A pirates life: with a Soulforge Train in IC

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  • Omega-3, Friday 24. February, 16:20 server time

    This could be my shortest or my most bored visit in IC! :-)

    "Secret GMG Research Facility, Sergeant Paul Baxxter, to freelancer Alpha..., hi RDV. How are you today?"
    I smiled :-) I like this guy! I like his sense of humor.

    Once Omega-3 was a clan system. Ok, it is stil a clan system, but the clan-members are gone :-(
    Ok, even they were police men, I didn't have any strange problems with SA-Clan-members.
    "Polly want a nut", Polly say.
    It is Pollys first ride to IC and it is an historical moment. So, I give her a nut :-)

    "Ok, RDV, another suicide tour through IC?", Baxxter asked.
    I smiled
    "Or do you .... wtf?????"! It seems, Paul Baxxter was surprised :-)
    "You are in a Soulforge Train and wants to fly through the Hypergate?????", he asked.
    "Sure!", I aswered.
    "Ok, do you know the secret code when you are in danger?", he asked me.
    "Do you have pen and paper?"
    Pen and paper? Ok, I remembered the meaning of these words.
    "Yes, I have!"
    "Ok, first code is Foxtrot!"
    "Foxtrot", I repeat.
    "Uniform!", Baxxter says next.
    "That's all!", he says

    Hm, Foxtrot, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo? Never heard about this code.

    "Did you written this code?", he asked an smiled!

    Hm, moment....."Hahahahaha, nice code!", I said
    "When you have to use this code you will be in a deep shit! Ok, good luck in IC, my friend!", Baxxter saiys.
    "Thx, m8!"
    So, I started my first fly with Train in IC.

    A lot of people, which will read this, will may be think "With a Train through IC? It is easy!" or "Everyone can do this!"
    I have an anecdote for them:
    Egg of Columbus - Wikipedia

    I made it, that's all! :-)

    Inner Core: "Polly want out of here!", Polly screamed.
    "Don't worry, Polly, trust in me!" I smiled
    "That's my major problem!", Polly answerded
    Sometimes Polly remebered me to my wife number 23 :-)

    Venn: First test my reputation in Train with DOMs.
    "Alert! Alert! Alert!"
    I remember this sound! It always came, when DOMs attacked me, but now?
    I scanned the universe. There are some Warrior Bombers which shot, but no other ship to which them shot! They are still white for me!
    May be they tested their weapons?
    Anyway, I deactivated the alert and everythings is fine again!
    May be was a malfunction of my system. My hearts went back down to normal tact.

    Jormdar: Someday here will be the reason for my works: a new base for players like me :-)

    Mepther, Ryssk, Weth, Whyr and Minnck: nothing important

    In Sorror I met a pal of mine: (Fallen)Marauder! He made a picture of me in my Train! Same like me, he can't belive this situation :-)
    Thanks to (Fallen)Marauder for made this pic and the nice conversation we had.

    So, the rest (Trawtai, Phanchdar, Hyperspace System, Menton, etc.) were easy.
    I am still on my way to Planet Murmansk. I am really sure, I will reach this Planet with my train soon.

    I am looking at Polly, she sleeping! Ok, so, I give myself a nut :-))

    --- story will be continued soon ---

  • Part 2

    Hieron, Friday 24. February, 18:50 server time

    I also sleep during my tour de Altair :-)
    I sometime was awaken from collision alert because DK-Battlegroup spawned in front of me.

    But, most of the time, this journey is boring :-)

    But now it could be interesting: I am almost at Gurm. I am awakened.

    Coalition are neutral to me, DK are green for me - but: in this system are also Nomads, which are red for me.
    Ok, I am prepeared for them, hopefully!

    Polly also awakened.
    "Polly want a nut!"
    I give her a nut!
    "Polly want a bed!", she said.
    Polly is a parrot, but she well know what she want :-)

    "Wait a little bit! I guess, we will reached our target within the next 20 minutes!"
    "Are you sure?", she asked.
    I gave her another nut!

    --- story will be continued soon ---

  • Part 3

    Gurm, Friday 24. February, 19:07 server time

    I am not fear about the DK in this sytem, which are green for me.
    I am not fear about the Nomad in this sytem, which are red for me.
    I am not fear about the Coalition Rogues in this sytem, which are green for me.
    I am not fear about the Coalition in this sytem, which are white for me.

    I fear only the Dark Reign ION Cannon, which are white for me, but red for DK, Nomads and Coalition Rogues.
    When these cannons fire to these fractions, they don't care which players/ships are in the fireline.

    Sovestkaya: I made it ;-)

    I wake up Polly, and give a her a nut! She never saw a planet like Planet Murmansk before.

    "Alert! We hit! We hit! We hit!"
    I can't belive what happened! Polly take cover under a pillow!
    There was a fight in front of Planet Murmansk between Coalition and Coalition Rogues! And our ship in the middle of this fight! :-(

    This was all? Shall this be the end of this boring journey?

    A tear left my eye. I say: "Good bye, Polly. I hope, I will have more nuts for you in our next live!"

    --- story will be continued soon ---

  • Part 4

    Sovetskaya, Friday 24. February, 19:27 server time

    I woke up! Time to land on Planet Murmansk.

    "Polly are glad! Do you have another nut for me?"

    I smiled at her and give her a nut!

    We arrived Planet Murmansk without any surprise! This time!

    --- end of story ---

  • I scanned the universe. There are some Warrior Bombers which shot, but no other ship to which them shot! They are still white for me!
    May be they tested their weapons?

    Doms sometimes shoot derelict Dom'Kavash Trade Lane Rings you can't target.

    Also, Foxtrot-Uniform-Charlie-Kilo is for when two wings of gunboats appear at the same time from 10 and 2 o'clock.

    "Across the savage skies and through the fissures in the fields,
    The rumble of the engines and the trundle of the wheels,
    Through hell and horror trudge and yet their spirits never yield.
    Will they sing of these forsaken pawns of war?"
    -Miracle Of Sound, "Pawns of War".

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  • --- Epilog ---

    Omega-3, Saturday 25. February, 07:45 server time

    "Incomming call for Sergeant Paul Baxxter"
    Baxxter moaning. "Who on hell want something from me at this time?", he asked to himself.
    He stopped short. The call came from Planet Murmansk.
    "Baxxter here!"
    "Hi, my friend!", I smiled.
    "RDV? You are alive? You made it?", Baxxter asked.
    "Polly made it, too", Polly says.
    "Hi Polly, good to know that you also be alive! RDV, please give Polly a nut from me.". Baxxter was really glad, that his friend was still alive.
    "So, you flew with train through IC! And you survived this trip! And, how was the jouney?"
    "Hm, what shall I say? It was just another day in a Pirates life!"

    --- The End ---

  • @OP this shows that the aliens should snipe ships in cruise way more often, for a challenge.

    May be I missunderstand your post, but, just to make some clear: this char is neutral to DOMs (green for DK).

  • May be I missunderstand your post, but, just to make some clear: this char is neutral to DOMs (green for DK).

    the diplomates of Fallen made a great job :thumbsup:

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