killing for no reason or fun

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  • well i didnt know were to post so here it goes :

    i came to the server ( mod ) like few days ago ...i'm not a pvp player i love exploring and killing npc's and today i got killed for no reason by "pirates", im actualy really pissed they claimed to pay so they dont kill , wich i dont find it very enjoying ... again i'm not a pvp player i just wanna explore the things you offer and kill npc around , i didnt attack them or anything as i readed under lvl 30 they cant touch a player but how about if i just want to enjoy the game and mind my own stuff?

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  • Well, taxing players under level 40 is against rules. You should make a Ticket about it from the tools menu (you need evidence ex. screenshots etc). Then Admins/GR's will take action on the matter.
    And it is a RP server, so call some cops or put a bounty on them (or call IOC chars for the bounties, we will gladly help out there :D )

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  • like i mentioned , i dont want to take a part of the "game" or "RP " i just wanna explore stuff and check everything that mod haves to offer thats my 1st interest then if i like it i will start pvp and stuff but how i can explore when they are simply killing me ?

    honestly at this point im thinking leaving the mod / server i dont like this kind of actions just couse they find a new dude in game and start harasing him .... ( Even if the 1m credit wasn't much ) i simply didnt find it every enjoying to pay it

  • just to be correct : "protected play" until level 40
    When you're lvl 40 or above you ARE object/subject (your choice) of role play, since this IS a ROLE PLAY server.
    Nothing to do about that.
    Only way to completly avoid this ... playing SP, the story - with extension - or OpenSP.

    But even as the "dedicated" single player I'm known for myself - the exploring and NPC hunting is
    much more fun on the server - esp the NPC killing in "special" regions together with some m8s.

    If you don`t want to be disturbed in your own playing by pirates, just make sure to have enough
    money with you. Then just pay the tax.
    Selling the rescue pods of the killed NPCs at one of the prisions should give enough credits - easily. ;)

    BTW, out of own experience :
    after some participation in events, some coop NPC killing, ... MP on the server ... It "draws you in :D


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  • i'm well aware about that but like i said i want explore the stuff in MP and maybe if other stuff's ( pvp ) attact me i will glady join but how i can pay them when i cant go and do mission , i was asctualy omw to sell 50 ( ace ) pods and they simply killed me

  • Hello Gohan, welcome here.

    I have few things (as this portal moderator and in game server-police):

    1) please look here: Freelancer RP. It can explain to you more things.
    2) if you jump into multiplayer, is really good idea look at least shortly on server rules. This also can save you headaches.
    3) for reports about broken server rules (or if you think they were broken): please use ticket-system. Select Crossfire-Broken server rule and write what you have. You have there full control about replies and also for us its way which we want to be used in these cases. I removed names from first post because it is against server/portal rules, these should be given to ticket-system.
    4) communicate, talk, ask ... all this is really important if you play multiplayer like is Crossfire mod. You may find that you can enjoy it much more and you can also find new friends which can help you out of troubles or give advices.
    5) Starter Guide
    (you have in my siggy link to Crossfire wiki .. it can help you with exploration and also with more CF stuff).

    p.s.: as was mentioned above, X-3043 and directly linked system are not safe place for new player, you can try visit Oasis for missions or if you want really have peaceful hunting then you need reach Coalition space ... but it need some experience and mod knowledge. I only can suggest to you read few times what I wrote in 4) this is a way how to have fun and not need be stressed when pirate ask you for a "tax".

  • About the "how to" in such a situation :

    1. Talk :
    " Uh, low on cred. Let sell pods, then I pay."
    If you're near X-3043, there are 2 possibilities to sell them quite quickly, easy to reach from Alska.
    Ask the pirate. He might even escort you - and his future money. ;)

    2. Use the bank account system to pay :
    open chat window, type : /mt <name of pirate>, space, <amount of money>, enter, and ...
    tell him that you transferred money

    3. He doesn`t want to wait, ... call police chars, GRs, make a screeny
    and put it here
    He will have a hard time the next days :D

    U were faster than me, Martind ;)


    Am I a man ? I am. So - I got married. House, wife, children,everything.
    The FUULL catastrophy !

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  • well, the pirate-problem is really annoying, i fully agree.

    some days before, 3 of them came to me, each one wanted 5 mill. even if i wanted to pay, there was no time for that. one of them shot me after some seconds.

    then, one or two days later, the same happened to my son. he DID pay. but was shot, because he had no time to pay the 3rd pirate.

    and when i staged the event Small Race , a pirate in Texas disturbed one of "my" racers. this racer was level 18!

    another pirate taxed me in Texas and he was 4 k away. i told him to come and i will pay, but will not go to him. and he didn't come to me, so i flew to NB. well, when i was in NB then he switched to his char there and shot immediately without taxing.

    then this absurd high tax of 9 mill in Inner Core ...

    i think, some of those pirates just want to up their frags.

    yes, i have a problem with pirates behavior too and hope that the new features in 2.0 about pirate-RP will ease the live of other players.

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  • oh really denne u told me many times in game u never pay tax with all of this i tax before shoot u lol u a lot of times act like a troll and u expect pirates have mercy on u ? lol if ur rank is higher then 60 i can tax maximum 10 mill and i tax in IC sometimes so what ? as i know RP is frobiden in NY and arena so the rest of sys are open for RP u crying sisie pay the tax and u safe lol

    i see here on this topic a least 3 players who are invisble on server when is come to do RP but they preach us how to play the game this is ridiculos what a hypocrites

    just to be clear i dont give a damn what u do on server how u play stay in NY , ARENA , IC ,altair , trade , killing npc whatever u like as long u respect the rules but dont blame others cuz they like haveing fun doing pvp or taxing ppl so better stfu

  • You guys are going on the wrong direction, the problem is not the server, and humans are just like that, there's nothing that they all can agree on.

    But they are forced to abide the rules on the server (no matter they agree or not): "Pirates can tax anybody and everybody (except characters under 40th level) police, mercenaries, smugglers, freelancers and other pirates. If they refuse to pay, then the pirate may open fire and attempt to destroy them. A refusal may be in the form of word or deed (running, opening fire or not responding within a reasonable time)."
    Also note this:
    " Under Level 40 No Bounties, Fines or Taxes can be placed on these characters.
    The following limits are for Fines and Taxes:
    40 to 49 Up to $500.000
    50 to 59 Up to $1.000.000
    60 and above Up to $10.000.000 "
    And the TWO HOURS limit, where a human player (no matter his chars) can't tax the same target/player in less than 2 hours.

    There is no way around that, unless you manage to make a deal with the other guys to leave you alone OR simply run away, and avoid areas with possible hostiles. It's normally as easy as keeping an eye on where every player is, but it's also very possible to flee, and survive after being called for a tax, many newbie 'pierats' around. And if somebody broke one of those rules, just take a screenoshot at that moment (for visual information) and make a report ticket on here, we will deal with it !

    The only way you will "peacefully explore Crossfire" is in SinglePlayer. You SHOULD actually start this mod by playing the Extended Campaign it offers (actual missions, with Juni and the rest, escorts and all), which will show you a bit of everything in the mod, like a guide. And there are no players there to randomly attack you. The "multiplayer" is a place where multiple players interact with/fight eachother, because that's the point of places/servers where more people can meet, to interact with eachother rather than just with the game.

    Joker. Watch your language, you are on a forum here.

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  • Quote

    ...because that's the point of places/servers where more people can meet, to interact with eachother rather than just with the game.

    Probably the most important you should consider, Gohan, when comming to the server.

    @ Joker
    If denne would be as pissed, as you seem to think, I'm quite sure that not only every GR would be after your but you would also have
    a KillOnSight of the whole DP clan on your bum. :D
    But obviously he takes it quite easy. So : no reason for flaming m8 ;)


    Am I a man ? I am. So - I got married. House, wife, children,everything.
    The FUULL catastrophy !

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  • Crossfire need pirates, as also mercenaries, smugglers and police. Sometimes is hard when meet them, but without interaction between all these and freelancers will be Crossfire space soon very boring place. Here is nothing more to say relating to thread initial post, all important was said in previous posts.

  • Interact people.. interact... that's what i do... even a pirate will lift up the tax if you talk properly... dont keep quiet and suddenly shoot the pirate... hehehehe :D

  • There are better ways to deal with pirates... especially ways that give them a doze of their own medicine :D But no spoilers.

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  • well guys n gals, I am with rohan's sentiments, and I feel that you are all missing the point.

    Rohan is complaining, imho justifiably, about pirate bullying. most of you call it RP and do not tolerate any dissent from this view.
    well let me tell you AGAIN, it is mostly bullying and it drives some players away.

    when are you people gonna take notice????

    my two pence worth AGAIN.

    Ray OK

  • You didn't even feel Gohan's name, but you feel (the point in) what he wrote ?

    Jokes apart, we did mention the enforced rules on Pirate RP to avoid that bullying, so next time it happens, he and anyone else has to screenshot or record it and report the bully for processing, we will deal with them to avoid "pirate bullying" and any other RP type bullying (cops, mercenaries, smugglers).

    If you just expect the bullies to care about what's written around here, you're wrong, most don't even know this site has a forum, and not just a download link. If you want something to be done about it, YOU and anybody else has to start acting, not only do the "complaining" and expect everyone in a game start behaving nicely :P The ones who can "officially" punish them are not forseers or telepaths, so they need reports, images, videos...

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