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    I also had a freezing issue and game was stuttering.

    I fixed it by changing shader to vanilla FL.

    That DX shader used to work well before update for me, thought it might have been my old graphics card at fault.

    Try change shader Indie and see if that helps

    If you happen to be passing through Sigma 17 and we appear in game then just send us a greeting. Our rules are quite relaxed for our system so as long as we get a greeting and you abide by the other 2 rules then you are free to pass.

    And Apache is correct, most clans ain't worried about someone passing through as long as you send them a greeting. Also if any clan members are online when you want to pass their systems it is courtesy to ask them for permission.

    Armored transport has docking issues.

    It has a very large hold for a freighter but I sold mine after circling a base trying to dock for 10 minutes.

    I got the Antares to replace it and was the best move ever.

    Also check the wiki and look at freighter specs. there are a few out there that are great ships and perform well.

    Hi Roxon, To make credits try collecting escape pods from destroyed ships and take them to a prison station.

    I have been away from the game for a while now but will be looking at getting back on again soon.

    If ya see me ingame just send me a message if you would like any help or advive on the game

    Hi MatrixFR. Are you still in vanilla campaign atm ?

    Have a good look around all the bases in the system you are in. There are new ships and equipment all around. Just gotta go looking for it.

    Starting out can be a grind, but Keep looking around the bases and you might be surprised at what you find.

    A.I has a limited amount of batts and bots, Once you have found the better equipment it will get easier, till you hit the extended campaign.

    I am now put off using discord for any information or announcements about crossfire, just so much youtube stuff being posted there. Gotta try to sift through miles of crap to find anything related to the game now. Discord channel has turned into a youtube and meme spam page.

    As regards to the base info, I found it easy to find. The system rent page is easily located off the top menu under tools tab.

    Also as regards to messaging clan leaders, Some have gone AWOL and some might not have even been on the portal for a while so message will not be seen. As a clan member I took it onboard to check the system rent page myself.

    Looking good there. I am liking the idea that all clan members can keep track of the system rent.

    Also I like the idea that can option how ever many months you can either afford or want to buy in advance.

    I think this will work well and opens some real options with that shop function.

    Should be there for that.

    Even though Hive race is one event that I do hate :) Will most likely hear lots of swearing even from outside that hideous abortion of a thing.

    Can I shoot whoever tries to go past me ? :)