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    yes you must select a destination and hit F2. If it's just a straight shot with no obstacle, your ship has no reason to move around other than a straight line.

    Now if you're going from Omicron Alpha->Gamma for example then F2 will be useful navigating the nebulae/asteroid fields to the various jump holes and applies to other navigational hazards. The Navicomputer does not compensate for stars in your path. F2 navigation does not engage docking procedures

    Almost useful with capital ships and large vessels however do not attempt to engage cruise engines in systems like Omega-41 in these ships. Unless you're trippin on acid or something and wanna do something trippy af lol

    I think i joined SWAT when i was still in HS. I was playing Joint Operations (a shooter) and the community i loitered around got pretty dramatic so i needed to play a different game. I always felt Discovery was filled with pompous a-holes so upon searching for Freelancer mods i discovered Crossfire 1.7 and the SWAT Portal

    As soon as everything was installed i jumped onto the server and was greeted by some friendly CFPD Officers who was looking for recruits. saving myself a grind i said "sign me up!"

    Thus began my long career as an officer in CFPD, a corrupt cop in SFP, a Freelancer, Head of Focks Industries and De Facto Commander of Republic Alliance. I've seen soooooooooo many people from all over the world hop onto crossfire. I may not play that much these days, but as long as i made my mark. In 10 years, i've NEVER had a profile pic.

    thanks for the birthday wishes y'all -_-/~

    Okay. I think i get where you're coming from. I just noticed a pattern, for example, that the CF systems located around Rhineland were put under the "Rhineland" Regin. The ones around Liberty grouped under Liberty etc. For Listing Nomad and Unknown systems, i'd consider Unknown systems more easter eggy/Bonus systems, that's just me though. And honestly, with a maxed out ship you can pick up the Unknown holes pretty easily on the scanners

    I'll be honest though, I've played Freelancer since it's been released, Played in a Halo Total Conversion mod that altered combat to the point of games of chicken in ships the size of the Corsair Dreadnaught at speeds as fast (or faster) of a Admin Ragnarok. Eventually i Found Crossfire but at the time, i was so burnt out on the vanilla Singleplayer, i couldn't do it again just to get to the CF missions. So i went straight to MP. That was over 10 years ago. TLDR I never played the CF singleplayer

    So, you might have to explain "SP game mode" a little further and i apologize. I mean You gotta grind out the exploration in Singleplayer between story missions just like you gotta do in Open MP and those show up as you discover them. The difference is you're limited in what Jump Gates are locked/unlocked. Like you can't go to the Colorado System before the 3rd mission but you can explore and document everything in NY and California.

    If you hover over the "Forum" tab and click on "Unread threads" will bring up a list of everything that has a new post you haven't read. So if you posted once to the Corrupt Wish game, you'll get notifications for it. "Watched" Threads are threads you flagged to watch or "subscribe" could be another term or threads you make.

    Feel free to go digging around the Crossfire forums. You never know what you might find worth commenting. *hint* check out the Role-play stories subforum....

    I see how you group them in relation to their closest inhabited territory. The CF systems are a bit scatterbrained on the map in game for sure and can agree that organizing them on the wiki by region would certainly help morons like me find a system based on the general area of my ship.

    But my question is, if it's solely for an SP setup (whatever that means) then what purpose would reorganizing the wiki serve in addition to ease of access for system information? How would it benefit the whole community (in addition to the aforementioned)

    Maybe with the transfer of the wiki, we can check and sort out the differences in maps and few outdated info from CF updates as well, which due to my past with making and keeping CF maps/DBs Im up to help with. I do have more limited time than in past though...

    I second this. If you shoot me a PM with what needs updating, i'll be happy to ninja into Crossfire and get that info for you to update. I just don't know what needs it. Unless you know a better way than going in and looking for each piece of hardware, each ship, each station card plus stat's for all that. If i were to do that, you'd have to pay me hourly and we all know this is all a volunteer effort on OP's part.

    And we appreciate all his and the staff's efforts for shizzle.

    Plus i'm all for whatever option makes this place secure. Never know when Russian bots are gonna post fake news...