Deluxe Thruster

Name: Deluxe Thruster
Description: Though based on the original model, this Deluxe Thruster\'s more refined design allows it to burn for longer periods, providing more sustained speed when needed.
Power Drain: 150
Top Speed: 200
Cost: 3.000 credits.
Buy From: Alcatraz Depot, Battleship Mississippi, Battleship Rio Grande, Battleship Suffolk, Battleship Yukon, Beaumont, Birmingham Station, Buffalo, Canterbury Station, Kensignton Shipping Platform, Kingston Border Station, Liverpool Border Station, LPI Huntsville, LPI Sugarland, Ouray, Pueblo Station, Rochester, San Diego Border Station, Sheffield Station, Southampton Shipyard, Thames Outpost, Waterloo Station, Willard Research Station, California Minor, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, New London