Name: Hornet
Description: Based on the design of the Wasp, the Hornet makes use of several key improvements and is largely considered the fastest missile available today. As with the Wasp, the Hornet has little or no conventional effect in combat, however it is extremely effective against ships that have either engaged their cruise engines or are about to do so. Targets that endure an attack from the Hornet remain unable to engage their cruise engines until the field effects that this very valuable piece of weaponry produces wear off.
Hull Damage: 159
Shield Damage: 0
Speed: 266
Refire Rate: 1
Turn: 8.71
Cost: 54.810 credits.
Buy From: Cadiz, Falkland, Freeport 10, Freeport 5, Freeport 9, Leon, Ronneburg, Ruiz, Tripoli Shipyard, Crete, Malta