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    The first trophies are from March 2015, so quite awhile back already. As far as I remember in the early beginning of the game. I even don't remember about junctions were there in place - but don't nail me down to it 😉

    Um, doesn't Ceres lead to Jupiter and not Uranus?

    Yes, and the junction to Jupiter is not unlocked yet. But i still was on Saturn - no idea why - and there i unlocked the Uranus junction.

    Dont ask me why i could be on a planet already (also doing missions there) without an open junction.

    Today i should get my first dog :)

    And yesterday i managed to get to Ceres and released the Uranus junction...

    Shortly had the luck being with more advanced players in a defense missions and kill missions to make some progress very fast. Often they seem to rush towards the main target ignoring all the enemies. Makes not that much fun, but ok for leveling i guess.

    OT: Do you actually have a personal assistant writing that many text or how do you manage to find time writing all that? 🙃😉

    c0000005 means that invalid memory has been tried to access. As stated in the thread Launcher Error Codes this can have numerous different reasons. It could help if you try to look into your windows event logs (application) and try to figure out what exactly has crashed here. Not so sure if we can help to resolve it, but it could point us/you into a direction what module actually is causing this havoc.

    Why cant anyone bring him to court for killing life of Americans. That's what he did - reacting way too late on the corona crisis. Now there will be a lot of Americans paying this price. And the really fascinating thing, his survey values are getting better - I simply dont get that - or the survey is just wrong, falsified by whomever...

    Just to avoid some misunderstanding:


    Pirate Syndicate License

    Mounting this license and your character becomes a pirate. You make your money through taxation (extortion) of other characters. You offer the character the alternative of either paying tax or being destroyed. Pirates can tax, via the "/tax" command (see below), anybody and everybody (except characters under 40th level): police, mercenaries, smugglers, freelancers and other pirates. If they refuse to pay, then the pirate may open fire and attempt to destroy them. A refusal may be in the form of word or action (running, opening fire or not responding within a reasonable time). Pirates are allowed to shoot at their targets (max. until shields are down) before they are going to issue any tax requests. When is tax paid or evaded (both cases are announced with automatically generated message to the pirate and his target), the taxing pirate may not tax (or chase and attack, because tax was successfully avoided) the same character again within a 1 hour limit.

    Police licensed players are the natural enemy of pirates and as such pirates may open fire on Police Officers anytime at will and without warning (except in out-of-role-play-systems like Arena). All other players must have refused to pay tax before they can be engaged.

    A pirate surely can shoot any player without a warning - except he may not destroy it without issuing a tax after shields are depleted. The tax command is a supportive command to help the pirates to get players involved into their RP. Same applies for police.


    You lucky one. Sitting here paying for 16 MBit and just having 12, very seldom 16...

    That's also some kind of role play - I belong to the poor people - in terms of internet speed

    • 6) When you're driving a Capital Ship (either that be a train or a Battleship), when it hits a rock it'd be best NOT to do a 360 degree turn, but just "move-aside" -> a little optimization

      6. This is tricky. The FL engine is very hard to handle. If you have good fighter gameplay usually battleship due to their size and mass sucks. You can get around with it by reducing the mass but then they fly more light fighter ships. To find a working balance is really really hard.

      I can try to take a look into this issue but I can not promise that I can come up with something that would be an improvement.

      • The hook has a spin protection mechanism when setup. But as far as i can see asteroids usually wont be considered. I am even not sure if it works as its intended. Although i roughly remember that it had an effect when a player was hitting a BS. Maybe some more experimenting with it could help to understand the algorithm :/
    • 1. Alternative starting locations are in theory possible. That however is something Huor needs to include server side.

      • Um, yeah. So we span a new player in the middle of no-where with a starflier just because we want to have rotating starting points= Or how is that supposed to work? Or do you mean after you logged out from New York and you login the next day or just the next time you appear at a random set of possible stations - so maybe in Nephele? I am open for ideas how this can work.
    • 3. FTL... ok. And what would happen to RP when people teleport out of critical situations?

      What happens to trading when people teleport from one base to another?

      Teleporting to Arena might be an option... yes. But only during events and I have no idea who to make that possible atm. Huor might have an idea... dunno.

      Another question would be how stable such an FTL would be. I know that teleportation commands in the past have lead to crashes. There certainly are ways to prevent that meanwhile but I am not really sure about the current state.

      • This could become a player command which is generally available. The generality however can be limited depending on special items - similar to the cloaking. At least i could imagine this and depending on the distance the charging could take longer or we take a price (money) which is automatically taken from the player. In general this could be possible - the beam command which the admins can use work similar just without any game play mechanism :D
    • 1. an automatic application of licenses would be nice... I just dont know how to trigger it.

      We also would need to have a way to prevent that players easily can change licenses and avoid RP this way.

      This is pure theory right now but I could turn licenses into internal components so players can no longer unmount them. The question is how players are supposed to choose their role and how to prevent them from simply buying a different license on the fly.

      If smugglers get +50% profit from normal trades then people would most certainly avoid Trader RP completely (in my eyes not a good idea) and generally I have no idea how to increase profit for just one faction. As stated before it might be possible to reset reputations using on ever launch if a license is equipmented (dunno atm).

      Technical problem with the different price stuctures is the fact that the prices for the clients HAVE TO match the prices on the server. IF its not the case then the player gets banned. So having different price structures depending on what RP a player has (even if I would know how to do it) would instantly lead to a server ban.

      • For my understanding that could be applied only to smugglers. When BMGs would be general available to everyone then as soon as a player has them bought or illegally tractored in or traded them in space a player could automatically get become a smuggler - this would make it necessary that the ships keep one item (internal eventually) free to use for it. But I am not sure if the effort to realize it is higher than the benefit it could bring. I dont have any idea how a pirate or police or trader or merc license could be applied automatically. Somehow this would turn our current license mechanism out of order and concepts needs to be evaluated.
      • Forlon has some good starting points for the discussion. Bonus rewards are possible to calc server sided.
      • I am not sure if its possible to determine serverside if a player is in a hostile area to have an effect of damage it takes and can deliver.
      • Dont get me wrong - i am not against it. But this is something bigger than just a few side notes here.
    • 4)When exploring you can have map explore in all your chars. You are same person no matter you fly with BS, fighter or train you are the pilot.

      • Hm... :/ Eventually this could be possible when reading the char file: just have to read all account char files and make the visit section globally (somehow). Could be done with server sided hooking.
    • As for "people not wanting to download the huge-sized mod", can we compress it even further? They are able to compress huge BluRay movies into 2-3GBs (with the new x265/HEVC codec), isn't there anything related to modding?

      • Video compression codecs usually don't are good with file compressions. They analyze how much for each frame changes and only compress the none changing part very good. The mod should already be compressed with highest possible compressions. Anyway the idea of the updates provided by the launcher was that only changed files needs to be downloaded. I am not sure how much this would be when we increase the version every now and then, at least there are a lot of files affected (also due to server sided comparison and anti cheat detection). Maybe i find a better concept of doing the download and increase its speed.

    All in all there are some good ideas - i would prefer opening special threads for it as then its easier to contribute to one special topic and not mix everything in very long posts.

    I remember Picard, Troy, Number 1, Seven of Nine, Data is also mentioned here and there. There are Borgs, Romulans - havent seen Klingons yet.

    Is there more to know? :D :D :D

    You're getting older and maybe don't remember names well enough anymore :)

    And you seem to ignore the fact that when they want to introduce characters in a movie so everyone can remember them then this would probably exceed the restriction of an episode - and you have to plan for a long-term series - which probably lacks financial support (too risky in times where people dont spend too much money and/or time watching just one particular movie/series)

    Probably because he became older... And as far as i understood he didnt want to show his fear of the Borg, but internally he always feared them with bad feelings when they appear here and there in his life. And if he wouldnt fear the Borg then he wouldnt have run revenges against them.

    I also havent yet understand the idea of the authors for this romulan boy. I think he will play an important role somewhen in the near future. Maybe he remains on the cube and will trigger some events... I dont think they will capture him for their needs.

    At least the story now became a little bit more interesting and more old friends appeared :) I wouldnt wonder if they somehow meet Data again :)

    yeah but only with electric bolts between the base structure and the debris - otherwise in normal space they should flow away and after a few years be miles away from the gate itself :)

    "The Spore destroys a different world everytime it is used, lets stop using it."

    2 episodes later: "lets use the spore drive again".


    Isnt that common sense? We know that using technology destroys the environment but unless other better ways are found, we knowingly tend to use it.

    Nobody knows why the enterprise all of a sudden was able to launch hundreds of shuttles

    Didnt the Odyssey (or how it was called) in the STO game had that feature too? It launched some little drones that kept it protected. At least that scene remembered me on that game :)

    BZW I found season 1 also better than season 2, although season 2 had more eye candy stuff :)

    From what I could see the new one doesnt look any better or has anything better than we currently need at the moment. The only thing i find nice is that board now can have board-images - something like this could it make a little more attractive. But on the other hand most users would use the forum or thread view and wouldnt put that much attention to it.

    I also played the game on PS4 and I'm through the story. I think that the game itself is very successful and looks graphically very reasonable - even if it better graphics would have been possible (even if I am lagging behind the PC in terms of performance :))

    Well, I was surprised that the story sometimes takes a long time when you fight your way through the map on the few planets and also trying to discover a few things and find secrets (which makes sense for the PS, because there are trophies to gain).

    BD-1 is a small, funny and useful companion in the game. Would probably make no sense in the form in the feature films, since I can imagine that the person would be very handicapped in the movement if he is constantly dancing on its shoulder. The "forging" of the swords and putting together the different sword handles is nice accessories but somehow has no use at all. The function and use of the light stick and the separate two swords are learned too late.

    I would have liked the character to learn a bit more skills. Walking around the walls and moving objects to get to another level somewhere or swinging around broken cables or lianas reminded me a lot of Tomb Raider (a scene even "The Neverending Story").