Accidently or usual?!

Yesterday, on a nice saturday evening I decided to start the engines of my vessel again for a nice trip, after bringing my wife to bed.

Jumping in the pilot seat and launching into space, flying around in New London and meeting several guys in several bars around this precious system.
A few minutes later I recognized that I was not the only one from SMG flying around in space by this hour.
After hailing my comrade and having a bit smalltalk about what happend so far, we did recognized something weird.
A CFPD pilot was lurking around in the safe heaven for new pilots (other call it New York) being in a very low leveled (1) vessel and probably talking others into crazyness.
Then this pilot changed his vessels and was spotted in his untouchable ship. Well, his decission but still very suspicious.
After lurking around in the second ship he changed vessels again and popped up in a vessel which was located in the training space called Arena
Still no way to get a hold of him, since he always hides and tries to avoid any confrontation with "normal" pilots.

Thinking about, how to get this particular pilot out of his current place, which was Arena (which is still a training place, where no personal interaction should be involved in any case), we decided to pay his home system Tarsus a visit.
Well.. nothing happens. No one even bothered with Tarsus (a police home) being visited by nice pirates.
We did fly all the way to Far Point, which has its entrance behind Planet Prophecy.
Still no action. Not even when we informed other pilots which have been flying around all over sirius, to give this CFPD-Pilot a hint.
No actions has been taken.
No, even more weird. The same time some other pirate (no member of any clan) have been going to Custodian and keeping people busy in there.
And guess what. This particular CFPD-pilot did go to Custodian rather than taking care of his own home.
We were pretty sure that he was not even fighting, since no message about him killing anyone or getting killed by anyone did appear the whole time.
Maybe (and thats just a guess) he was only trying to talk people out of it and let others doing the work and fights.

Meanwhile we discovered another vessel in Tarsus. A battleship being steered by another unknown pirate, not belonging to any clans, nor being known by us (SMG)
We did not even bother with this other battleship-pilot, since we were still hoping that this one CFPD-pilot would show some balls and show up to defend his home.
But nothing.

There has been a mercenary from the SA clan showing up and keeping us busy within Tarsus. And basicly doing the work for the lazy (or coward) CFPD-pilot himself. We don't really know.
I have to admit, this SA pilot is good, or I got too rusty. I'm not quite sure what applies first. But it was nice to get a bit fighting practise while still being waiting on this CFPD-pilot to show up.
Still nothing.
A while later Tarsus got filled by appearently alliances of CFPD and 2 of their members themself.
Funny thing is, that this in the beginning mentioned pilot has also been spotted in Tarsus, but ONLY to dock and to leave his vessel.
No word, no action.
I'm so disappointed that someone who calls himself leader of a house, does not even have the balls to defend it.

Later on we got forced to leave Tarsus, since we got sort of outnumbered by CFPD members, allies and mercenaries.
But after all. It took them a long long time to even bother with their home system, being visited by enemy forces.

I'm sure it won't have been the last try to get a hold on this particular pilot. One day he won't have a chance to evade. And we are waiting for it. ;)

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  • IMO: Too much of an allusion. A bit more RP related story would have fit better.

  • "Accidentally or usual?!"
    It won't become usual if you invade more! :)