Heavy Thruster

Name: Heavy Thruster
Description: Designed for even more efficiency, this Heavy Thruster channels energy back into the cells and re-applies it to the powerstream. The pratical upshot of this is a significant increase in its sustained boosting power over time.
Power Drain: 133
Top Speed: 200
Cost: 5.000 credits.
Buy From: Aberdeen Border Station, Akita Border Station, Alcatraz Depot, Ames Research Station, Aomori Station, Arranmore, Battleship Essex, Battleship Hood, Battleship Mississippi, Battleship Myoko, Battleship Nagumo, Battleship Norfolk, Battleship Rio Grande, Battleship Suffolk, Battleship York, Battleship Yukon, Beaumont, Birmingham Station, BPA Newgate, Buffalo, Cambridge Research Station, Canterbury Station, Cardiff Mining Facility, Deshima Station, Douglas Station, Durham Border Station, Freeport 1, Freeport 4, Fuchu Prison, Glasgow Outpost, Graves Station, Islay, Kabukicho Depot, Kansai Research Station, Kensignton Shipping Platform, Kingston Border Station, Kyoto, LD-14, Liverpool Border Station, LPI Huntsville, LPI Sugarland, Luxury Liner Shetland, Mactan, Montezuma, Narita Outpost, Ohashi Border Station, Osaka Storage Facility, Ouray, Perth Station, Pueblo Station, Rochester, Roppongi Station, Rugen Station, San Diego Border Station, Sheffield Station, Shinagawa Station, Shinjuku Station, Southampton Shipyard, Stokes Mining Station, Thames Outpost, Trafalgar, Tsushima Depot, Waterloo Station, Willard Research Station, Yokohama Shipyard, Yukawa Shipyard, California Minor, Cambridge, Curacao, Denver, Honshu, Houston, Junyo, Kyushu, Leeds, Los Angeles, New London, New Tokyo