Trade Routes

Here u can find some of the most used trading-routes and the the expected profits.

Legend below:

B= buying price
S= selling price
P= profit

Buying place Selling place Article B/S/P
Pueblo Station, Colorado Southampton Shipyard, New London Superconductors 100/600/500
Sheffield Station Planet New London light arms 280/350/70
Cardiff Mining Facility, Cambridge The Ring, New Berlin beryllium 144/1200/1056
Kensington Shipping Yard Pueblo Station, Colorado berrylium 192/1020/828
Nagagi Depot Planet New Berlin consumer goods 200/1100/900
Planet Cambridge Planet New London diamonds 879/1056/177
Planet Cambridge Planet New Berlin gold 543/1189/646
Planet Denver Planet New Tokyo luxury-consumer goods 233/810/577
Planet Houston Planet Los Angeles enginge-components 600/974/374
Planet Manhattan Planet New Tokyo uxury-consumer goods 180/810/630
Planet Manhattan Planet Pittsburgh water 15/30/15
Planet New Berlin Nagagi Depot consumer goods 120/320/200
Planet New Berlin PLanet New Tokyo diamonds 396/1650/1254
Planet New London Planet Denver luxury food 180/1300/1120
Planet New London Planet Manhattan luxury-consumer goods 192/1200/1008
Planet New Tokyo Baltimote Shipyard, New York enginge-components 225/720/495
Planet New Tokyo Panet Denver enginge-components 225/825/600
Planet New Tokyo Planet Cambridge enginge-components 225/1275/1050
Planet Pittsburgh Sheffield Station, Manchester System bor 120/600/480