not much going on

Today's morning was quite nice. I received a message from my enslaved mechanic that the glaze has been redone and my vessel got full refilled with some really expensive fuel.
Good work, I thought and prepared myself to have a nice flight within some pretty less frequented areas.
So launched from a station in the Tau31 system just to enjoy the nice view and heading toward the Kyushu system passing Tau31 and Tau29.

Suddenly I checked my radar and recognized some nice objects I would need to check out.
It turned out that those objects were some freelancers trying to gain back control over their vessels.
After checking the balance in my wallet I decided to help those freelancers not having to carry so much cash on their own and ask for a little donation.
Nice as I am I kept it plain and simple "tax please"

Unfortunately there were no incomming response from one of those freelancers, since he seemed to be busy fighting off some Dragons.
Since I figured that no one seem to care about his problem with the Dragons, I finally decided to take him out of the sky and my guns must have read my thoughts, because they started firing on this poor freelancer immediately.
After his shield was down I recognized some unusual fast recharging of his shield, which turned out as being a hyper-fast-recharge being supported by some batteries.
Bad luck for him my guns have been pretty convincing and as bonus they fired that long that his hull got breached critical.
At the end, he died and I got a bit more than 100k credits as reward, without having to invest much.

The second freelancer must have recognized that procedure somehow, since he ran from the precious Hokkaido system to the New Tokyo system.
Like a myrical my engines engaged the cruise mode as fast as possible and were heading toward the New Tokyo jumpgate.
Access granted, of course since I am such a nice, not harming anyone, pilot.

Whoops, I thought right after jumping. There he was, facing some Kusari Naval Force pilots, who desperatly tried to take him down.
Same procedure as before. Short held question for a little donation and of course, no response.
Well. My guns, as much as I love them but somehow acting strange, did open fire once again. The shield dropped, the shield got off and the hull started to drop drasticly until hull breach completely.
Ok. nice increasing of my own budget and my wallet was happy to get something new to keep.

Since there has not been even a single law enforcing pilot around and no one else being bothering with the public announced deaths of 2 freelancers, I didn't bother with flying around any further to keep my usage of fuel as low as possible.

My vessel is going to get a new polish right now and also getting some refil in the fuel tank.
I meanwhile will make me something to eat so I can start fresh strenghned and in a good mood again later at the day.