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    Generally before the storyline kicks off, it’s wise to sell pods to prisons and then head to Custodian, which is linked to a jump hole somewhere in the North west part of New York.

    If you have the credits, a black Eagle and kraken guns are the go to. Makes the entire vanilla storyline so easy but enjoyable. As long as your ship gets a full load of pods, it should be pretty easy to deck yourself out

    My beautiful high spec laptop currently has


    16g Ram DDR3

    Intel HD god knows what internal graphics card

    But hey, as long as it runs warcraft, WC Privateer and almost all Freelancer mods, thats cool with me

    Honestly like, if you want to check out the abundance of ships for the game without putting in too much work, there is a lexicon you can use and there’s other players in the game that can tell you about the many different ships

    Although I personally believe you should explore discover and try out the different ships there are in the game the way the game intends to

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    Basically if you go under your profile and into Edit Profile and scroll down close to the bottoms you can type out your Game Characters into the FreeLancer Chars box to let others know on the forum who you are in game

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    I think before the Ashcroft mission starts, you can go to the Crossfire Systems and sell some pods and buy a decently decked out VHF without interrupting any triggers for the Storyline

    Or at least, it never ruined the triggers for me

    I have no doubt that there’s no correlation with the PvP fights in Arena.

    Did you two restart the launcher after the server reset? Sometimes the server will kick and ban you because the launcher updates the Dynamic Universe files and it can cause problems with your game as it hasn’t updated with the server reset