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    i don,t agree with this request. the purpose of the mod is space, infinite in all directs. purpose is too explore and defend where neccessary. vast open space for things to be put maybe in the future. i have been here for many years and through all the systems on many occassins. tell you now i,m yet to be bored. always find things to do here daily. if you want to cut corners then you miss the purpose of the haven,t been to the outer worlds yet.

    Wish to mention my observations, when in game to this matter. argos has this problem happening every time he is on. i will be ingame and suddenly all ships are acting eratically and i know the cheat message is next and it usually is, and he is gone again. it keeps happening to the point he gives up playing.

    First update this year just got released.

    1. Content is a complete rework of jump effects. The idea was to have a significantly higher distinction between the different existing effects depending on on their classification and also on their location.
      The in total (now) 16 different effects will have a very unique look and feel. 14 of these effects are currently active in the game. The other two will become available at a later point when the faction review of the systems will be done. Right now only Liberty and Bretonia have faction specific jump effects. Kusari and Rheinland therefore will follow.
      Others are for generic jumpgates, jumpholes, asteroid field jump holes, sol/coalition jumpgates, the rift, hyperspace, dk jumpgates, gmg jumpgate, renaisance jumpgates/jumpholes... etc.
      The stuff in my eyes really looks very interesting now.
    2. Also have all shield effects been updated with a more techy version.
    3. Shaders got another update which fixes a few things and adds some minor new features.

    experienced these jumpholes today and was blown away with the effects. great work op well done:aok:

    yes i was watching that happen in game about 6 times in a couple of minutes. from the time that char first logged on. the cheat message kept coming up each time.

    As a side note to this, i had reported in ticket weeks ago about the launcher only loading 35/41 files And you could not replicate what was going on. And you could not find the files that were not loading. Well to my surprise yesterday while fixing urbanracers problem. It also fixed some of mine. Not to get to confusing. It started at 35 out of 41. Then it now downloaded 3 files moving it to 38 out of 41. The difference between him and me was there was nothing in the logs for me. Appreciate your time and effort op. :thankyou:

    Thank you Martind. Problem solved. Only had performance on half, but still did what you suggested. Moved slider to min and logged off and on. Then moved slider back to 1/2 and logged off and on again. All fixed. Ships now appear in loading bay, and fully textured. All back to normal. :salutes

    After reading these posts, and first up. Respect other players, and there individual situations. Respectfully !!! I am also well up the age bracket. Have had no problems with the mod as it is at the present and future updates.Set backs "yes". :patsch: But overcame them and moved on. To me its like life, and how you handle its challenges that appear in front of you. For me, is exactly why i have been here a long time. The mod is a great test to mentality and physical reactions. Everything has a possible outcome. Just depends on your determination to get there. :thankyou:

    I,m sure, there is millions of people with feelings on this topic. But the one fact that causes me anger, is wars are against an enemy. They are killing women and children. But more important, there killing there own people Russians. Is that not war but murder !!!!. Russian country men shooting there brothers and sisters.

    Resnor, see some pilots having given you some sound advice. Two things on the matter, which is true for all new comers. The ship your in is only really for New York, and surrounding area,s. As a training ship really.. Like life the further away from there. Things become more of a challenge. Also your shields will go down quickly. Some times as there is what is called solar storms in x3043 which is part of the game. Another common thing there is nomad invasion too. Like a lot of things you are yet to experience. There is a lot to learn when starting out here. Like everything, this plays a key factor $$$$$$$$$. The ship is only as good as its pilot. it takes practice. advice go to articles on here and look up lexicon. lots of advice on starting out etc.

    Think i saw this subject mentioned some time ago on here. However on two of my b/s i bought the shield and engine upgrade. Then logged off to do some things in r/l. Upon coming back and logging back on and then to my b/s i was using at the time. The message says that my char has obtained the item but straight after the message it crashes back to desktop. I then relog on and all is ok from then on. Question, so is the upgrade working or not. no way to tell. ?????? :confused::confused: