Planet Lost Paradise

Visiting Planet Lost Paradise (unique planetary system in Crossfire mod).

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  • Can you reach it in Multiplayer ? :0

    • yes, but server have problems with jump-hole to LP. Safest way (to avoid autoban) is relog after each jump through JH leading to LP. This issue was reported already, but obviously fix is not easy.

    • It was 'Access Denied' the whole time when I tried in MP : S

    • If this is still the case, please make bug report ... there should be not any "denied" access for this jump :(

      EDIT: ... ohh, this access denied happened on first or second jump? .. if on second, then it is a reason why I told to relog. There is desynchrinised location on your PC and on the server.

    • Uhm it was every jump...but tbh I do not care for now as I do not play it often...