer.exe file [E...84]

    • While starting the game the freelancer.exe cannot be found

    Crossfire cannot be started [E...A8]

    • The game could not be started or found to be a process in at least 5 seconds

    Crossfire Crash Exit - CODE xxx [E...D3]

    • The code is the exit code of the freelancer.exe game. This can be specific and depends on why the game did exit. Reasons can be numerous.

    File change detected. Crossfire closed. [E...193]

    • One of the watched files has been modified, renamed or removed from disk - to avoid damages to the multiplayer experience the game will be closed.

    Directory change detected - [nn] suspicious file(s) removed [E...19F]

    • One of the watched directories has been modified (e.g., when a file is added, modified or deleted) or removed from disk. [nn] = The number of suspicious files removed

    Update Server Not Available [E...AA]

    • Connecting update server timed out after 30 seconds.

    Update Server Timeout [E...AD]

    • Cant read update source or server does not respond within 30 seconds.

    Error Update Server [E...B0]

    • Wrong or missing answer from server.

    Error Launcher Update [E...1AC]

    • The launcher cannot start or reach the LauncherUpdater.exe

    Found on another forum that reinstalling the graphic driver solved some issues regarding kernelbase.dll. I dont think the launcher-ini could cause such effects - except the update wouldnt work due to wrong settings...

    As you can see in the mission review screen below, the balancing between the different player levels works pretty well in Anthem.

    I like that I can keep up with a player that is 12 levels above me and even achieve better scores if I play just good enough.

    Interesting also is that you have a personal score, which in the match I played here was 2400 (which was 200 better than the 2nd best) but on top you get an alliance score which is a teamscore which can even out large gaps between players. This way even new players that dont perform that good yet can catch up with more experienced players. (and when I talk about score I of course mean XP... but in the end thats pretty much the same)

    Yeah, you get more or the same points and actually the group is very often good balanced. But actually the better levelled players deal a lot more damage to enemies due to their better performed Javelins.

    30 fps is just fine and as it would be fixed for everyone on console there is no advantage for players using higher fps rates :)

    Less cheating^^ Although there are other options to cheat :(

    btw. Console or PC version?

    How was the performance for you?

    The console version - i rarely play on PC any more (already sitting entire day in front of a PC :))

    The PS sounded like having the vacuum cleaner activated on max power - aside from this there was just the normal game lack, which they described and are working on (rubber banding, NPCs disappearing, etc.)

    As you said, buying stuff keeps the staff paid and the server running...There have to be supporters and as soon you can get all that gear by playing or just have an outfit that just changes style than i support this kind of financing.

    Years ago - now i am too old to follow this hectic game any longer and well hit the opponent in time :D :D :D

    Actually all this flying and jumping and wall climbing destroyed the COD fun.

    Well I tried the Anthem VIP and public demo already too. The VIP demo had a lame bug that caused the players to join any activity - as far as i have read numerous players were affected and in most cases the PS players hung in the loading screen. The workaround to close the application and then restart and joining your previous session worked so far, but yeah not a nice feeling. But they solved this nasty bug for the public demo the last weekend.

    I had the opportunity to test 3 of the 4 available Javelins; the Storm, Interceptor and Ranger. Haven't tried the Colossus.

    The Strom Javelin is a bit like the Warlord in Destiny, the Interceptor gets close the Hunter in Destiny and the Ranger is a mix of both - there is not a real comparison as character in Destiny. The Colossus is like the Titan. Apart from the nasty bug i really enjoyed this new game. The graphic was quite OK - surely not what you expect on an game fair. The sound and the feeling is really good, when you control your Javelin through the map. The feedback is also good that you get, so flying around is really easy to learn - aside from this the most have the capability with long jumps and a bit of floating. I pre-ordered the game already in December (my own xMas gift :)).

    The Stronghold is the community hub - like the Tower in Destiny. But steering around is really something they have to improve - although it must not feel the same in Destiny - but its way too slow and i feel its relative big. A lot of rooms were locked or seemed to be locked. I have no idea if they will be released for the final release. The available strike was really funny and challenging - i tried it several times in hard mode and yeah provided a lot of fun. What i didnt like is the fact that whenever you're shot down and your Javelin was destroyed you had to wait until a team mate did repair you. You had no chance to switch to their view seeing them in action. I believe that is something they will change in the final game - cause if there is really action ongoing it could last a few minutes till they can safely approach and repairing your Javelin. I also felt the grouping a little bit too complicated, inviting team mates and start action. Would love to do that on the map or having better and faster options to do that. I believe this function is entirely reworked in the final game, cant imagine this stays the way it was. Yeah the final boss was like a big bug/spider and took some rounds to beat it up - not too complicated at all - there was the middle "room" which was way more challenging as there you had enemies nearly everywhere around you + snipers with deadly hit capability.

    Anyway now i have to wait for the final release. Not everything was good in the demo - but hey it was a demo. I am looking forward for a good game that offers some hours of game play aside to Destiny.

    PS: As far as i know they dont want to have micro transactions in the game - and actually everyone should be able to get the gear by playing - although they surely will offer possibilities to buy stuff. They just have to balance that when buying in game gear this is no advantage to other players and mostly remains style and look of the Javelin and not power and performance gear. Well - we will see.