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    As I stumbled over one more tiny thing to remember after reinstalling Windows to get Freelancer and Crossfire working, you can follow the next steps. Without direct play active, Crossfire will start, but will crash immediately - reporting a Crossfire Crash Exit - CODE ffffffffc000000005 [E000000E8] in the logs.

    Guide to reinstalling Windows 10 and enabling DirectPlay


    Reinstalling Windows 10 may be necessary to resolve issues with the operating system or create a clean environment for your computer. However, if you have games or applications that require DirectPlay (such as Freelancer), you may need to manually activate this feature as it is disabled by default in newer versions of Windows 10. This article will guide you through the steps to reinstall Windows 10, activate DirectPlay through the Control Panel, and also via the Command Prompt.

    Part 1: Activating DirectPlay through Control Panel:

    1. Open Control Panel: Click on the Start menu and search for "Control Panel." Open the Control Panel by clicking on the corresponding search result.
    2. Programs and Features: In the Control Panel, click on "Programs," then click on "Programs and Features."
    3. Turn Windows features on or off: On the left side of the window, click on "Turn Windows features on or off."
    4. Activate DirectPlay: Scroll through the list of Windows features until you find "DirectPlay." Check the box next to "DirectPlay" and click "OK."
    5. DirectPlay Installation: Windows 10 will now install DirectPlay. This process may take a few minutes.
    6. [Optional] Restart: Restart your computer to apply the changes.

    Part 2: Activating DirectPlay via Command Prompt:

    1. Open Command Prompt as Administrator: Right-click on the Start button and select "Command Prompt (Admin)" from the context menu.
    2. Run Command: In the Command Prompt window, type the following command and press Enter:
    3. Code
      1. dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:DirectPlay /all /norestart
    4. Installation: The DirectPlay feature will now be installed. Wait for the process to complete.
    5. [Optional] Restart: Restart your computer to apply the changes.

    Conclusion: After completing these steps, you should have DirectPlay activated to run older games and applications that require this feature.

    I've been contemplating lately that aging can be a challenging part of life.

    We all become “children” again as we grow older. Our loved ones are also growing old. Eventually, family assumes an increasingly critical role, particularly when it comes to caring for our aging parents or grandparents. They have raised us, and it is our responsibility to take care of them during their “second adolescence”. I understand how time-consuming and stressful it can be, as I have gone through a similar situation with my grandparents.

    I wish you strength to get through it. It won't be easy, but you will get through it. I advise taking some time to relax, as it won't help anyone, and certainly won't improve the situation if you don't get some peace and quiet. Perhaps consider enjoying a game from time to time.

    I think everyone in the community is immensely appreciative of your creation.

    Facts are only facts, if one is in the same universe. For flat-earthers it is a fact that the earth is flat - for the others just the other. Just with the economic or political topics, it is not so simple to speak of the “facts”. If there are different teachings/theories to an economy, then the facts of the one theory are not necessarily also the facts of the other theory.

    Mankind should have learned this already from the history of the whole religious wars.

    The nice thing about this is actually when you can still peacefully agree on the different views. In the ideal, one must simply accept it that there can be different facts. If you don't come together, then it's just a realization, and you leave the subject and move on to the next one. Convincing someone else that my view of things is the ultimate right one is just wrong and also only leads to conflicts.

    If you are bothered by someone else's thoughts, then maybe you should rather ignore it and deal with other issues. Sometimes you just can not agree on something the same. To close an entire thread (on discord) because of it is possibly a bit of overreaction – action in affect :)
    Just my 2 cents...

    For me, it seems that freelancer was exited normally (internally or externally). Code 00000001 is no special crash case. If freelancer crashed, then we also would have another exit code.

    IMHO, we don't need any of the military powers at all - at least not like it is in the current state with east vs. west. There is nothing like that on a globe. For America, Russia is west :D

    However, we have the UN - an institution that includes almost all the countries on this globe. Acts against any of the countries must be dealt with there. This institution needs an army - consisting of all partial armies of the member states. Disputes between countries must be settled before this institution. And if one country acts militarily against another, then it must reckon with the consequences that this institution enacts. If necessary, this would also be military actions, if the diplomatic means are not sufficient.

    It is clear that this will not solve the conflicts of this world, but it enables other nations to act and intervene in the name of this globe. Who wants to take revenge, takes revenge on the community of this globe.

    I can't understand this ideology about this is my country and this is your country. Borders exist only because people draw them or have drawn them. Nature has no drawn land borders, which then also divides peoples into West and East and North and South. If mankind does not manage to overcome this hurdle, then we will probably exterminate ourselves soon.

    ... And the instead time goes by with nothing. If no one will change the rules and regulations of these institutions then the wheel stops. No reforms, no changes.

    This can be done while the UN still exist.

    I am agreeing with all that! Nevertheless we must ask why there is no further progress with the UN over years. These institutions were build to protect menkind from each other - after the evil wars we have begun in the beginning of the 20th century. It is their damn duty to bring order into this!

    I don't question which side is guilty of the current situation. All have their guilt to bear one more another one less. This damn war has to stop - that's what I want leaders to do. Nations don't need leaders to start war or any other aggressions. Starting war is a sign of weakness and not power.

    I don't feel anger or fear another world war to begin yet. I am sad that innocents are killed - but that truly is the dark side of war.

    The veto regulation is complete nonsense if one of the veto nations is involved or even worst - an actor. In this case, I would cancel that this nation has veto and 2/3rd of the remaining constant nations must agree on an action plan. And still, then this must not mean to start war with each other, but to put the blue helmet forces into action.

    In the current and past situations we don't need this veto nations as mainly in all global conflicts either one or more nations have an interest in these conflicts and act as stakeholder. The whole world and UN is blocked. No one can do anything, except that aggressors are free in their deeds.

    What I also don't quite understand are the mutual accusations from both sides.

    One side must have started the escalation. Was it Ukraine with the separatist regions, or was it the other way around? Why is there no clear evidence?

    Assuming that the separatists started all this nonsense, isn't it Ukraine's right in the first place to formulate its laws in this way and to pursue violations of the law? Couldn't they have negotiated peacefully to transfer the territories to Russia? Because the acceptance that they should be independent regions will probably not work very well. On the other hand, I cannot imagine that a sovereign state would accept that a region simply secede. Only in case of need - if life (like now) is at stake, I could imagine it - for the sake of peace. Then both countries could have traded with each other or not, but the peoples could live in peace and quiet.

    But my guess is that the Russian leadership alone is not even concerned about that. Could it be about Ukraine's Western orientation after all? Is Russia alone allowed to decide about the orientation of its neighboring countries? --> Then they would have to fight with the USA or with Mongolia, Kazakhstan. I would exclude China :)

    Or is it about fears that NATO comes too close. But there Russia is also in the far east, only much more directly threatened by the United States.

    The most stupid thing is that it is not possible to agree on it contractually.

    Difficult topic in a multinational gaming community...

    I don't like war - no matter where, no matter which parties are involved. Not between countries, not between religions, not between ordinary people. In this particular matter, I think both sides (West and East) can speak their minds, and for me, it is absolutely clear that both sides get their information about each other. We are influenced by the media we consume, while the others are influenced by their own media. I call that propaganda. Which is not propaganda: There is a war in Ukraine. It's not a special mission. I don't need to name any particular case from near or distant history. I make all nations involved guilty of all current and past wars.

    In terms of a sovereign country. Ukraine's problems must be solved first and foremost by its own people. They must be solved by the local authorities. It is not a matter of Russia or the EU or any other country. The other nations could simply call all parties to the diplomatic table. Offer support to build legal authorities that can govern their people. This is possible without anger and war.

    All the war crimes of the past should not have happened - it should all have been resolved with UN forces - "justified" by the UN General Assembly - and most importantly with a simple or two-thirds majority vote of the UN Security Council. Which brings me to the next block of questions - what to do with oppressed or killed peoples - if there was no UNGA or UNSC interaction plan? The minority must be protected and saved. Divide states - or something like that? I don't know. But for this, ideas, plans and rules would have to be generated in these institutions, which then just have to be ratified by the majority of the states. All this should have happened long ago!

    What bothers me more. Why is the conflict between Russia and Ukraine not brought before the UN? Why is this institution so weak? Why are military conflicts not resolved with UN blue helmet troops? That would be a globally militarily enforced solution - ordered by a confederation of states, not controlled by one state alone. It seems to me that Russia does not accept that Ukrainians vote on their government. Do we think they will interfere in a public and free election? Somehow I have a feeling that they will. Why? Well, we've already seen that in Crimea.

    Unfortunately, Putin himself has stated that the split of the USSR was a big mistake, and he wants the former Russian Empire back. And somehow, he could enforce this with the help of nuclear weapons if another state interferes with his actions. As much as I thought Mr. Putin was a smart man, his latest statements suggest to me that he is angry about his life, his work - and wants to distract from domestic issues. Sad. Very sad - unfortunate for the whole world.

    I just hope killing stops soon and diplomatic and politic actions can take place.

    * I would also like to add that when I talk about Russia, I mean only its government and the people currently acting who are responsible for it. I don't blame the Russian people, where most of them are really nice (there are assholes in every nation though :)))