Quick Start Guide - Reputation

Works only on servers with Standard Start reputation! There are 2 ways to get a neutral Reputation with all NPC Factions. In BOTH you need a new Character without NPC Kills! ...

Shooting Storages

First you should buy the best things for your money, Countermeasures would be very great! Some Lavablades III will be enough.

In front of Manhattan are three Depots. Kill 1 complete Police storage, don't kill the NPCs! After this, reload your character via "select new Character" and then select the same character again. This first step isn't necessary, but it makes it easier for you to travel to Bretonia.

Travel to Kensington in NL. You may want to dock sometimes before get in the system, because Corsairs may would attack you. Now shoot one storage in the near of kensington down, one in near of the planet. Now travel to hamburg and kill a HALF depot in near of Alster shipyard. Now you are neutral with all NPCs.

Second way

When you start with new Character in New York, fly north to junkers base, then buy junker bribe. Now travel to Bering and buy Zoners bribe. Now you are neutral to all NPCs except Xenos.

The advantage from a neutral reputation is better trading (no NPCs who tax you, docking at (nearly) all bases), PvP without some NPCs do disturb you, flying to theta to buy eagle etc.

If it is the first character on a server, then you should try the first version, because you don't have money for the bribes. Use the secondary if you have much money on the server or the server has a high start money.