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    Destiny Companion Update - 5/17/201

    May 17 - Destiny Dev Team

    What's New:

    • Added support for showing the new Multi-Emotes.
    • Added game type & teams to private matches in Game History.
    • Added Crucible Valor/Glory ranks to player profiles.
    • Added support for showing Seasonal Ranks in Vendors.
    • Adding support for showing the contents of the Prismatic Matrix in Eververse.
    • Added support for Pursuits in the Gear section.
    • Fixed the Masterwork state not showing on Legendary and Exotic items.
    • Some extra objectives may be showing in the details of Exotic weapons.
    • Find Fireteams improvements.
    • Clans are no longer required to create a fireteam.
    • All users can now create a scheduled fireteam.
    • Clan administrators can now moderate clan fireteams in the web client.
    • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
    • Localization improvements.

    Known issues:

    • Players are not able to change Emotes from the Companion apps
    • "All Crucible" stats from the API will include private matches. Individual
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    Season 3 of Destiny 2

    Season 3 of Destiny 2

    May 2 - Destiny Dev Team

    Alongside the launch of Warmind, a new season of gameplay updates begins for all players of Destiny 2, including powerful upgrades to Exotic weapons, the introduction of Ranked Crucible play, new Crucible maps, Private Matches, Heroic Strike Modifiers, Multi-Emote, additional Vault Space, and much more.


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    On May 8, your adventure continues in Warmind, the second expansion to Destiny 2.

    Golden Age satellites slam into the surface of the Hellas Basin on Mars. Icy glaciers thaw, revealing the core of the Warmind Rasputin – and an ancient Hive army, bent on its destruction.

    Destiny 2 Expansion II: Warmind introduces new activities, new weapons and gear, more endgame content, and an all-new story.