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    This was a blast (in many senses), thanks to everyone for joining and a special one to Ajay for making it happen!

    Here is the list of participants for reference:











    Everyone was rewarded with 20 mill credits + got some alien guns probably + lots of kills and fun.:trust_me:


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    I'm not sure if I have any cash to spare for rewards. In case an actual EM decides to support this, I propose adding a bonus for no intersections with the deploying unit.

    I suggest an equal 20M reward to all participants and can provide the funds.

    By the way, if all participants join one group, the deploying unit will be able to watch distraction team's movements via the map and easily avoid them.

    Join a clan? Would be nice, but then you are forced to one role, let's say you choose smuggler, then there's no pvp for you, if you choose Pirate or Police, then there's no smuggling (and profit) for you.

    Hi guenni7,

    it is not so black-and-white in reality.

    As a smuggler, you can't attack other players, but you still have to defend yourself from pirates, police and mercs, to defend your home system, your clanamates and trade companions. And if you want a fight, you can put a bounty on someone to attract their attention (this will also get mercs involved). Finally, Arena is always open if want PvP really bad (and there are PvP events too).

    As a pirate or police, you can make money with common goods and containers or with missions, and sometimes the profit/time ratio will be comparable to that of BMGs. The only downside is that best legal trades have short routes and get boring very quick. As another option, you can team up in a co-op trade with a smuggler for mutual benefit (this rarely happens for some reason, but I personally wouldn't mind to assist).

    I suggest to close this thread and leave only the first post. After reading it again, I realized that OP-R8R didn't ask for comments and ideas but only called people to act.

    The key points were:

    1. CF needs long term activities for players and clans specifically.

    2. Each clan needs a task which violates interests of other clans.

    3. Armed RP action between clans / players should be advertised to attract more people.

    4. All players are asked to help as much as they can.

    Next goes a lengthy discussion which contains no useful additions to those points.

    I tried to make a short summary:

    Anyone who opens the thread will be distracted by the replies, while the really important part is all said in the start.

    Hope everyone agrees with this. If not, we can move replies to a separate thread.

    You keep saying "no, does not work" while nobody of you even bothered trying.

    I decided to try something RP-related when back in game, just didn't mention it in the post. Probably the case is similar for others.

    I am sure your message reached everyone and was fully understood. (Also by people who read the topic but didn't reply, which is the majority.)

    Anyway, results will only be seen in time. We just need to wait and not give up too early.

    3rd post in a row today, I will try to finally reply on topic. :ssorry:

    I think the server is currently caught in a vicious circle:

    low population => rare opportunity for traditional MP activities (i.e. helping newbies, co-op trading, co-op NPC hunting, hanging out with clanmates, joining RP battles) => no reason to stay online => more people become inactive.

    The apparent solution is to somehow make the game interesting even with low number of people, then the circle will be broken and the population will start to grow again.

    Role play is just one way out, and I am not sure it is applicable in forms described in the starting post. It is indeed exciting to make RP announcements when the server is full of pilots of all sorts and you can't predict what happens next. But today most active players are good friends or at least familiar with each other, which leaves little place for surprise and makes RP actions feel somewhat fake, unnatural and causing no true emotion (besides fun, when done with proper humor and creativity).

    Existing alternative activities are clanbase construction (for a limited period), Galaxy Tour and events, but they seem not enough to keep players online. Therefore, to my mind, the CF mod desperately needs new unique MP mechanics or improvements that would ensure varied gameplay at all times. Examples can be:

    - more events;

    - more automatic events, like Galaxy Tour, with higher and maybe unique rewards (like items that cannot be obtained in any other way) and competition between players;

    - more types of random daily changes in the universe (some of which would bring not only limitations but also benefits);

    - the conquest system (hope it will be launched some day);

    - new types of massive missions against NPCs to be done in teams only (there are some harder missions now, but still not hardcore/rewarding enough);

    - more detailed public server stats and new types of trophies/achievements connected with MP activities.

    Some suggestions are theoretical at this point, because they require huge work from the devteam which has no motivation when the server can die out at any moment. Other ways depend more on the community - such as events, ideas for portal trophies, or role play as proposed initially.

    By the way, as far as standard RP actions are concerned, smugglers have been doing their part all the time, and recent events show that pirates are back in action too. So there is still hope!

    I was looking forward to join a smugglers clan, but when I saw the obligatory donation, I stayed away.
    Not that I don't want to donate, but this obligation threw me away.

    Hi guenni7.

    Assuming you were talking about the "strongly encouraged" donation in IOC Member Program (link), it never was obligatory. I personally would have removed that line entirely because it always causes questions from new members. But this is clan leader's decision and, maybe, the line was kept for historic value. The clan info was written by our respected founder Centaurian and remains mostly unchanged since then.

    Just like Tomigang, I have never heard of obligatory donations in CF.

    Hope this comforts you a bit :)

    one failure of this server is the multitude of GRs

    Hello Anatta ,

    I have been playing CF since 2010-11, and if any GR-tagged characters were online, there was mostly 1-2 at a time. With years even one GR became a rare sight, and today, due to clans' low activity, one can hardly ever meet serverpolice at all.

    Here is the list of current GRs: Server Police - SWAT Portal

    Only 3 of them are more or less active now, as far as I know.

    I am saying all this just to inform you that the problem you are describing has long been solved or disappeared on its own.

    Can't I really commit suicide in a minefield or a planet because I immediately get banned or kicked?

    You can, unless you do that intentionally to respawn at a far located base and have benefit from it (e.g. to trade faster or to escape from RP). Server rules are mostly just common sense. Also, nobody will kick or ban you unless you are continuously harming other players.

    And believe me there are enough who want to give this server a chance but are hindered by some stupidities that cut off the pleasure of wasting time here

    You could try to describe those stupidities here, and maybe a solution will be found.

    Results of the Hive Race on 31.05.2020

    Today the racers were to complete 3 enjoyable runs through the Hive and dock at Planet Issos if they make it.

    1st in ~12m 28s: Payet - 20 mill credits
    2nd in ~15m 57s: Firewolfy - 15 mill credits
    3rd in ~22m 29s: <C>H_Five - 10 mill credits

    Honorable spectator: Jack_Comet

    Thanks to all for coming and see you next time!


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    Results of the Top Gun on May 29, 2020

    There was notable disblanace between participating pilots' fighting skills, therefore we decided to make two Top Gun Tournaments in a sequence.

    Tournament #1 between 5 gladiators:

    |DP|DeadPool - event winner, 25 mill credits

    (IOC)Fencer - 2nd prize winner, 15 mill credits

    Lashan - participant, 5 mill credits

    <C>H_Chronos - participant, 5 mill credits

    Jack_Comet - participant, 5 mill credits

    Tournament #2 between 3 gladiators:

    <C>H_Chronos - event winner, 25 mill credits

    Lashan - 2nd prize winner, 15 mill credits

    Jack_Comet - participant, 5 mill credits

    Also we had an honorable spectator watching both tournaments: Melty.

    Thanks to all for coming and see you next time!


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