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    Reminds me about one situation I had in WoT:

    -I'm playing on O-I

    -Map: Westfield

    -Other heavies go ahead with terrain play, I split off to the city because I hate open terrain (even though trying to hide an effin >100 ton Japanese superheavy in the city won't work).

    -A wild enemy LT appears, I think it was either AMX 12t or AMX 13 75

    -LT fires off a clip (12t and 13 75 have magazine-fed cannons with a long time to reload the magazine), tries to get into side by side where I can't hit them because O-I is so O (Not to ention that the sides are made of cardboard and there's ammorack... aside from the OFC obvious desire to not get hit by Teufelrohr)

    -Enemy artillery shell flies in

    -The Large First survives on <100 hp

    -The LT goes to the Hangar

    -I get a "Lucky" commemorative token:


    Witness the destruction of an enemy vehicle by an enemy team player. You must be 10 metres or less from the enemy vehicle at the moment of its destruction. Can be obtained in Random Battles only.

    Oh look who's back!

    I've noticed that I get thrown to Karelia on Assault game mode too often. Usually in the bottom of the list, on my poor misbegotten heavies - KV-1, IS and O-I (also KV-1s, KV-85 and O-I Experimental but I no longer have those... I didn't have the heart to sell KV-1 though).

    In fact, I have just enough credits and a spare hangar slot for a KV-2. The problem is I'll have to spend extra free exp for Teufelrohr (I have the same situation with O-I now, except stock O-I cannon is somewhat decent).

    From the other side... reload time of about 20 seconds. I still remember how I once caught one on CD while in O-I Experimental... lost most of HP (it was covered by KV-1 and a T-34) but took them all out since O-I Exp. has silly armor.

    Also, T-28 on 2:47. What has this cardboard shed on threads forgotten in the city?

    Okay, I'll clear some things up.

    These depots contain an item necessary for installing an upgrade onto a Battleship/Dreadnought class ship. Those are either:

    -Cruise speed buff (to 600)

    -Shield capacity and regeneration buff

    -Reduced Battleship Torpedo Launcher cooldown time.

    They can only be installed in multiplayer. In addition, they change their location each restart. However the depot locations repeat sometimes, and if you have mapped a depot it will be mapped if it appears there again.

    Reminds me of one battle I had on Luchs (one level above Pz I C)... unfortunately my poor kitty caught a HE from Pz IV H (shouldn't have stopped for an arty potshot), but I still ended up in top by exp. And I was bottom tier, opponent's team had a KV-2(!).

    BTW I once did a barrel roll on Pz I C. Still... I think I'm keeping Luchs or continuing German LT research. Despite a strange wish to get a Durshlagwagen Durchbruchswagen 2.

    I might have gotten too used to tune that lady out, but still, aww :(

    I have only now realized that she was doing Reverse Diamond, showing only turret (directed front) and rear (directed at ricochet angle).

    This melody is what's coming to mind when I'm playing WoT on Luchs, spot a ton of enemies and start running away as shells zip past me. Spraying them with Luchs's stock 20mm optional, but usually does nothing but piss them off. Extra bonus points if there's a KV-2.

    Less funny when I get my threads blown off though.