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Karina spent few more hours as the "delivery girl" and learned few good lessons. One of them was about the need to always check the mission details related to the destination station distance from the system entry star; everything distant more as 10k light seconds (ls) is not worth the extra money because it needs too much flight time in the supercruise. Another lesson was about the need to disable the external flight controller (notebook touchpad) which unwanted use has resulted in accidental series of shots which have hit the station wall when she was trying to dock ... what have happened then was really very, very fast. The station openned fire from numerous defense turrets, the ship have strongly shaked, the canopy broke almost instat and followed an emergency ejection of the escape capsule.


Few hours later, when she awakened in the hybernation unit, she found that he is at the Detention Megaship. Luckily, she had enough money to pay the insurance, and the local office of the insurance company already have sent her new ship. She went first to local security office where have paid off the fine for station attack, and then headed into docks to check her "new" ship. Quick controll revealed that all systems are the same like before, they all seemed are working very well, but Karina still felt deep sorrow for the loss of the original Beetle. "I realy do want to avoid repeating of this experience", she thought.

Latest affairs forced her to think more serious about finances; it seemed now obvious that possibility to lose a ship is not something what could not happen. She was back at normal station and were checking the list of missions ... and then she noticed it: it was an generously paid mission asking surgical strike against skimmers (on planet surface) of another faction. What was the most interesting on this type of mission was the fact, that it needed use of small surface vehicle (SRV). Ship used for transporting SRV was practically irrelevant if the pilot was careful enough and did not bring danger to the location where the ship landed. What was even more interesting was that there were more factions asking for attack on the same skimmers, was about time to check how it works in real.


Multiple surface missions against skimmers were finished and Karina had enough occassions to improve her driving skills with the SRV (her finances have rised up also nicely). She learned the differences between sound and graphic patterns showed on SRV radar; and this new skill resulted in collecting of different micro-materials which can be for example used fo refuel, repair or rearm of the SRV. There was also one hidden bonus, which was revealed when Karina received personal message from Pilots Federation. They informed her that she had reached the rank Scout (Exploration). And then came one another surprise, it was personal invite to visit Felicity Farseer. Karina did not know for sure who Felicity is, but she heard already some rumors about persons called "The Engineers". "It may be worth to visit her soon", thought Karina, but there was something else, what she want to do earlier ... her assets rised up enough to allow her think about new better ship.

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