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    and suddenly I find my self far form the place for distraction

    And so is the focus of Great Doms' attention. We need to keep them AWAY from those zones while op is going, not IN.

    Say, the op is going and I say A>B to the chat. This means the groups should try to vacate the zone B; preferably not in the direction of zone A. If all goes ideal, the first place where I'll meet you will be in Sadurn when I'll request assistance.

    another example 4 pilots smashing 3 doms fighters with no idea that 2 compadres are struggling with 5 gunboats

    That might be an issue, so I guess we'll also need to have someone to coordinate the distraction effort - because I will also not be aware of this. But yeah, I guess it would be like in Dooms Hunt - teams with leaders.

    example-6 pilots each call name 1,2,3,4,5,6....2 teams A and B 123 repr.A team...456-B....3 areas to cover...A team on A sector...B team on B.
    In case s*** happened you can always type 3=B...meaning pilot 3 /from team A/goes and help team B...or A=B...hole team A move to B position.....later A B=C...both teams move to third sector.Its up to you to organise it your way.

    You misunderstood... the distraction teams have MUCH more freedom: they only have to NOT be in the sector where I am while I am moving from sector to sector (and even then it's not a strict rule). Aside from that, you just have to make noise by fighting aliens.

    But yes, I will tell when I'll be moving. Probably, to the team leader(s) via Discord.

    EDIT: But I think it could also be fun if I wasn't aware where you are going. After all, my objective is supposed to be secret, so less transmissions.

    (In fact, you don't even have to do that since there's no way for me to tell if you are sitting at a repair buoy or actively kicking alien ass; I just hope you'll play along)


    From: Deep Space 17, "Ajay", Coalition Acting Chief Intelligence Officer of DS17

    To: Coalition HQ, "Canteen", Intelligence Advisor of Alien Threats Department of CID

    Topic: Intelligence gathering


    There is one concern that I should bring up.

    Recently, we've been getting insufficient intelligence on Great Doms' movements in Inner Core Conquered Territory. Since the Black Guard 130th Elimination Squad, as well as Navy battlegroup, have either been recalled and/or received stand by orders, all my intel comes from second hands. Unfortunately, since my appointment as Acting Chief Intelligence Officer, I have been prohibited from personally deploying on reconnaissance missions.

    To speak frankly: I'm flakking tired of filing a ton of paperwork each time I get Stranger out. Requesting permission to undertake as many scouting runs as I need. I'm flakking blind in here.



    From: Coalition HQ, "Canteen", Intelligence Advisor of Alien Threats Department of CID

    To: Deep Space 17, "Ajay", Coalition Acting Chief Intelligence Officer of DS17

    Topic: Re: Intelligence gathering

    I can only grant you a partial permission. I cannot allow you to undertake scouting runs still. I can, however, allow you to either be a liaison to allied force, or carry out duties aimed at maintenance of our means of gathering data.

    As for the latter, I have good news to you.

    Our techs analyzed the data core of the Silver Arrows automated sensor station that you reclaimed during operation Backtracking. This allowed us to discover how Warriors found the station and develop counters.

    The experimental batch of these new sensor stations is ready. We want to deploy them in Inner Core Conquered Territory to gather more data. They can be deployed in atmosphere of a planet, on an asteroid or even on a Dom'Kavash jump gate.

    They, however, will not be enough, and your lone flight might take unwanted attention. So I allow you to pull all the strings you can to gather a larger group and commence a reconnaissance by combat. Development of the plan is up to you, but we need results in terms of intelligence network improvements by the end of this summer.


    From: [LOCATION SCRAMBLED], "Ajay"

    To: Deep Space 17, HQ and Strategic Deck

    Topic: Operation Barrage (better name pending) - Battle Plan

    Comrades, we have developed an operation that could help us establish a network of stealth surveillance drones in Inner Core Conquered Territory. However, that deployment requires a distraction. I propose gathering a strike force and attacking alien forces in Venn in order to provide said distraction.

    Alas, for the first mission, I have been ordered to personally deploy those drones. This is an experimental tech that has been rushed to the frontline, and this is its first field testing.

    Operation details:


    Zones where drones should be deployed are designated A, B and C, near Repair Buoys. The distraction team should avoid intersecting with the deployment unit to keep the drones off scope. After the deployment unit completes the objective in the zone, the Repair Buoys are safe to use. The deployment unit arrives from Inner Core system and begins operation as soon as the distraction team reports first hostile contact, and leaves through Celldra system. The distraction team deploys from Deep Space 17 and returns to Deep Space 17 as well. Moving around the system is up to the distraction team leader.


    Well, I guess you got it.

    I can foresee this question - sorry, but nope, I won't be fighting at your side. I am basically taking over as an Event Manager here. This is made for immersion purposes. I will be in the group and probably on Discord, who knows? I'm just testing the waters with this idea - this event itself is largely experimental.

    In case you'll want bonus action, I can send a "distress signal" from Sadurn. If you are up to it, of course.

    I'm not sure if I have any cash to spare for rewards. In case an actual EM decides to support this, I propose adding a bonus for no intersections with the deploying unit.

    One thing left to discuss: event time.

    I am considering these options: 2:00 servertime (Good for NA, not really for Europe), 8:00 servertime (Good for me, questionable for everyone else but who knows?) 12:00-14:00 (Bad for NA, probably good for Europe, decent for me). Next post will be a poll. Please keep in mind that I am defaulting on 8 AM in case of no replies.

    If you have more questions, ask them now.

    Yeah, it was like that couple of days ago... clouds still show up every now and then, they at least make the weather a bit more bearable. But today, the sky was crystal clear, so... Under this sun, no shadows will fall.

    I kinda expected you to ramble about beaches and discos and girls, and I've had such a "witty" retort prepared...