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    I'd enjoy that game mode if WG didn't ruin it by adding a Ladder to the awards. Especially considering how easy it was to get ganked early on in the match and get -2 chevrons.

    It doesn't help that some people found out quite early that it was possible to coordinate via TS/Discord/etc, enter the battle on 1-2-3, get into the same match, team up and wreck everyone else, then finish one another off. And I don't even think WG bothered to do something about it despite this being sorta a rigged game.

    Also, the new Frontline episode has begun and there's a new map.

    You will still need to apply the updates.

    I'm not sure if reinstalling CF in FLMM using a fresh download will also eliminate the need of the new updates. It doesn't help that the updates are daily due to how CF's Dynamic Universe works.

    If you have to deactivate CF because you want to play another mod then return to CF one day without the need to update it again, then you can make a copy of the vanilla backup folder and use "Change FL Directory" in FLMM so it will work with that new copy of FL. That way you will have both CF and whatever mod you want.

    Just keep in mind to change save game folder as well.

    As for wrong geometry...

    Actually, I did experience the "wrong geometry" as well... just probably been too lazy and/or forgetful to report it, sorry 'bout it.

    Here's one of screenshots I've taken back then:


    Seems to be some base's background mashed together with what should be. There's even a Starflier flying by.

    So... yea, this cinematics really needs to be looked into. I've noticed it a while ago, but forgot to report this. Again, apologies on that one.

    IDK, I mostly played Battlefield 2 with bots and even then I mostly enjoyed flying choppers. Loved the flak out of Mi-28s and Mi-24s (added in Special Forces). Had that one mod which made them p much solo playable and had a habit of goofing around dispensing death from above while listening to some emotional metal like certain Within Temptation songs.

    As for this one, blame MuG3N.

    And is it me, or this sounds like Seven-Forty?

    Dammit, reminds me about how I myself started playing WoWS. Okay, my first Tier III was actually Varyag (a reward for my WoT successes), but Tenryuu was the first ship with torpedoes I ever had, and the ship that REALLY hooked me to WoWS.

    I've taken it slightly more seriously as I actually watched the Naval Academy vid on torpedoes and played co-op rather than going out to Random.

    Nonetheless, I enjoyed playing that ship and Tenryuu has earned a permanent slot in my port and a dedicated commander.

    Also, that guy's teammates gotta be thankful the guy didn't go along Soviet DD line. (as a reason why: TEN 4-km torps on Derzky)

    Speaking about game soundtracks.

    And since we're about game soundtracks and I wanted to post something rather inspiring, well... those two tracks that keep returning to my playlist these days and kept me running back during Master Courses back at the University. And before that through my graduation.

    Well, I liked Disturbed and FV for their music just as much as for their lyrics, and it doesn't help that some of FV's songs invoke Lyrical Dissonance on a large scale (Fallen Man and Friendly Fire come to mind).

    Also, this.

    And I don't think Funker Vogt was that heavy... well, the early albums have worse sound quality (They redid some of their earlier song such as Thanks for Nothing, Funker Vogt and Funker Vogt 2nd Unit), and the newer albums tend to have darker themes.

    house of sorrows is not bad i quite like it specially how the ending is aswel

    IKR? I fell in love with that song partially because of the ending.

    Well, I do remember using Breaking the Habit as a battle theme a couple of times. It did fit when I was playing CoD WaW for example.

    Oh, and there also was that one time in Battlefield Vietnam singleplayer when my team's bots got jammed on the base and I had to fend the opposing team's bots off with just my M91/30.

    Meaning with a bit of anger, you might also like Funker Vogt and/or Disturbed.

    For some reason "I'm Alive" reminds me about playing Supreme Commander and spamming Salem Class T2 destroyers. Easily one of the most memorable non-Experimental units in that game.

    Speaking of quality tracks?

    The track that got me hooked to the Funker Vogt in the first place.