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    You'll unlock other systems as you progress with the storyline.

    If you play MP the entirety of star map is available right off the bat.

    if the server crashes or my pc crashes i lose my whole account and everything accomplished to date

    It works a little differently. You only lose your account if something serious happens to your PC (e.g. a Windows reinstall).

    is there a way i can still completely backup my account and account details

    If you still have your account, here's this thingy:

    It's actually very helpful for backing up FL IDs.

    My proposals:

    Possibility to minimize the launcher into the task bar.

    Launcher has background music - a volume slider and/or a mute button for it wouldn't hurt IMHO.

    Some of the installer options like Juni's outfit, Trent's outfit, HUD color scheme, etc - could they also be changeable via launcher?

    Try to load an earlier mission save game (The "Autosave" won't do). It appears that the trigger for the transdimensional rift activation is not active for some reason.

    Also, is it your first or second trip through the portal? If it's the second, then IIRC you'll need to buy a bribe from a Coalition diplomat on Earth before you can proceed.

    You can enable Open SP in the launcher settings if you don't want to play the singleplayer campaign.

    Though CF offers an extended campaign after Mission 13.

    I might play Monster Hunter World one day and probably regret that I spoiled my first experience of having this a-hole drop in out of nowhere on a High Rank hunt.

    Read the description of the item you bought and installed carefully.

    The Holoprojector forms a hologram of a bigger ship (in this case, ANS Yamato from Starlancer) around your ship. On the second screenshot, you see what is inside of that hologram. You can use turret view and mouse wheel to see how it looks like from a bigger distance.

    In System X-3043, my hull integrity rapidly deteriorates. Is this by design or should I be using an entirely different ship?

    This seems to be a solar storm event. It lasts for a while and ends.

    Once I'm in Death Valley, I get pwned by nomads within 30 seconds, not giving me nearly enough time to find the wreck and collect salvage.

    Well, if you can't avoid fighting, then my first advice still stands - buy a Dromedary, trade around NY, earn about 1M, buy Black Eagle.

    Yeah, I have considered that one as well. Thanks for the clarification.

    The other bonus from the Corrupt Charge is that it also works with Pennant's innate bonus.

    Pennant gets a bonus attack speed on a heavy attack kill, and the duration of the bonus scales with the combo counter.

    In other words, 3 seconds of extra attack speed turns into 6 seconds by default.

    Okay, it's been a while, but I've been thinking about some alternative builds to the Blood Rush/Weeping Wounds/Condition Overload.

    I have considered the heavy Attack build quite a while ago, and I actually went for it when I discovered that some weapons have forced Slash proc on Heavy Attack. At first I used Hate, and then stumbled on Pennant. Which turned out to be a decent Acolyte killer in SP:

    So now I'm considering this build:


    The only mod I have doubts about is Spoiled Strike. How much does attack speed matter when using mainly Heavy Attacks?

    On the other hand, lower attack speed is also an issue, because Pennant gets a bonus attack speed on a heavy attack kill, and the duration of the bonus scales with the combo counter. So replacing Spoiled Strike with Quickening is also an option. More hits with usual attacks->more combo counter->heavy attack->usual attacks again with bonus speed->rinse and repeat. On the other hand, high level enemies (like Level 135 Corrupted Heavy Gunners I tested this on) are way more likely to die from Slash procs and therefore do not activate the bonus, while lower-level enemies will just die from usual attacks.

    ...Okay, I admit it, I went for Pennant for its looks. 2B called, she wants her Virtuous Treaty back.