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  • Old (IOC) friend here, is Wanderer still around?

  • Thanks for helping me I am now stuck in the nomad city trying to find the way to the second chamber. Any help is appreciated again.

    • Hello.

      according to your reply in the ticketsystem, you managed to complete the mission. Congrats! :)

  • Wanderer how come my posts are disabled mate

  • Also im looking for bs upgrades and info on where can find

  • Glad your online right is there a way to take over a empty clan base for ioc in situs

  • Can I transfer all my credits to your char mate have other char with perfect rep need credits transfered to that char other char rep is fucked excuse my French

  • when does my tropy show up mate or is it automated

    • yea sweet man just curious thats all cheers wanderer u got any more events lined up

  • thanks for the event wanderer was great fun best fun ive ad playing on the mod many more to come

  • Hi (IOC)Wanderer,

    i recently installed crossfire 2 mod, single player works fine, but when i try to connect to the server it says i am banned? but i have never been on the server ?

    could you please look into this for me?

    as i really wanna start this mod as i have played freelancer discovery a few years ago but hear this is greater.

    • Hello Lazam1985,

      looking at the forum posts I guess your issue is fixed now :)

      If you are still banned, please leave a note via the ticket system with the name of at least one character on the account in question.

      Welcome to Crossfire & see you in space!

    • hi i am banned again for docking and undocking in ny system can you please un ban me character name - Freelancer_Alpha6/1

  • i don,t normally do this wanderer however feel i need to interject in defense of ioc friend. i was present in game when the incidents broke out between friend and thanhru and infact he reported to me his trouble with him. I ADVISED HIM TO REPORT IT. clearly i want it known that infact ioc friend did not break ANY RULES, and was telling the truth on that statement. i will also sternly mention that the other player mentioned is continual known to be outside r/p and the rules. players have this happen to them and just move on, annoyed but get over it. but must point out clearly that when a player has trouble with him and gets advised to post a report of incident. the particular person trys to act like he is then the victim.

    please accept my respect for this clan member in excepting his responsibility for his part in it and taking it on the chin and telling the truth the way it happened. but he was not the perpretrator of the incidences. and acted out of frustrations. not the right way though.

    kermit. ( TSH )

  • Hi Wanderer .

    I went to Hive to do some exploring and forgot it just a Maze with one way out.. ;-( I can reach the exit Jump Hole ok , but when I dock with it, it just locks me at the immediate entrance to the same and no means of escaping. Am I missing something? Thanks.


    • Hi wombat! Looks like the jump hole (air lock) your need is on the other end of the Hive :) Just start from where you are and fly all the way in one direction, then you will reach the real exit.

    • Thanks Wanderer.

      I've done that and I assume I'm at the real exit. It just that access to the Jump Hole, docking with it, doesn't work properly. I just get stuck at the entrance in the video click and can do nothing but exit the game and reload. Looks like maybe you've already tried. If so, did you get through the air-lock, into the JH and back to Arena?


    • Oops, sorry I had read your message in a hurry and didn't properly understand it.

      You should begin docking (F3) at a greater distance from the airlock.

    • I'll try it. thanks...….

      ……. perfect!!!!! Thanks Wanderer …… cheque's in the post. ;-)

    • You're welcome!

      By the way, I've invited you to Big Race events tonight / tomorrow morning.

      Upcoming Events - SWAT Portal

      Your knowledge of CF universe may turn into real profit there :)

  • Q:- Hi m8 :) I took part in the last Nomad hunt as cha ^^>>>WOLF<<<^^ I collected 2 Nomad guns and a cargo hold full of commodities. Am I entitled the Nomad Hunter trophy at this time as someone said to me or not.?

    • A:- Hi mate :) Nomad Destroyer trophy is given to the player who has collected most guns (if he hasn't got this trophy previously). You will need to work harder for it! :P

    • thanks m8 :) I new it couldn't be as easy as I had been told.

    • Awww, did I miss it?

  • Helloooooo, remember me? Hope you are well man, I just got computer running again, going to try to get back into the game. So far I am having problem getting 2.0 so we will see if I am successful. Fingers crossed X

    • Hello mate, of course I do remember :) It's great you came back after so long. If crossed fingers bring no success, you can always get more help here (Tools -> Bugtracker). Otherwise I hope we meet in space soon!

  • Hi.! m8 in count down from 20.000 in your last post you typoed 15.thou etc myself deepsilver & mercenaro have some 12. thous to edit in earlier posts.

    • I made that mistake deliberately, as a joke - hoping somebody would then count from 15k again :)

    • Thanks m8. it did occur you may have done so ... it got past us the other day sorry. Will edit soon as I can log on a PC.

    • Sorry to bother you....

    • "Will edit soon as I can log on a PC." - What do you want to edit mate? Your posts in that thread are already correct

    • @ count back from 20.000 we were @ 10.372 ....when MERCENARO jumped us to 12.371 DS11 and I did not notice anyway no probs m8 we are about to fix. ... thanks.

  • sorry Wanderer, Im still not shore how to get an image full size. what do i put in the URL to get it full size?

    • When you have found an awesome picture on some website, right-click on the picture and select "Copy Image Address" from the menu. Then go to SWAT Portal, open Image dialog in post editor and use Ctrl+V or right-click+Paste to fill in the URL field. Mission accomplished! :)

    • thanks very mach m8 :)

  • Thanks Wanderer and sorry for the double post, accident. But thanks for deleting it.

  • Happy Birthday man...

    • Thanks man! :) Sorry didn't notice your message till now

  • leaving before I start

  • hey man, i been on hiatus awhile, miss you guys, i am going to try to get back into game again, downloading 2.0 now, fingers crossed, hope you are well

  • Hi (IOC)Wanderer,
    gratulations on your 100. preserved like.

  • Hi (IOC)Wanderer,
    gratulations on your 50. preserved like.

  • Hi (IOC)Wanderer,
    gratulations on your 25. preserved like.