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    As for the girls, well... value yourself, everyone's different and eventually the right girl will show up if you're persistent and stop with the negative self-talk.

    Again... The negative self-talk you see here is... it's less of a problem than it seems to be. For me, anyway. It's complicated, and I really should know better than air all of this in a public thread. In fact, I think I already said too much.

    And TBAFH, I don't even feel like finding "the right girl" anymore.

    Yeah I am not talking about the 'crazy' dirty parties... just hanging out with friends, go for a drink, meet some hot girls hehehe. Some adventure in the woods (hiking), go to the beach, or visit another country (I love those), that kind of stuff, not the crazy (dirty) parties, I don't like those too.

    The point is, I don't have any friends (okay, I know a bunch of people I could hang out with, but I probably don't feel like it), I don't know any place where I could go to get a drink (and why would I go somewhere to get a drink when I can do it here?), meeting hot girls is completely out of the question because no self-respecting girl would even acknowledge my existence... I don't even remember the last time I went fishing with Dad, FFS.

    And I also have no self-restraint whatsoever so I don't go out specifically so I don't end up going to aforementioned dirty crazy parties. Which wouldn't end well for me.

    Well, consider me successfully distracted then.

    Not to mention, I don't usually go out... okay, I do spend some time bicycle riding for funsies, but I don't go out without a practical reason besides that. I just don't feel like it. So more time for me to spend at the PC.

    Okay, one more point in its favor then. I still have to:

    -at least get at least current goals of my research project done (hey, I got my priorities straight! Besides, that IS one of the things that's been bugging me these days!),

    -at least get into N:A (still not even started yet 'cos apparently Sis is stalling me; and I'll have to visit her - but then again, I'll be able to chat with my brother-in-law as I play and he hasn't completed the game so he doesn't really have it fully spoilered... though I did tell him one thing related to two main characters' backstory, the thing that turns their relationship from adorable to tragic and horrifying)

    -at least get Moskva before she gets removed from tech tree in WoWS, before I get addicted to another grindy MMO.

    Since I need to post something.

    I'm starting to think to pick up Warframe, especially now that I heard it's free to play. Though I'm fairly sure my poor old PC isn't going to handle it... and I'll need to clean up some space on my PC to do that... and I have things to do IRL and in WoWS... maybe later, when I'll have more overall free time.

    Exactly, music never gets old anyway... so, who cares if it's from 20 years ago or even more, probably Music is the only thing that doesn't get labeled as "New" or "Old", okay maybe except a few more things, lol

    I've gotta agree, some music just doesn't get old. The only problem with "old" music I might have is that first Funker Vogt albums have dinky quality.

    Also about "old" music... I remember listening to this back when I started studying at the University.

    As for inappropriate gym music, what about inappropriate wedding music? :D

    That being said, if I'll ever have to marry, I'll make flakking sure to have this played during the wedding party. I don't expect that to ever happen, but hey, I don't really expect much of anything out of life these days.

    I remember hearing this in a custom Call of Duty Moder Warfare map and learned its name only some time later.

    Also reminds me of one battle I had in World of Tanks on my Strv 74, in which I got both Radley-Walters Medal and Confederate achievement.

    For the reference: Radley-Walters requires 8 frags. Confederate requires damaging 6 enemy tanks that were destroyed by someone else. Getting both at once means I've had nearly everyone (14 out of 15-tank team) from the enemy team in my sights. It can also be alternatively translated as "My teammates stole my Heroes of Raisenhai Medal".

    If anything, Strv 74 has a decent gun. Accurate, well-stabilized and with 15 degree gun depression. Unfortunately, its pretty much everything else isn't stellar... aaargh flak I'm rambling again.

    I heard traces of this on the N:A streams of the beginning of Route C... I didn't realise at first it was a a remix of default City Ruins theme. But the lyrics totally give it away.

    Still getting blue balls from wanting to play it since Sis is having her place overhauled and I can't drop by for her PS4 though.

    And just as addition:

    (I don't remember if player even gets to control 9S at that point... since transition to 8-bit usually happens during hacking minigames. Or maybe it's for when the player pops an E-Drug?..)

    And since I've started thinking about WH40k... or scratch that, this is a theme for when I'm playing an RTS and have to steadily grind down a fortified position.


    Basically, these guys are probably the sanest Chaos Space Marines' legion. Alpha Legion's status is unclear (and XXth was always shrouded in uncertainity), and Night Lords have always been nuts.

    Unfortunately, their sense of reason doesn't make Iron Warriors any less evil.

    Well, here's one of my favorites.

    Disturbed, Sabaton and The Offspring were my most favorite bands at one point. Now it's Sabaton, Funker Vogt, Disturbed and The Offspring.

    Also fitting since I've gotta grind a lot of potential damage (i.e. the sum of the full damage of all shells fired at my ship) on battleships.

    Also, listening to songs the meaning of which I don't know just makes me feel somewhat uneasy. Sorta like wearing a decorative symbol the meaning of which I don't know. That was actually why "Funker Vogt 2nd Unit" took so long actually getting into my playlist.

    Okay, and this one is because today was a Leg Day. Left-two, left-two, left-two-three-four-left.

    Also, fun story behind this song. A lot of people usually accuse Rammstein of having pro-nazi hidden messages in their songs. Rammstein made a song that sounds like something right-wing but contains a left-wing message. Haters gonna hate.

    It's also a nice marching song and I have to footslog quite a distance some of those days, so...