Heavy Starbeam

Name: Heavy Starbeam
Description: This is a laser-based weapon that provides a high refire rate at a reduced damage output. This weapon is most effective against positron shields, and weakest against graviton shields.
Class: 3
Hull Damage: 22
Shield Damage: 11
Range: 600 meters
Speed: 750
Refire Rate: 8
Energy Usage: 7
Cost: 1,650 credits.
Buy From: Ainu Depot, Alster Shipyard, Altona Station, Ames Research Station, Aomori Station, Atka Research Station, Barrow, Bautzen Station, Birmingham Station, Bonn Station, Breisen Mining Facility, Cambridge Research Station, Canterbury Station, Chugoku Gate Construction Site, Dortmund Station, Douglas Station, Elbich Mining Facility, Essen Station, Freiburg Station, Glasgow Outpost, Graves Station, Helgoland Station, Kagoshima Depot, Kensignton Shipping Platform, Kyoto, LD-14, Leipzig Station, Luxury Liner Hawaii, Luxury Liner Shetland, Mactan, Mainz Storage Facility, Mannheim Station, Nago Station, Osaka Storage Facility, Pacifica, Perth Station, Pueblo Station, Roppongi Station, Rugen Station, Shinagawa Station, Shinjuku Station, Shinkaku Station, Solarius Station, Southampton Shipyard, Stokes Mining Station, Tau-31 Gate Construction Site, Thames Outpost, The Ring, Tsushima Depot, Waterloo Station, Yokohama Shipyard, Yukawa Shipyard, Baden-Baden, California Minor, Curacao, Harris, Holstein, Kurile, Leeds