Inner Core Patrol Report

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  • Prologue:
    After the successful IOC-expedition including the destruction of several alien fleets in the Inner Core systems (see here) daily patrol missions were established.
    Taking into account that Inner Core`s threat is still a danger for the life of the complete Sirius sector most clans and factions support these missions with own ships.
    As headquarter was chosen the Mirtrak Battlestation in Weth, which was gratefully provided by humans new allies, the Dom'Kavash.

    Inner Core Patrol Report 01 - date: 21.11.3013

    Lieutenant Denne of the Dark Phoenix clan was patrolling in Pyrddra while he received request of SA Commander Forlon to help him with transferring bigger amounts of recently captured alien weapons for transport and further examinations in Sirius' research facilities. Lt. Denne agreed, set course back to Weth. Anyway, the time for his patrol was finished in some minutes and helping each other in all cases became the unuttered most common state in Inner Core systems. Because the patrol today went easeful as expected after last weeks battle he programmed autopilot, layed back in his pilots chair, switched on some calm music and closed the eyes. Shortly before docking at jumpgate to Mepther Lt. Denne woke up by automatic approach signal.

    In Mepther then some small fighter squadrons - displayed by far range scanner - let Lt. Denne completely forget about his tiredness after this long day. He gave first report to Cmdr. Forlon, who was still busy with preparations for the transferring act. Cmdr. Forlon decided to have an own look on the situation and started a small excursion with the mighty Battleship SA_Hades. Even if the first AU-s went without any incidents, the second report of Lt. Denne about some other alien fleets made him really nervous now.

    Fortunately another patrol consisting of IOC-s Lt.-Cmdr. Reaper and freelancer Lt. Tiga was on the way to Jormdar and so the decision was made to meet in Ryssk to conflate all patrolling-ships. Directly after the rendezvous the correctness of this decision was proven, when suddenly several Warrior cruisers and a battleship jumped directly into this area. No orders were necessary, the battle started immediately. Once again Cmdr. Forlon's precaution was certified and with the overwhelming firepower of BS SA_Hades this battle became another loss for the aliens.

    The way back to Weth went with high concentrations on scanner-displays, but no further fleets were detected. In Weth then the transfer was completed and a small business between the IOC-member and freelancer Tiga made some people even happy in the end.

    The sudden appearance of the Warrior-fleet was a big and not amusing surprise, especially after the last IOC-expedition that seemed to be a pacification of the whole situation in and around Inner Core systems. Cmdr. Forlon ordered to send a small fleet under Lt.-Cmdr. Inpo. This fleet will consist of 1 battleship, 1 repair ship and several fighters. The objective is once again to explore all systems between Omega 3 and Weth to find possibly hidden jumpholes or still unknown facilities of the aliens. It is absolutely necessary to find the reason how the alien could establish such fleets so quick. The mission is not meant to be a suicide-mission but all results should be considered.
    Date and time of this mission will be given only through encrypted channels, since the aliens seem to have hacked the common ones.

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  • Report about the Inner Core exploring mission on 23.11.3013

    The mission was led by Lt.-Cmdr. Inpo (nick-name "International-Police"), a former officer of the Coalition-embedded Syrian-Strike-Forces. He became famous after successful leading of a small fleet in the Ancient wars in Dervon (see here). His capital ship was the borderworld dreadnought "SY Inquisitor". Lt. Denne supported the fleet with a repair ship (|DP|repenne).

    In the beginning the fighter fleet consisted of members of different clans and freelancers. The nick-names in alphabetical order:

    (IOC) Reaper

    Another pilot (Johny-Walker) had some "technical problems" with the hypergate in Omega 3, got no access and had to abort.

    The mission started 21:20 pm (servertime) from jumpgate to Venn. The very first AU-s went "easeful as usual" - corresponding to the asteroid field around the gate. It was expected to pass Venn quick and without bigger incidents. Shortly after exiting the asteroid field this expectation was destroyed, when a Dom'Nepesh fleet uncloaked with 4 cruisers and even a mothership. Lt.-Cmdr. ordered to engage and so the first battle began. The result of this showed, that our appearance was a surprise for the Dom'Nepesh too, since they lost their fleet within few minutes. But shortly after that there came the next one and this was the point to decide to boost our power and Lt.-Cmdr. Inpo ordered another human battleship to Inner Core, the Liberty Dreadnought "Leroy".
    With this overwhelming power we proceeded the mission and it became more and more clear, that something strange is going on here. The deeper we went into Inner Core systems the more alien fleets we had to engage. Hot spots were the well known Savage station in Jormdar and the whole Pyrddra system. In the end there was not time to explore the systems for hidden jumpholes or new secret facilities. It became just a matter of surviving the mission.
    But with each alien fleet and all their fighter squadrons that we took down the idea came to our mind, that these aliens didn't expect us at all. It looked much more, they prepared for another war, between themselves or against Dom'Kavash, we still don't know. Anyway, we decided once again to increase our firepower and ordered more pilots (SEINAS and agent5 joining).
    After a short visit of Celldra system Lt.-Cmdr. Inpo decided to head back to Weth, because we saw there some strange lights and assumed this as a new secret alien weapon. Later we realized the correctness of this idea when - back in Pyrddra again - computer displays in our ships showed strange symbols and suddenly the computers crashed. It seems that the aliens have infected them with a kind of virus similar to the virus used by the Cylons long ago, that disabled whole human fleets except some of the old constructions like the BS Galactica. Anyway, the result was the loss of our half fleet on planet Culd where they had to fullfil an emergency landing.
    One of these ships was the repair ship under Lt. Denne and it was really big luck for them since the experienced engineers were really able to repair most of the vessels. There was absolutely no possibility to help the pilots landed on Culd and so the battleships of our fleet and some fighters had to leave the Pyrddra system for their own repairs. When all activities were finished the vessels started from planet Culd and met the remaining fleet in Mepther. With all the damages we decided now finally to head back to Weth for reporting all what we saw.

    Mission Results:
    While the objectives were just exploring the systems between Omega 3 and Weth and looking for anomalies, we found that the Aliens prepare for something really big. They established a new electronic warfare and their capabilities to produce big amounts of vessels have incredibly increased. The only positive knowledge of this mission is, that their targets are not preferred to be us humans, since they always showed an unusual failing in dealing with our battleships and fighters. Nevertheless we should stay careful and proceed with our daily patrols.

    Our success in counts:
    Destroyed alien cruisers: about 100
    Destroyed Mother- or Battleships: 25
    Destroyed alien fighters and bombers (not preferred targets): more than 80

    End of report.

    (Pictures of some battles will follow after decision which ones have to be classified.)

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  • :strafe: This is Time_Bandit.Sorry I missed the mission yesterday but I most likely wouldn't haven't been much help.I took a trip to the" Dervon Sys" and learned I need to get a lot more PvP combat and A couple Coalition Gattlings. I was lucky to kill 2 of those drones and that was 0ne time.I think I'm going to go to these contest that pop up now and then in the Arena type systems to help with my dog fighting skills.So I am truly sorry I couldn't make it.I can make a fool of my self anytime.You needed pilots with high skill levels.Hope you can use me for a less difficult mission in the future.I do have a decent skill level and very good equipment.LATER,Time_Bandit

  • some of the photos, taken in the last mission, were declassified.
    1. the very first Dom'Nepesh cruiser destroyed by our fleet
    2. a look on the battle area
    3. the above mentioned Savage station in Jormdar, pilots in this area should be especially careful due to expected giant Savage fleets around
    4. one of the dozens mother ships
    5. the Dom'Nepesh station that seems to be a research facility for the electronic warfare
    6. an exploding Savage cruiser

    pls feel free to upload ur pics, if u have. the view out of repair ships windows is not the best ;)


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  • :thumbup: Looks like I missed all the fun.Strange looking stations and mother ships.Keep In touch,I definetly want in on the next one.I dropped the Tizona and added a cannonball lancher.Should help also twin sunslayer torps. plus I found the shield rated over 11000.Now all I need is the CGs and practice.See you later.

  • You don't have CG yet?
    Inner Core is the last place you should explore without Gatlings. Or W'ar-sys/Kelyrd-rays/Ther'hons for that matter.
    I can actually help you with even W'ar-sy Propulsors and Gatlings. And maybe even get you to Inner Core.

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  • Prologue

    While the last IC-mission it was realized, that at least one of the alien-factions in the Inner Core systems established a new electronic warfare, which was responsible for the emergency landing of the half fleet on planet Culd in the Pyrddra system. Until now it is not sure, which of the factions and what technology was used.
    The daily patrols continue with one exception: it is forbidden for them to enter Celldra, since the source for the computer crashes is assumed to be localized there.

    Inner Core patrol Report 02 - date: 20.01.3014

    A special operation was planned to find the exact localization of that new alien facilities. The repair ship |DP|repenne was equipped with a new shield that is cruise-disrupter proof, extra firewalls for the computer and new surveillance technology. Then it was sent to Celldra. To prevent a detecting by aliens the |DP|repenne was ordered to avoid any radio transmissions and using mainly passive scanners. Our long range scanners showed that the vessel successfully entered Celldra. But after its heading to a cloud in the North of Celldra we lost it. An emergency buoy with the logbook and scanner data was detected 2 days later in Jormdar.

    Because Lt.-Cmdr. Denne (former Lieutenant, but promoted due to his special accomplishment while the last mission) is still convalescing from his injuries in a hospital in New Mekka, this operation was commanded by Lt.-Cmdr. Tucker.

    The tanscription of the logbook:

    Date: 15.01.3012, Lt.-Cmdr. Tucker

    After successful entering of the Ryssk system, i decided not to take the shortest way to Mepther. I set course directly between the 2 suns of the system for avoiding any contact with alien fleets. Only few fighter squadrons have been shown on our new passive scanner and it seems, that they did not detect us.

    In Mepther we went a long way round in order to stay out of scanners range of the Dom'Razak station (coordinates: 4-D/C). Similar to our experiences in Ryssk it seems, we are invisible for the aliens, because none of their vessels wanted to intercept us.

    Encouraged by this realization we started with the exploration directly after entering Pyrddra. The mission, Ensign Makato named it "mapping", went easy and quick. We made photos of all facilities and scanned the suspicious actively. As expected this resulted in the arising of several fleets by the system-dominating species Sentinel and Dom'Setek and we saw the new cruise-disrupter proof shield to be correct functioning.
    With this satisfying knowledge we entered the destination Celldra. The so-called "mapping" of the free space around the Crydiss cloud went with the same patterns as in Pyrddra and so we were optimistic to enter that strange cloud in the North of the system. Till now our new shield and firewalls have shown no failures.

    But what happened then was everything but expected. Whatever it was, it infiltrated our navigation and control computers. To avoid a crash with an asteroid nearby i decided to shutdown all computers. Unfortunately this caused a chainreaction that damaged the tank and we lost 98% of our H-fuel. It was a big luck, that all crewmembers survived and only small injuries were registered. We started immediately with repairs but it was clear that we were not able to head back to Weth. Our destination now is a repair buoy localized nearby.

    Now that we are stranded here, far away of any human patrol route, our hopes lay in this small emergency buoy, that we equipped with all gathered information and a small rocket drive. We programmed it to head to Jormdar near the usual patrol routes. Our Oxygen reserves will last for 2 weeks. In case that no rescue mission will find us in due time, please send the personal logbooks of the crewmembers to their kinswomen. Yes, my mates made a great job and i am proud to be the commanding officer of this mission.
    Lt.-Cmdr. Tucker out.

    Attached you find the most important scanner data made by the |DP|repenne.
    And of course a rescue mission is planned. As many human vessels - stationed in Weth - are still in repair, the composition of our fleet is not finally determined. Unofficially IOC-s Lt.-Cmdr. Reaper and the freelancers Lt. Tiga and Ensign Tschakito were ordered for this mission on 25.01.3013. Furthermore our headquarter requested several Dreadnoughts by the Sirius houses. Unfortunately this request was declined. Another request was sent to all important clans and freelancers and we are still waiting for replies.
    So let's stay with the truth: this is gonna be one of the most dangerous rescue missions. We cannot provide a repair ship, but it is expected that the |DP|repenne is still active and its crew alive so that all received damages on Dreadnoughts and/or Battleships will be repaired at rendezvous. And, this mission is not just a rescue mission. Since many information in the emergency buoy were destroyed by heavy radioactivity it is very important to extract the computer core of the |DP|repenne. We need those information to develop new defense strategies and technologies.

  • Update

    The repairs on human vessels were accelerated. SA Fleedcommander Forlon will lead fleet A from Weth. It is expected that his Dreadnought "Hades" will be fully ready for action. All pilots stationed in Weth are ordered to join fleet A.
    Lt.-Cmdr. Inpo (with his Borderworld Dreadnought) leads fleet B coming from Sirius sector. All pilots near Omega 3 are ordered to join fleet B.

    Starting time for both fleets: 20:00 h

    Fleet A and B meet in Jormdar, where the emergency buoy of |DP|repenne was found. Afterwards fleet B will be integrated to fleet A under command of Forlon and we start the rescue mission.

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  • oorp

    (info about action on our site updated)

    Btw Hades is ready and waiting (if I can made it)

  • ******************************* Transmission START *******************************

    FROM: Fleet-Admiral Martind Forlon TO: SAC SUBJECT: |DP| repair ship rescue operation 3014/01/25REPORT: Mission started without delays at 20:00 as was planned. We had 2 Fleets which launched at the same time from Weth (Fleet A) and Omega-3 (Fleet B). Fleet A flagship was SA_Hades liberty dreadnought under my command. Fighters escort was very strong this time: (IOC)Reaper WarVar BG_Haggisfudge SA_Lemon_FUD SA_Hunter_ROOSTER OldPenTom-2 ANybIS_IC WarVar ~“_I_Sten-4_I_“~ Fleet B was led by (International-Police) borderworlds dreadnought, supported by second dreadnought commanded by FatBoy. They had as fighter escort: :-I_Tschakito_fun2_I-: Warehawk SA_xxxx_BANDIT |DP|xxxx (Fallen)Poorboy2 (International)-Ori When we jumped from Weth to Ryssk I received message from SA_Rooster about his ship navigation system failure ... it looks that damage inflicted by dooms patrols one day earlier had some unwanted consequences. There was no time for field repair so he was ordered to immediately return to Mirttrak and do there thorough scan for all his ship systems. After this we moved quickly to Mepther and Pyrrdra. Dooms was it looks unpleasantly surprised with so strong human forces so theirs resistance at that time was rather pathetic. Theirs patrols were annihilated in seconds and we safely reached Celldra system where we headed to mission coordinates. Sentinel’s and Dom’Setek’s forces were prepared there and Fleet A had first tough fights with theirs fleets. We soon located repair buoy and also our main mission objective repair ship |DP|repenne. Because there was no signs of communication from repair ship we decided first to wait for Fleet B where were also DP technicians and H-fuel supplies. When fleet B arrived we were informed about heavy dooms resistance along theirs way, it looks like they had some intelligence information about this part of rescue operation. Fleet B had also some loses included new SA pilot Bandit, however his ship lifepod was caught by DP ship traction system and our pilot there was unconscious but alive. DP ship carefully maneuvered to repair ship and firmly linked both ships on emergency entry. Soon after was repair ship crew released from hibernation units which they decided to use and save this way limited oxygen resources on theirs ship. We were ready to go and with fully refueled and operational repair ship was now our time to strike hard on dooms forces. During our slow travel through Venn, Jormdar and Mepther we destroyed every doom ship we encountered … they will remember our visit for a very long time. When we were halfway to Ryssk, on scene arrived most feared Warrior spider battleships. Fight with them was tough and we lost few fighters, but in all cases we were successful with rescuing theirs lifepods so no one human pilot died there. Last fight was directly on gate to Weth, but few warriors cruisers was no match for our three battleships. Soon after we reached Mirttrack Base where were all injured pilot transported to local human medical facility. Operation was fully SUCCESFULL, all mission objectives have been met. Signed by: Camera records: MISSION RECORDS

    ******************************* Transmission END *********************************

  • More of the photos, taken in the last mission, were declassified.

  • Inner Core patrol Report 03 - date: 15.02.3014

    To upgrade one of DP-clan's Dreadnoughts with special Dom'Kavash-technology for future special operations in hostile Inner Core systems, a small taskgroup was established. The Liberty Dreadnought under command of Lt. Hitman was escorted by the repair ship repenne and Lt. Rooster of the Silver Arrows in his Chimera. The mission was led by Lt.-Cmdr. Denne. Objectives were to pass the hostile IC-systems in shortest time and survive.

    The mission itself suffered a lack of time for establishing a bigger fleet. Only three pilots in Sirius contacted IC-HQ after the mission was announced in Sirius' public channels:

    Unfortunately Errorcarry and callip0 got some technical issues with the ion-cannons in Omega 3 and had to abort the mission. They were ordered to Dervon to support another fleet against the still existing threat of the Ancients .

    So we started from Inner Core Venn gate where the 3 vessels met. After jump to Venn we decided to pick up some energy chrystals while Lt.-Cmdr. Denne programmed the computer for the best course to Weth. After that we headed to the repair bouys in the South of of the system and followed them to the Jormdar gate.

    Since it was the first mission for Hitman in a Dreadnought to the IC-systems we decided not to engage any Dooms-fleet, as long as they do not disrupt us of course. The flight through Venn was very easeful, there were no Dooms on our scanners.

    After jump to Jormdar this changed immediately and we had to fight our first battle. It was a hard fight between our small fleet and several Savage and Dom'Nepesh fighter squadrons and without the repair ship the whole mission was already lost in this early state. But the experienced engineers on repenne made their best and so all battles were won by us.

    Nobody counted anymore how many squadrons attacked us on the way to Weth. In Mepther the Dooms tried once again their new electronic warfares, but Sirius' scientists and engineers already developed new firewalls, special shields and new kind of digital repairbots for our ships, which cleaned the computer cores after every attack. So the worst thing that happened to us, was to loose contact between our ships for 2 minutes.

    But it seemed that all Doom-forces were ordered to Mepther now and so we got some problems at Ryssk gate. We tried to fullfill the docking procedure several times and always, just a second before our Dreadnought wanted to leave the system, a new hostile fighter squadron was displayed on our scanners. But they all failed to take us down. Then we came to Ryssk and only 2 small fights were necessary to pass it. The jump to Weth proceeded without problems and finally we reached Weth.

    Since u can read this report, u know that we accomplished the objectives. I want to point out, that Lt. Hitman, who was the first time in the hostile IC-systems with his Dreadnought, and Lt. Rooster made a very good job. Even in the worst situations they kept a cool head and did all the necessary. My recommendations to SA Admiral Forlon: Lt. Rooster deserves a posting.

    End of report.


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  • AFAIK Rooster is already a Lt.
    He became one after one hell of a trip through most of the Inner Core... and I agree that he deserved it, as it was me who led him.

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  • It looks like nice IC operation! SAC decided to add 1 Offensive point to Lt. Josh Sanders which bring him closer to first level of the Red Cross of the Silver Arrows.

    denne : Thanks for this report!