Crossfire Server Rules

Crossfire Rules

The server is provided for people to play and enjoy the Mod. This is a privilege and not a right and this privilege will be revoked if the rules are not followed, you disrupt the functionality of the server or you detract from the enjoyment of the majority of the players. We reserve the right to remove players from the server without prior warnings, although where applicable a warning will be given. We reserve the right to take whatever action is deemed fit to ensure players are observing the rules. These rules are subject to additions and/or amendments at any time and without prior notice. The decisions of the Admins are final on all matters. We reserve the right to deviate from the below listed rules at any time to resolve an existing or potential problem. Your acceptance of these rules is indicated by your use of the server. If you do not agree to this then you should not attempt to connect.

Section 1 Crossfire 2.0 Server Rules

These rules are to ensure that the server runs smoothly and is open to people of all ages, race, nationality and life style to enjoy Crossfire Multiplayer. It is a serious offence to break any of these rules and may result in you being permanently banned without warning.

No Cheating

Cheating is defined as manipulating the game to gain an unfair advantage over other players. This includes the use of map bugs and exploits, scripts, macros and every other manipulation of the provided game/mod aswell as the use of multiple IDs at the same time.

No Mods allowed

(others than the latest Crossfire version)

Ensure that Crossfire is the only active Mod in use. Using other Mods causes server performance to degrade, possibly causing it to crash as well as being considered cheating.

Do Not be Offensive

Do not offend other players in any way. This includes (but is not restricted to) character/forum names and comments made in game, on the forum or through any messaging facilities. This includes racist, sexist, homophobic comments and swearing.

No Insults

Insulting, abusive or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated.

Degrading the Server

Do not deliberately interfere in the running of servers in anyway that degrade performance or causes the server to crash. Slow connections to the server also affect the server. Players are responsible to ensure that there connection is adequate. The server availability and your connection quality to the server can be monitored with the /ping command. Downloading while playing is the most common cause of bad connections and so is not allowed.

No Idling

Idling for long periods of time is highly inconsiderate and prevents other players from joining the server. We reserve the right to kick players out the game if we recognize a player idling. Players docked on bases will be automatically kicked after a specific period.

No Flooding

We will not tolerate flooding our servers. Flooding is considered as server attack and will cause heavily damage and so will be legally pursued.

Do Not Drive Players off the Server

You must not deliberately target a player and harass them through words or actions until they leave the server. This includes clans using Kill on Sight (KoS). KoS should be limited in either duration or until specific conditions are met. The limit should be set proportionally to the ‘crimes’ committed against the clan. Clans may be asked to justify their use of KoS to Server Police [GR] and Administration.

Correct use of Clan Tags

Unless you are a member of a clan, you must not use clan tags on your character. If you are a member of a clan, you must use the correct clan tag on all characters. Clan tags are set to a specific string of characters, no deviation from this is allowed. If you join a clan you will have 7 days to get your characters properly tagged, clan leaders have now possibility to rename all your characters (can be done also when you are not logged in game).

Reporting Rule Breakers

If you are aware of somebody breaking the rules, then you should report this to the Server Police [GR] or Administration. Evidence of the infraction will be required, this can be either through witnesses to the event or screen captures. Screen captures are made by pressing the Print Screen button; this will put a screen print in the “My Pictures” directory of “My Documents”. The “/time” command should be used to show when any incident happened. If no evidence is available then the Server Police may be unable to act but they should still be informed so they are aware of the situation and able to keep an eye on it. Server Police [GR]will deal with all problems in whatever method they deem appropriate. Players do not have the right to police Crossfire and should not attempt to do so. Reports to the Server Police [GR] should be done privately (using PM on Swat-Portal Forum or email). Public accusations will not be tolerated either with or without evidence of the infraction.


Depending on the offense, it severity and the players history will dictate what penalties are applied for breaking the rules. Penalties range from warnings through fines (game money) up to kicks or bans (temporary or permanent) from the game and/or forums. Attempting to evade a penalty will be dealt with extremely harshly.

Appealing Decisions

If you believe that you have been unfairly treated, penalties can be appealed. To appeal a decision, contact Server Police [GR] or Admininistration. Clan members should bring appeals to their clan leader.

Respect Server Police

[GR] & Administration

These people give up there time to keep the server running smoothly. They do this on a voluntary basis. Every attempt is made to deal with players request in a timely fashion but your patience and understanding is required. Any abuse, insults or threats to SPs or Admins will not be tolerated and will produce the most severe penalties.

Section 2 – Role-Playing rules

Crossfire is a role-playing server. This means that each character adopts a role and plays the game in that style. The role-playing rules apply to the entire Crossfire universe, with the following exceptions:

New York

This system is a safe haven for new players. PvP is disabled there. Experienced players may transit through this system or assist new players otherwise they should avoid New York.

Arena, Coloseum and The Hive

These are event systems and are not part of the role-playing universe. Players can use these systems for training, testing ship configurations and taking part in events. Players should not use these systems to avoid RP or protect stores ships. Players within these systems (eligible to RP) must leave if another player wishes to RP with them. The player must exit in a timely fashion though not necessarily through the nearest exit.

Clan Systems

Each server clan has ownership of a system. Within this system, the clan is able to set theirs own rules. Rules for these systems are published by the clan. Clan leaders have the possibility to set own messages which are displayed to other players entering the Clan's system. Clan system rules need to be in accordance with server rules and can be revised by SP/Admin.

During Events

Various events are run on the server by EMs (Event Managers). While taking part in an event, role-playing rules are suspended.

Section 2a – General Role-Playing Rules

It is considered cheating to abuse the mechanics of the game. There are processes within Freelancer that are not realistic but are required to make the game work. Taking advantage of these is not allowed. These include but are not restricted to:

Spawn Killing

When a ship exits a jump gate/hole it has a brief period where the shields are inactive and the ship may not maneuver. Ships may not be attacked during this period. (The best way to make sure you’re now spawn-killing is to wait until the player moves)

Abusing Alt+F4

You must not use Alt+F4 to exit the game while your character is in space or switch characters (i.e. not docked at a planet or space station) under these conditions:

  • Avoid any RP situation.
  • Wait for a wreck to re-activate when the server reboots
  • Take advantage of the fact that when you rejoin, your shield is fully recharged.

Taking advantage of bugs in the game is not allowed.


When a ship is destroyed it respawns at the last place it was docked with all recent damage erased. Deliberately using this to avoid either travelling time or repair costs is not allowed. This includes suicide by planet, NPC or hazards (mines, etc). Excluded from this rule are out-of-role-play-systems (Arena, Hive, Colosseum).

Section 2a – Open Role-Playing Rules


Note: Character refers to a single character within the game. Player refers to the individual playing. The Open Role-Play runs 24/7. In the Open Role-Play you play as if you where a Police Officer, Mercenary, Pirate or Smuggler. Characters actively participate in this by purchasing and mounting the appropriate Role-Playing license, each character can have mounted only one from these Role-Playing licenses. Characters below the 40th level or new characters (total playing time on all characters of one account is less than 10 hours) are automatically exempted from the Open Role-Play (they cannot be engaged in PvP), all other characters are included whether they have a Role-Play licence mounted or not. If you do not have a licence mounted then you may still be included in the Open Role-Play: Pirates may still tax you, Police fine you and Mercenaries pursue bounties placed on you.

Pirate Syndicate Licence

Mounting this licence and your character becomes a pirate. You make your money through taxation (extortion) of other characters. You offer the character the alternative of either paying tax or being destroyed. Pirates can tax, via the "/tax" command (see below), anybody and everybody (except characters under 40th level): police, mercenaries, smugglers, freelancers and other pirates. If they refuse to pay, then the pirate may open fire and attempt to destroy them. A refusal may be in the form of word or action (running, opening fire or not responding within a reasonable time). Pirates are allowed to shoot at their targets (max. until shields are down) before they are going to issue any tax requests. When is tax paid or evaded (both cases are announced with automatically generated message to the pirate and his target), the taxing pirate may not tax (or chase and attack, because tax was successfully avoided) the same character again within a 1 hour limit.

Police licensed players are the natural enemy of pirates and as such pirates may open fire on Police Officers anytime at will and without warning (except in out-of-role-play-systems like Arena). All other players must have refused to pay tax before they can be engaged.

Police Licence

Mount this licence and your character is a Police Officer. You work to maintain law and order across the universe. Police officers take action against those involved in illegal acts. Illegal Acts: Smuggling – Police may scan any vessel for illegal goods (Cardamine, Alien Artefacts and Black Market Goods (BMGs)). If a Smuggler is found with illegal goods, they may be fined, via "/fine" command (see below), and/or have their cargo taken and destroyed. If the smugglers refuse to pay the fine and/or drop their cargo, the police officer may destroy them. A refusal may be by word, action (attempting to run or opening fire) or by not responding in a reasonable time. Note: Smuggler can be asked to drop illegal cargo every time when they are caught smuggling.

Piracy – The police may also fine, via "/fine" command (see below), characters for acts of piracy or being a known pirate (having a Pirate Syndicate Licence mounted). Acts of piracy include attacking ships (except known pirates) for profit (collecting bounties) or fun. Mercenaries who are working for pirates are also considered to be engaged in piracy for the duration of their contracts. Known pirates, character with a Pirates Syndicate Licence mounted may be engaged anytime at will and without warning (except in out-of-role-play-systems like Arena).

Tax & Fine Commands - 1 Hour Limit

Players with equipped police or pirate role-play license must use (for fine or tax) the two new hook commands "/fine" (Police) and "/tax" (Pirates). Use of these commands ensures, that the tax or fine is paid even if the taxed or fined player character leaves the stage. The player who receives the demand of tax or fine will be automatically informed (hook message) to pay the price or prepare to escape or fight or die. The tax and fine amount is calculated automatically based on the targeted player character balance (money on the character and account bank). The maximum fine or tax is 20 million credits. The target can accept the tax or fine request by using the "/yes" command. To avoid paying the price you can evade the tax or fine by escaping to another system or killing the player which issued the fine or tax. Switching characters or leaving the game for any reason will result that the fine or tax will be paid automatically! Police or pirate players can use this command only once per one hour on any specific character.

Mercenary Licence

Mount a Mercenary Licence and your character becomes a gun for hire. You may accept contracts from any other characters (pirate, cops, smugglers, freelancers or other mercenaries). You may charge what ever you like for your services, as long as the client is prepared to pay it. Typically mercenaries will be hired to protect traders from pirates, smugglers from pirates and cops or by cops/pirates to add extra fire power. Such contracts have to be arranged through adverts on the Role-play Boards of the Forum or publicly announced via chat in system prior before the Mercenary engages in combat. A mercenary licence also allows you to collect public bounties placed on other characters. Public bounties are placed on characters by using the “/setbounty” command in the chat window. Private bounties are not permitted. Mercenaries may attack without warning any player with a bounty on them. There is a lower bound value for a bounty (see below).


Mercenaries are allowed to act in defence whilst fulfilling their contracts if their clients are attacked.

Mercenaries are not allowed to collect bounties set by them or their clan; you cannot place a bounty on a player to give yourself an excuse to attack them.

Limits for Bounties

Bounties shall not be set on players below level 40 (below 40th level are characters automatically protected, and cannot be engaged in PvP).

Bounties can not be set at less than $3.000.000

No player may put a bounty on a character more frequently than once every 2 hours.

Smugglers Syndicate Licence

By mounting a Smugglers Syndicate Licence your character becomes a smuggler. You are the only ones who are able to buy BMG’s (Black Market Goods) which are both highly profitable and highly illegal.

PvP (Player vs. Player) Combat

You are not allowed to reload (using nanobots and/or batteries) during any sort of PvP-fights (both sided agreement and/or role play related fights). The exception to this is, when a repair ship is being attacked and/or both parties of the fight do agree to the usage of batteries and/or nanobots prior beginning of the PvP-fight.

Mass PvP Combat

In situations where fights involving more than two characters are going on, bystanders should be careful. If you get too close you may find yourself attacked in the confusion of mass combat. This may be an unfortunate accident but you only have yourself to blame for not keeping clear. Mass combat will usually take place near a dock. If you wish to observe a combat without taking part, then you may position yourself stationary near this dock. This will not guarantee your safety (especially if you are legitimate target). You should consider not using any mines in mass combats – they are causing massive lag and will destroy the fun for everyone.

English only in System Chat

English is the default language of Crossfire and should be the only language used in system chat.

Self Defence

No matter what the role-playing situation is, if a player is fired upon first they have the right to defend themselves.

ASF/CSF contest rules:

ALL ships equipped with ASF or CSF license are open to attack from any player carrying opposite license anywhere and any-time in all Crossfire RP systems. If will attack occur in one from contested systems in Sirius Sector, it will be automatically counted and results daily displayed on server page in Neural-Net News. In contested systems (ONLY) will the AutoReferee tally the kills, and determine the winner of each system once per week; system control to be decided by a 5-kill margin over the opposing faction. The 1-week period required to capture a system allows for more coordinated actions, and for players in all time zones to make a contribution to the battle over each system. All system wins and losses will be posted together; for example, ASF may win 4 systems and CSF 3 different systems in the same week.

ASF/CSF contested systems: The revised political map gives each faction control of 23 systems in Sirius Sector. When one faction captures 15 of these systems (67%) , it is declared the winner of the campaign, and the map is reset. List for all actual contested systems is displayed on server page in Neural-Net News.