what is role play NOT?

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  • role play is NOT, when u have a bounty on your head and u dock your ship and switch to another one although u see the mercenary in your system.
    role play is NOT, that u wait to use this ship again till the bounty is expired.
    role play is NOT, that u repeat this with 3 different chars (this is what we counted so far).

    this is my one and only warning about this issue.

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  • The irony in all of that is you get this incredible mod, Role Play system, huge universe to explore (due to the incredibility of the mod) and no one is doing any RP. That's why I don't get the Discovery server, they have 50 + even up to 100 players every day, doing RP etc. and yet when we have EVERYTHING in here, no one is doing it.

    Many years ago back in 1.7 there were tons of RP, even when I first joined like in 2005/6 I was a troublemaker because I was only a 10-11 years old and I was facing many bans, some of which might have turned out to be pernament if it wasn't for some players that saw my youth as the reasons for all of the troublemaking, but what I am trying to say is that everything was in order and the rules were very strict and at the same time we had this awesome experience and fun.

    I love Crossfire and the CF community, it's the ONLY online game that I've played and kept getting back to it and it's bad to see how this awesome mod and more than a decade of work is not at its fullest. So I get you completely dude, the people today are just trying to avoid RP instead of doing it and even I am to blame as well because when the people around me aren't interested in RP I couldn't do mine (as a police officer).

    I probably should have said all of this before, but... I get ya. I think that we need to attract more people (like advertisements for example), bring back ASF vs CSF once we have enough people and restore the glory of Crossfire. My personal beliefs are that Freelancer is too old now and people tend to play the more recent games, such as Star Citizen for example or any other and most of the other people who are playing Freelancer are already in Discovery.

    I really really don't get it, Crossfire for me is THE BEST mod, the community here is amazing, I've made tons of friends, gained a lot (like improved my english like x100 times better) and so on, we have this amazing Role Play system as well ... the only things that is lacking is the need for more players and therefore the people obeying the rules and doing RP. So I really want to see this happening as well for all of the new people that are coming to Crossfire ... to have this amazing experience and fun like we all had.

    That's part of the reason why I am doing the PvP/PvE videos, to help in any way that I can for this community because one of the things that I love doing is -> helping.

    Anyway... sorry for the long post but once I get into typing... if the people start doing RP instead of avoiding it, we can have this amazing fun again.

  • There once was a good RP.... when privy was stealing whisky from custodian.
    That kept ppl busy.

    It was a RP we both agreed to and it turned out to be great.
    He invated custo (by my permission) and this kept his clan and BG busy for many weeks.

    What I want to say is that sometimes RP just need two people to agree on something and arrange and let RP to happen.



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  • hahahaha yeah ... that also reminded me of:

  • *Battleship parked outside Planet Crossfire, currently performing orbital bombardment*

    Passerby: PE, What are you doing?
    Me: What does it look like?
    Passerby: It looks like youre decimating Crossfire. Why?
    Me: Won't let me dock
    Passerby: Isn't this abuse of police power?
    Me: I have a warrant. I'm knocking on the door
    Passerby: You just leveled an orphanage!
    Me: ...
    Passerby: ...
    Me: Hold on *sends message to planetary authorities, threatening to return,*

    I could return to CF if people are desperate for a corrupt cop....

  • Haha, yeah we don't need 'troublemakers' (referring to Portal Earth as a 'corrupt cop'), but we do need just someone to 'start' it ( OP is right about this ) and when one starts it, the chain reaction will commence and we will have the RP, just like in the past.

    Although I will join once I change my laptop keyboard at the end of month(can't do it sooner at the moment).

    Also... we can try it as an unofficial event, meaning... every night when the most people are active, we can do all sorts of RP like illegal trading (BMG) and the cops trying to stop it, the smugglers could hire mercs to protect them. We can also have pirates vs cops and mercs being hired in the middle again... just the whole RP deal.

    We could have different RP each day, or all of them mixed up, what do you think? Either as an unofficial event or EVEN as an official, doesn't matter which, what matters is just to sparkle it.

  • I'm sure i've talked about the lack of effort this server puts towards RP in some other thread and a lot of what people are saying on this thread are basically things i've mentioned previously, but was pretty much ignored or when i tried to be RP in the server, i got a lot of "i'm not interested" "i'm busy" or silence because they don't understand english.

    I tried to do exactly what you all are suggesting and i got bored pretty quick playing with myself in the end. You can't force people to RP. All you can do is find someone else who'll agree to RP with no set idea of whats going to happen next. like

    "hey Cryzis."
    "Yeah PE?"
    "Whatcha up to?"
    "Nothin, just doing some trading
    "Cool man. Listen you wanna get into a standoff?"
    "Sure. Name the place.
    "Trenton Outpost, NY. I'll have something i shouldn't"
    "Okay see ya there

    if all it takes is just a little organziation between two people

  • Ha, yeah, you're right. I was just trying to think of something.

  • IIRC I heard GR's were supposed to Promote RP as well as starting it from time to time. I also tried to promote RP as an EM by putting in some contraband Coffee in my cargo hold and running it around the four house systems, as soon as somone caught up with me, they recieve the contraband coffee as well as a cash prize, I find it very fulfilling :)

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