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  • hehe....old times old message

  • i will never forget you my old best friend.....

  • dude i miss you i really want you back on crosfire 2.0

  • hello all my exams ends after 1 week and a member illegal called International pirate in game it is not me or any member from us

    • i dont no who is pirate but i will find out another thing im back now

  • Good news im back bad news i lost many good poeple who fight for U.S.S. they fight as team they try best we won but heavy losers will not forgoten

  • Missioan: U.S.S.promblen pirate attack base im under attack players just call me i must help then so i must leave crosfire 2.0 i will be back defance are shut down like bomb 24 fighters shut down like flyes

  • i will be back

  • well i think im going take a break

  • Good luck with your exams M8 - and everythinbg else 'bout RL :)

  • I have Exams i will back later 60 days !!

  • im going dom kavash event ok so i left your message now i will see you there soon 19:00

  • Hi ThoALfeqare,
    gratulations on your 50. preserved like.

  • Hi ThoALfeqare,
    gratulations on your 25. preserved like.

  • hi