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  • HI,

    Sorry for disturbance but 2 day ago one of your team are put bounty price one my head because he what this :""II do what I want and I don't ask anyone'' and he spoked bad.I tried to find him in CF status but i cannot find him.


  • Hi there is a issue with the coalition turret not firing is it a known issue or ??? Any help would be appreciated

  • Checking. Will advise

  • i don,t know how to use this new conversation on the web page now since the change

  • i have also the swat portal web page has changed again. for me looks a lot better the big gap i reported has now gone.

  • jed concerned. i signed on today to swat website and went to our clan page and its all exposed to the general public surely thats not right everyone can see what we have been saying. it was not all there before today. i check here and the clan page daily. ??????? immediate alert. ????

  • Congrats for your next trophy :-)

  • Putting my ship list here, made my enteries too long:|TSH|DesertRat10 |TSH|Warthog10 |TSH|Orion_Rising10 |TSH|Old_Dog10 |TSH|Gearhead10_Trader |TSH|RMCS10_Trader |TSH|Vigilante10 |TSH|Corvette10 |TSH|Lawkeeper10 |TSH|Gear10_SPECOPS01 |TSH|Gear10_SPECOPS02 |TSH|Gear10_SPECOPS03

  • Sorry for the delay! Congrats for the trophy :-)

  • Congrats on the Navigator trophy :)

  • Hi Gearhead10,
    gratulations on your 25. preserved like.

    • 25 what? Add 40 to that and you would be close but still off! :) I wish I was preserved like a 25! :D

    • Don't we all Mate :D