Multiplayer Guide

When you create your account, the server presents you with 2000 credits (barley enough for a beer in the Manhattan bar) and a Starflier (the class leader in scrap metal). This guide tells you all you need to know in order to set up your account, gain the most money, strongest ships and the most powerful weapons in the shortest time ...

The Basics

When you first begin your account, play a few missions for the liberty navy or liberty police these pay a few thousand credits each, Once you have 10,000 credits, buy yourself the rhino freighter. Trading is a much more effective way to earn money than fighting missions, Start with a simple route, the most effective for this level in the game is shown below:

Buy Water At Manhattan >>>>>> Sell at Pittsburgh & Buy Boron >>>>>>> Sell At Manhattan

This is a quick and easy route to get a little bit of cash before you leave liberty. Its short and so you can make money very quickly, There is also less chance of you being attacked by decent peer v peer pirates as most people in the area will be at the same level as you. Keep running this route until you have about 85,000 - 100,000 credits.

Leaving Liberty

Now your ready to leave New York (hopefully on better terms than in the single player storyline!). Once you have earned around 40,000 credits you're ready to move on to bigger and better things. Fly to the Rheinland nation and to the New Berlin system. When you get there, land on planet New Berlin and purchase the Humpback freighter. This should set you back around 170,000 credits. Now that you have a great freighter, you need a great route to run it on:

Buy Diamonds at New Berlin >>>>> Sell at Planet New Tokyo>>>>> Sell Niobium at The Ring

This is the most profitable route in the game that has been discovered to date. Although it can be dangerous and diamonds are an attractive targets to the pirates of Sigma-13 this will earn you more money than you can spend. (get your corsair rep up in Sigma-13 - you'll see why later!)

If you run this route properly you should make around 800,000 credits per journey. Each journey should take no more that 10 - 15 minutes. Keep trading like this until you have the money you need to get yourself a very heavy fighter. Realistically you need around 5-10 million credits if you don't want to trade ever again.

Advancing to Combat

Most people prefer to fly combat ships on multiplayer servers and take the missions that go with it. Now that you're ready, you need to take the best route to get a decent ship. Remember, you want to dominate - you want a very heavy fighter. In this guide, we tell you how to get the eagle or the titan.

Earlier we told you to get a decent corsair rep in Sigma-13, well you're going to need it now! If you didn't bribe them, you may want to think about asking for another player to escort you just in case, (unless you're good!) you're going to have to fight your way in.

First fly to Planet New Berlin, here you should purchase the falcon. This is a class 8 heavy fighter, and your only friend on the journey ahead. Load it with shield batteries, nanobots and the best weapons you can find. When you're ready, fly to the Sigma-13 system. Then take the jump hole to Sigma-17, here you will encounter your first enemies possibly bounty hunters or corsairs. If you have a bad rep with them, you may want to land at Atka research station and look for a bribe. Fly to Omicron Theta and land at Freeport 9 here you can buy the eagle. If you want the titan, continue to Omicron Gamma and land on Planet Crete where you can buy the ultimate very heavy fighter.

True Domination

Now that you have a powerful ship, you need weapons to go with it. Get yourself a level 10 shield from planet Crete and fly to the unknown system at the bottom of omicron gamma. Hunt down some nomads and take their powerful low energy weapons. Other high powered weapons can be found on wrecks around Sirius.