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    Think i saw this subject mentioned some time ago on here. However on two of my b/s i bought the shield and engine upgrade. Then logged off to do some things in r/l. Upon coming back and logging back on and then to my b/s i was using at the time. The message says that my char has obtained the item but straight after the message it crashes back to desktop. I then relog on and all is ok from then on. Question, so is the upgrade working or not. no way to tell. ?????? :confused::confused:

    That is correct. Martind did announce, that he had resigned from the clan ! He had also expressed his interests were in other games. And has looked on in the forum from time to time, and is aware of the rent subject posting his views there a couple of times. Gearhead then took over the position. He like others has r/l matters to attend too and a lot are experiencing hard times. At this moment the clan is or has died. Like again so have others. The view is there is no need to operate a clan base anymore. Just sitting there really for a target for ru when he wants to duck in agitate trouble. The one key point Libra base has it was the first clan base built and the first to be unbuilt lol.

    The main point is this is a game and more to the point r/l is more important. Not the bitch fighting that breaks out here from time to time. Watching over the years all players want to do is get on forum wanting to cut corners by getting spoon feed where everything is. Instead of what the game intended and find out where it all is in SPACE.

    Btw, I did not followed much closely discussion about renting systems (you know, I play other games for years now),

    why has there to be a guide for every little detail?

    This basically sums it all up. Alli !!!!!! The ocean, land and space itself. Is where we go out into the unknown. Therefore space is exploration. So we take knowledge and skills we have and explore. We use that thing in our skulls and think. And as we progress, we find things out. The best way to go about things that are in front of us. Again same as our explorers in history. Were did they have books or people telling what to do. They had to work it out for themselves! The mods that advance freelancer are the same thing. Therefore the idea is to explore the vast systems and find things out as you go. What crossfire has in it. Is it !!!! We many have played it for many years and still here. There are aspects of it we like. Instead of constantly critizing it, and things you don,t like. Go somewhere else. Remember, it was still in the top 10 says a lot .And a lot of us are here still. The unfortunate problem we now have is poeple trying to change files etc to there liking. Which is breaches in some many places and legal breaches too. Has at the moment made it unstable.

    i gave a gunboat some workout and found it agile to steer stood up to attacks great but in respect to forward guns on it. firing great but yes but first up and noticeable was you can,t see your target after you start firing the forward guns and if friendly npc,s join the battle your hitting them too and all turns red. regardless whats in front of you. firing the forward guns looks like a static white cloud moving towards the target. i was under the impression it was going to be a beam or rapid firing gun. also when you stop firing on the target and the cloud stops then it looks like 4 c/d or mines tumbling in one spot a slight distance apart in a line. when docked the ship looks cut in half like a ferry waiting to load. got some screenshots. might help description. screen7.BMPscreen8.BMPscreen10.BMPscreen11.BMPscreen12.BMPscreen13.BMPscreen14.BMPscreen15.BMP these are just some of the result when the gun stops firing shows the trace left behind. when first fired looks like a cloud static covering up the targets and slowly moving towards them or disapateing as it go,s go,s. :/


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    we are in the middle of cap ship balancing, once sorted out we can include bombers into this equation.

    you know.... one mistake at a time

    I had posted previously my understanding of current situation.

    With respect, he pointed out, he would look at that after more

    mportant things got sorted out. I accepted that and understood.

    Maybe worth an option would be to introduce new torps specifically for bombers. Ones without target tracking and specifically for one damage type, hull only or shield only.

    While this sounds like a great idea, my continued concern. As expressed !! that the bomber has to able to get the payload there, and able to survive or not after doing so. Its an expressed point/suggestion, and in no way intended to be harping on over the point. That its defence is only!! 1x10 turrent and 1x9 turrent. Would not survive undocking, and first wave of level 3 npc,s. Then even consider, a more experience enemy npc or task. My understanding and its part, in game !! Is a bomber not a fighter. But needs better defence to have a chance to survive a battle.
    Another point, to is,its not for podding but the cargo bay needs to collect an adequate amount of pods. To substain the torpedoes amounts needed and possible repairs, well in its task needed repairs. With 4 internal torps as pointed out are not available in a lot of places. Hence, the back up torps too take up most of cargo bay. so end point would see bankrupty more evident maybe.

    just one person view, and respect other players views on the subject. Contructive views, not to taken the wrong way.

    I think that Bombers should be a threat to a cap ship, not VHF.

    It has been a suggestion, i have made too Op. A couple of times, that bombers sit idle with no game play. With respect, he pointed out, he would look at that after more important things got sorted out. I accepted that and understood. Also, realistically a fighter should not be able to take out the heavy ships by themselves. Fighters are designed to take out escorts. Bombers take out heavy ships or heavy ships take each other out. I firmly believe a bomber should be able to defend itself !! while delivering a greater payload on its target. In its present form, it can,t fights its way out of a paper bag !!! :thankyou:

    If you went for testing, and that was decided !! Then whats the problem, its a test and you are both trying to look at all aspects. So there can things to report back to Op. Regardless using guns, torps, or throwing rocks. Its a TEST. I will come there in my row boat, Tribbs. And you can test things out. Whats the matter with some people. :aberglaube::strafe:

    Today 23/1, Server was stable. Have not had any problems what so ever. No ktd,s and no eratic beviour from npc,s. File download on launcher first one was 32 then second was 30 so again put it down to you doing something at some stage, maybe. Appreciate your work Op :thankyou:

    It is happening to more players Op, including me on a daily basis. However this has been going on for me since three or four days after the new server came in to action. I just put it down to my computer or just me. Hence no ticket or mention. But it become more frequent lately. Example, played for many hours with n/p, then had three ktd ( kicked to desktop ) a minute apart. Then nothing all was good again. Example today, while officer tribbs was on i was flying in sos and ktd. Logged on, then again all play was ok. No to your next question screenshots, i realize it would help. Sum up it just happens and then all is good again. my luck in todays as i said officer tribbs saw it.

    Also day 2 and still all good with no eratic behaviour with the npc,s. :salutes

    had to abandon play the last couple of days crashes back to desktop has started and when in play things are acting eratic so something is up suddenly well for me. before this the new changeover saw no problems for me 2nd ban in as few days real uncommon for me.

    I wish to mention a subject which i raised once before, and wonder if it could be looked at again. Really good ships that have only rear firing turrents. Some with low armour ratings. I don,t know any player the flys,while firing to his rear in battle. Happy to be corrected if there is. Thinking mirage,griffin and a few others. Wonder if they could be made to fire 360 deg like the rest.

    On the point of start of money for newbie,s. Could this be raised to an amount to give them more incentive. More of a chance in game. I truely believe this is where we gain or loose a lot of new players. In play and interest to return. !!! :thumbsup:

    The thing that stands out to me over the years is, its still here! its still in the top ten! and you see players old and new keep coming back! Thing that amazes me, that also,players feel the need to post Negative remarks all the time. But they, themselves keep returning. The remarks there not coming back the games old and so on. Then simply leave thats your right and not forced to come here. The fact a lot come here cause they choose to and enjoy it. The other thing that makes me chuckle is its old and boring yet i,m in game daily and there is new players everyday. Depends on the timezone too. Keep up the great work team we appreciate it. ( well most of us :)) )

    whoooa such aggression not good for your blood pressure. will make you visit that cold fridge too many times and run out of supplies quicker :((

    help/advise 1st then help again/refer to swat forum 2nd and there is no 3rd :rtfm: :strafe:

    roger. thanks for the heads up op. take your time on this. r/l always comes first. always been a practice with me never open fishy looking links. i,m happy to wait as long as it takes to do properly. sorry to hear it was not a smooth transition, as hoped.

    Bit puzzled. I opened the Swat Portal today, and checked the news heading next to forum. It indicates one post so i opened it. A strange page opened with a list of headings. This domain has just been registered. Then 10 subheadings, and one of them is SECURE INMATE PHONE CALLS ???. As the last one. Why would crossfire have any doings with prisoner phone calls. This has never come up before.I realize Op has mentioned movements to the new server for the completion of the big upgrade. But again what do,s prisoners got to do with it. Not being a tech geek tried to screen shot but failed. :/:/:/:/

    Why come here? Do you even know who you are talking to? We've been here since the very beginning.

    Firstly, i am well aware off who you are and entitled to the respect of a long time player.

    Ass-licker, remember... the day you understand the difference between Whining & Proposing / Defending their Right, then you can talk to me.

    Also a long time player with a different aspect of this subject and a respect to all who play here and appreciate all the hard work by its Creator and a Team seems to be the wrong word a??licker. All have the right to express there rights. However in my understanding to the crossfire mod is its creator has the only RIGHTS to what direction it goes. And we as players can submit suggestions when asked. There has been a lot of suggestions, and one brilliant was put forward by Lancerlotcrack.Thats the way to try and work out an outcome. One thing do,s come to mind is why all this heavy misdirected statements on a topic that has resurfaced for another disscussion. Remember that chinese proverb. If you don,t succeed try try again. Thats in the book beside the dictionary where you could look up the meaning of threats. or refer to your previous posts as reference.

    - Goodbye... for real this time, after all there are still hours away from the account being automatically deleted.

    Out of all your soapbox statements, is the only one that has truth and action. Its called practice what you preach. Ohh thats in the chinese book too, and yes still beside that dictionary. But good luck in your future endevours. :thankyou: Lets hope we can now get back to the subject and continue to work it out.