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    Made DomKavashi a green reputation! Having entered the server today, I see that she is Neutral !! why is that??

    Dom'Kavash can be made neutral and even friendly by killing Ancient Drones in Dervon. This is how you go to Inner Core 'cos Dom'Kavash control all the dockable bases in IC bar one (and even that one is only in multiplayer).

    Be careful though, killing Nomads will harm your DK reputation.

    WIP = Work In Progress

    On hiatus = progress halted

    uggestion: It would not hurt you to add something: goods or equipment or other something "Valuable" in the Paradise Lost system. For Players to visit this system, And so it turns out a dead system !!! Players fly there current to investigate Cross Fire ...

    Would be nice... assuming the randomisation-related mismatch issue is fixed.

    They fly to the Dom'Kavash system for the crystals and equipment of the Cloaca. As for me, 30 seconds of invisibility, and then a 10 minute break is not worth the effort !!!

    Then save your money and don't buy it. IDK, I found it useful early on, and every now and then. E.g. on solo flights in Sadurn, where the aliens keep spawning too close to the gates and I just need to cloak for long enough to dock with the gate.

    Question: I wanted to know if there will be a continuation in the Lost Fleet systems? there is a dead-end system of Nomads. There is nothing of value there !!!

    IIRC it's WIP/ on hiatus.

    Could you please tell the name of the stuck char?

    Also, there's a safe cruise trick. Charge cruise engines, use engine kill when charging, start cruise again. NPCs won't launch disruptors at you after that.

    BTW you're the second player to my experience to get trapped like that. Guys, stick to the right side of the road while you don't have beefy equipment...

    Good day.

    Ajay about the fire with a group of weapons: I made fire in space with 1 group (1/2/3-guns), 2 with a group (3/4/5/6-guns) while assigning keys No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, to activate fire on groups.

    Having flown to the base and having taken off, I found that group number 2 does not work (it flies from the settings), it has to be assigned again !!!

    Everything works fine on my end.

    Suggestion: Is it possible to do missions against Bases / Battleships from which then something useful is knocked out! (The head of the base, valuable resources, and so on. There are missions against the Bases in the mod, but nothing useful. If you kill the battleship, then the General drops out, but there is no mission against the battleships!)

    You can get your own battleship and raid the Inner Core battleship patrols. They drop alien guns.

    Question: Will / Do you plan to continue the single player game in your fashion? After all, you made additional missions about the lost fleet.

    Apparently more SP content is WIP/on hiatus.

    ... I want to replay N:A again... not all of it, maybe just Route B and some parts of Route C... Heck, I could have trolled my brother-in-law by doing a no swordplay run of Route B (only Pod fire and l33t haxx0ring)

    Hm. Could you also do/look for Orokin Moon Hall guides?

    Also, doesn't Nyx have a Prime? (BTW IIRC Nyx Prime and Valkyr Prime relics drop from Railjack loot dungeons)

    Спасибо, давайте попробуем, но я уже вижу, что это немного неудобно, так как клавиша Е имеет другое значение.

    Назначение клавиш в описанном мной примере (назначение - Del, End, PgDn, переключение - та же клавиша+шифт, выстрелить из второй группы - латинская E) продиктовано только моими личными предпочтениями (я это делаю чисто чтобы стрелять половинными залпами). Ничто не мешает Вам назначить их на другие клавиши, или пользоваться функционалом оружейных групп для других целей.

    Кстати, насколько я помню. по умолчанию эти клавиши не назначены. Проверьте настройки.

    The key assignment in the above example (Assign - Del, End, PgDn, Toggle - Shift+same key, fire weapon group 2 - E) is dictated purely by my personal preferencies (I use it purely for half-salvo rapid-firing). Nothing stops you from assigning these to other keys, or use weapon group functionality in another way.

    FYI, AFAIR these keys are unassigned by default. Check the settings.

    Что касается заимствования, я думаю, что вы можете, потому что они уже украли ваши идеи.

    Ну, я бы не советовал до такого доходить. В принципе идея работать с группами через юи интересная (реализация оружейных групп тут, как и в обычном фриле, довольно неинтуитивная), если можно это реализовать самостоятельно - лично я не вижу проблемы.

    Well, I wouldn't advice to go to that length. In concept, the idea of working with groups via UI is interesting (the weapon group functionality here, as well as in vanilla FL, is quite non-intuitive). If it can be implemented independently - I personally see no trouble.

    Please describe the scheme how to do it! Otherwise it doesn't even work ...

    Disable all weapons.
    Press Activate Weapons Group 1 (Set to Shift+Delete)
    Hold Assign Weapon Group 1 (Delete) and enable all four Lavablades again
    Press Activate Weapons Group 2 (Set to Shift+End)
    Hold Assign Weapons Group 2 (End) and enable Lavablades No. 2 and 4
    Press Activate Weapons Group 1 (Shift+Delete), enabling all four Lavablades.

    Okay, what exactly I have done was to set Lavablades No. 2 and 4 to Weapons Group 2. As you can remember, I set Fire Weapons Group 2 to E key. Now if I press E and then right mouse button, I'll have my guns fire half-salvos from diagonal barrels roughly twice as often as I would full salvos, a la Flakvierling 38.

    Likewise you can also assign whatever weapons you want to different weapon groups and activate them at will.

    With ammunition from coalition missiles or torpedoes, will it also be impossible to replenish / buy them in the Sirius sector?

    Probably. Except for Havoc/Nemesis/Cataclysm missiles.

    Question: You have implemented fire on gun groups! After all, FL has it! current does not work.

    In the Discovery mod, this function is present. I saw it on YouTube: the 1st group of guns, for example, removes the shield, and the 2nd group already has armor! This saves the ship's energy! (it doesn't matter if it's Battleship or STI)

    The weapon groups functionality works in CF. I use it for rapid fire.

    I think the meaning is clear to you, you decide.

    Nope it isn't.

    But I did host a couple of PvE events with battleships.