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    farming farming farming, just for better gear. If i see how fast the final bosses on grandmaster 3 difficulty fall, then i am pretty sure are far from having the best gear.

    All versions are looking good. Great work.

    Not sure about the damage parts, maybe players like when they can recognize doing damage if parts are floating around and getting close to finish the fight :)

    Maybe her real name should be kept secret - maybe she has a bad reputation, like so many others on the ship. Or she has an love affair with captain Pike, or fills the job as his bodyguard :)

    I am not sure about that dark matter stuff - must have been fallen asleep. Have to watch it again. But dark matter is not visible - but somehow affects the weights as it has gravitational force. Maybe it was captured somehow - by some technology and formed like a rock...

    Was is not supposed to be sci fi? Yeah a lot really did not much sense, especially the whole time crap. That the spores revived the doctor, the final battle, the nanite control guy, and many more...

    Spok has been strange - the role and its character.

    Anyway it was exciting and I always wanted to see the progress and really am a bit frustrated about how that all did end.

    Now that i watched the entrire 2nd season with the red angel it have to say that I really like what i have seen. The visual effects the story (sometimes a bit thin, but ok). But it did end a bit strange. Looked to me like a cliffhanger - an open ending which can be used as reference for the next season.

    Anyway i loved the idea of the spore jumping - a new engine concept for traveling.

    Looking forward to continue the story.

    Error Copy [E..46]

    • Cannot create the Crossfire game execution directory
    • Source path is not available
    • Files cannot be copied

    Error assigning game options [E...6E]

    • Cannot copy the selected game options for either multi player or single player game and low or high res settings

    Error creating game directory [E...76]

    • Cannot create the game file freelancer.exe

    Missing Freelancer.exe file [E...84]

    • While starting the game the freelancer.exe cannot be found

    Crossfire cannot be started [E...A8]

    • The game could not be started or found to be a process in at least 5 seconds

    Crossfire Crash Exit - CODE xxx [E...D3]

    • The code is the exit code of the freelancer.exe game. This can be specific and depends on why the game did exit. Reasons can be numerous.

    File change detected. Crossfire closed. [E...193]

    • One of the watched files has been modified, renamed or removed from disk - to avoid damages to the multiplayer experience the game will be closed.

    Directory change detected - [nn] suspicious file(s) removed [E...19F]

    • One of the watched directories has been modified (e.g., when a file is added, modified or deleted) or removed from disk. [nn] = The number of suspicious files removed

    Update Server Not Available [E...AA]

    • Connecting update server timed out after 30 seconds.

    Update Server Timeout [E...AD]

    • Cant read update source or server does not respond within 30 seconds.

    Error Update Server [E...B0]

    • Wrong or missing answer from server.

    Error Launcher Update [E...1AC]

    • The launcher cannot start or reach the LauncherUpdater.exe

    Found on another forum that reinstalling the graphic driver solved some issues regarding kernelbase.dll. I dont think the launcher-ini could cause such effects - except the update wouldnt work due to wrong settings...

    As you can see in the mission review screen below, the balancing between the different player levels works pretty well in Anthem.

    I like that I can keep up with a player that is 12 levels above me and even achieve better scores if I play just good enough.

    Interesting also is that you have a personal score, which in the match I played here was 2400 (which was 200 better than the 2nd best) but on top you get an alliance score which is a teamscore which can even out large gaps between players. This way even new players that dont perform that good yet can catch up with more experienced players. (and when I talk about score I of course mean XP... but in the end thats pretty much the same)

    Yeah, you get more or the same points and actually the group is very often good balanced. But actually the better levelled players deal a lot more damage to enemies due to their better performed Javelins.