Forlon's fly log 0009 - Elite Dangerous: Eject, Eject, Eject!

Jadimo system, Grzimek Dock medical facility 3302/01/16.

Jadimo system, Grzimek Dock medical facility 3302/01/16
Inside a cryogenic medical tank is hovering a man without a move. Doctor is checking outputs coming from the status monitor and reads medical report containing informations about deep burns, wounds and cracked bones. Brain activity is rising, is need to apply more inhibitors, too early for wake-up.

"... who I'm ... where I'm? ... what happened? ..." mind was fading -out and -in and then ... "What you want to do? It is only a few hours since was Your escape pod rescued from Arawere deep space and not too long after this again, this time from space around this station! People from local security were asking many questions, and local unofficial FEDs office was too interested!" My good old friend arrived as fast as he was able to, once he heard about my troubles and now was sitting in the chair beside my bed. "I will be OK, what I need to know now is, if he is still around!" He was looking on me with deep disbelief ... "You must be crazy my friend!!! If you are asking about that RoA pilot, yes, he is still returning to this station. Last time he was seen roughly 30 minutes ago.""Good, then I need to leave asap!" While I was saying it, I was half way in dress my spacesuit. "I only hope that my Black Mamba is ready on pad 30, is it?" "Yes, is ready and all insurance payments were paid" came reply.

... ship sensors were fully active, but ship remained cold producing barely 20% of heat when was hovering in space in the station shadow. Still was possible see my ship with basic Mk1 eye, but for most of ship's scanners will be displayed only a ghost signal. "Ahh, here he is!" ... too well known FAS signature appeared on my ship scanner when was leaving station. Ship system were fully activated and weapons were deploying. No warning was given/needed, ... is a time for guns talk only. Fight started, it was for a third time in last few hours and there was not expected any mercy.

... hull at 3%, canopy was breached and engines have just failed, ships systems were closing down. Fire coming from outside suddenly stopped, com have display message from RoA pilot about a good fight. "He let me alive, but why?" ... question was burning in my mind when my terrible damaged ship passed through the station entrance. Mind was slowly fading out, pain from burns was getting more intense and was taking control. Hold on, slowly, only a few seconds is needed for reach the landing pad ...

Inhibitors were applied, man's mind activity, which was inside the medical tank, was dropping again ...