Starkiller Torpedo

Name: Starkiller Torpedo
Description: The Starkiller launcher deploys a devastatingly powerful torpedo that has enough destructive potential to severely damage a small station, and adversely affect any small craft caught in the wake of its blast radius. Despite its power however, the Starkiller is a slower projectile and so is considered by many to be most effective against equally as slow or stationary objects.
Class: Torpedo
Hull Damage: 2424
Shield Damage: 1212
Range: 1500 meters
Speed: 50
Refire Rate: 1
Cost: 7,460 credits.
Buy From: Aberdeen Border Station, Ainu Depot, Akita Border Station, Alster Shipyard, Altona Station, Ames Research Station, Aomori Station, Arranmore, Atka Research Station, Barrow, Battleship Essex, Battleship Hood, Battleship Matsumoto, Battleship Myoko, Battleship Nagumo, Battleship Norfolk, Battleship Westfalen, Battleship York, Bautzen Station, Bonn Station, BPA Newgate, Brandenburg Border Station, Breisen Mining Facility, Bruchsal, Buffalo, Cadiz, Cali, Cambridge Research Station, Cardiff Mining Facility, Chugoku Gate Construction Site, Darmstadt Depot, Dawson, Deshima Station, Dortmund Station, Douglas Station, Durham Border Station, Elbich Mining Facility, Essen Station, Falkland, Freeport 1, Freeport 10, Freeport 2, Freeport 4, Freeport 5, Freeport 6, Freeport 9, Freiburg Station, Freistadt, Freital, Fuchu Prison, Fulda Border Station, Gas Miner Naha, Gas Miner Ogashawa, Glasgow Outpost, Graves Station, Helgoland Station, Holman Outpost, Islay, Java Station, Kabukicho Depot, Kagoshima Depot, Kansai Research Station, Konstanz Border Station, Kreuzberg Depot, Kyoto, L, LD-14, Leiden, Leipzig Station, Leon, Luxury Liner Hawaii, Luxury Liner Shetland, Mactan, Mainz Storage Facility, Mannheim Station, Montezuma, Nago Station, Nansei Research Complex, Narita Outpost, Nome, Oder Shipyard, Ohashi Border Station, Osaka Storage Facility, Pacifica, Padua, Perth Station, Pirna Border Station, Ronneburg, Roppongi Station, Rugen Station, Ruiz, Sapporo Station, Shinagawa Station, Shinjuku Station, Shinkaku Station, Solarius Station, Stokes Mining Station, Tau-31 Gate Construction Site, The Ring, Trafalgar, Tripoli Shipyard, Tsushima Depot, Ulm Border Station, Vierlande Prison, Vogtland, Yanagi Depot, Yokohama Shipyard, Yukawa Shipyard, Baden-Baden, Cambridge, Crete, Curacao, Hamburg, Harris, Holstein, Honshu, Junyo, Kurile, Kyushu, Leeds, Malta, New Berlin, New Tokyo, Stuttgart