House Bretonia

Members of this house are of British ancestry. Their cities have a gothic hint to them, with prevalent browns and grays for color. Rather depressing places to be at I would assume. Their ships are large and lack agility, as the Bretonians primarily concentrate on trade.

House Kusari

As stated before, House Kusari comes from Earth's Japan, and consequently, their cities and ships reflect that origin. Cityscapes are filled with characteristic Japanese shapes and colors. Their ships are made light and agile, and do not have much armor or cargo space.

House Liberty

The traditional "good guys", House Liberty has evolved from Earth's USA. The skyline of their cities is very modern, resembling what a future New York may well be. Liberty ships are well balanced, and are a mix of good agility and decent armor. This is the house the player starts off with in the game.

House Rheinland

The name Rheinland means "Land of the Rhein", the primary river in Germany. Their origins are reflected in their ships, as they are made heavy and bulky, and carry a heavy armament. Rheinland ships serve best as assault ships and bombers. House Rheinland is also the most militaristic of the Houses. The image on the right is merely a guess.


Pirates are spread all over Sirius. Valid information is hard to get since their stations are well hidden ...