Q: What are the 4 Houses in Freelancer?

A: Liberty, Kusari, Rheinland, Bretonia

Q: What is the Neural Net?

A: The Neural Net is the on-board computer interface that is used for everything from tracking enemies to conduct trading. It also serves as a personal journal of sorts. It retains information you gather while exploring the universe that can be recalled at any time. It is your map of the stars, it holds your reputation indicator, it shows your cargo, where you are currently located and helps you determine where you want to go. It is the heart and soul of your ship and it's always there to be of assistance if you need information.

Q: How much is freelancer to buy?

A: Freelancer is very cheap nowadays, In UK £5, Eur €6, USA $5 (approx.)

Q: Can i and how will I be able to save my game?

A: In both MP and SP mode, every time you successfully land on a base, station, planet etc you're progress to that point is automatically saved. In addition, during a SP campaign missions will be autosaved in-flight thus bypassing the need to go back to where the mission began in some cases. You can also save at anytime during SP manually.

Q: Can you sell your ship to another player?

A: No, you can not sell your ship to another player. You can however trade items between players in MP mode. This is all done in flight, not while landed anywhere. You only fly one ship at a time in Freelancer. You can sell your current ship in for others anytime you can afford it. You can have more than one character established in MP mode on any given server and have more than one ship, but only one per character.

Q: Can you see the inside of the cockpit while flying?

A: Not in the sense of being able to see cockpit gauges, dials and throttle, no. You do have the ability to toggle on (and off) the struts of the ship giving you a feeling of being in the cockpit of a ship (Default Key: Ctrl+V). You can not change the point of sight while viewing through the inside of the cockpit such as looking left, right up or down either.

Q: Whats the best way to get rich quick?

A: Piracy.

Q: How do i stay alive longer?

A: Don't be a pirate.

Q: What kind of freighter should i buy?

A: Don't get the Humpback, it takes four whole days to turn in a circle.

Q: I bought a Humpback and now my ship is too slow to target other ships!

A: Use Turret View(H) its much faster, but don't fly into a rock.

Q: How do i avoid crashing into things when i use turret view!?!

A: Goto (F2) a waypoint and then use turret view, or make sure you fly into an empty area and use rear view(V).

Q: This game would be better if i could fire my turrets in rear view!

A: You can, just point and shoot, and whatever turrets can reach behind will fire.

Q: I cant shoot at them if they move sideways?!?!11

A: Lead your shots slightly, check out the Pilot Section.

Q: Should i accept free money and equipment in Multiplayer?

A: Up to you, but i don't because it defeats the purpose of the game for me.

Q: Help! I keep getting Cruise Disrupted and killed by Pirates!

A: Wait for me to finish my beginner's guide to surviving pirates.