Below are placed some useful advices which may help you with a smoother progress/more fun in the game ...

  • Establish trade routes and take missions along the way to maximise profit.
  • Watch patrol paths carefully and check out places where they join together.
  • Sell your cargo before a high risk mission, when you respawn, you lose your cargo and any non-equipped items, too.
  • Always visit the bars of places you are friendly with, they give better rumors and advice.
  • Choose assassination, arrest, or retrieval missions, they're usually quicker.
  • Right at the start, missions are good, then when you get money from missions, trade with it, turn the pennies into pounds, and get a bigger cargo bay, buy more, get more profit, then buy a great big powerful ship and do missions because at that level trading brings in less than a difficult mission for a great big ship.
  • Always be sure your victims understand your request before you blow them away for not doing it.
  • Max-out your reputation with a faction if you want their best weapons and missions.
  • Don't always play for the biggest ships with the biggest guns. You'll get a lot more out of Freelancer if you mess around with different ships and setups instead of going for & sticking with the same vessel & loadout every time. It's only as interesting and rewarding as you make it.