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    how do you get 100 millions an hour

    ... I assume @SilverFox refers here more to the possibilies in MP than SP ^^ .However in that you find the "right" tradee on the "right" day you can be able to make at least half of this ratio in SP. A very 'profitable' good in that respect are Alien Organisms - esp at some days in Rheinland territory with as ship like Mining Ship or armored transport ;)

    Dynamic economy ....
    well Freelancer is an damn old game engine and I don't know if something like the x-series where an actual trade you do already changes the actual economy (prices) at least in the system you are in is possible at all in Freelancer. And Crossfire 2.0 stll uses exactly the same game engine as the 12 year old original , "vanilla" game.

    Here dynamic economy means, that the prices for buying and selling as well as the distribution of goods all over the game universe change once every day , wiht the daily server restart around 07:00 server time. Maybe one day there might be a nice trade i.e. engine components between planet New Tokyo and Roppongi station ;) the next day THIS trade is gone and engine components might even not be traded at all in the New Tokyo system.
    But for every day there is ... somewhere such a profitable route. :D

    But first I must waste 20 millions buying the redemption just for its shield,

    ... as @AZ09 said, it might be cheaper to buy the shield alone .... even though not 'easier' ^^ ... it's a bit tricky to find and get :P

    ... but : why "must"
    The Redemption is a nice ship for the story campaign and - beside comming with this shield has also some other interesting specialities to offer ... all lv 10 weapons .... exeptional strafing ... STRONG hull ;)

    Sad that you don't get CF running :) .

    For an 'enhanced' storyline mod that is ... challanging :D maybe try this one :…gDaddy-Storyline-mod-1-2/

    But be warned : it IS hard to play and already the first missions will need quite some time. Try to exploit whatever the FL-engine gives you for opportunities, i.e. the 'zones' around a mission point, where npcs attack you ;) and other stuff. Maybe one of the bigger differences to vanilla - and Crossfire - the 'defense' focus is way more on shileds in this mod than on hull strengh.

    If I remember correctly there is - at least was - the possibility to play this mods : and this one : MD's Freelancer Rebalance mod - Mod DB
    also in SP campaign mode. (easlier versions where this might still be so are to be found in our FileBase )
    But they were RLY easy to play and in campaign mode not much of a challange due to the access to added stuff .... and both have a damn awfull LOT of stuff added :D

    Hi VULK :)

    ... about SSDs : to have some kind of longer lasting future; nothing below 233 GB (Samsung Evo SSD 850), better around 512 GB. The Samsungs have one of the best reputations also regarding 'duarbility' and are still realtivly decently priced. (... and they RLY speed up your whole system ;) ) But also the Crucial BX series are worth a look.
    However, even low priced stuff like SanDisk SSDs you will get a problem to 'degrade' them with a gaming PC over its lifetime (my PCs have a half-time of about 5-6 years, when finally set-up). But keeping a (cheap) disk HDD as a 'data dump' I would still recommend (the place where I put all the game downloads prior to installing to the SSD ^^ )

    About 'overpowered' CPUs .... that's - IMO - one of the best places to spare some money. Almost ever CPU can be overclocked without much risk to get a performance of at least the 'next' stepped model - with a bit more overclocking with some decent cooling even A LOT more :D . And the 4 cernel chips of intel with a "K" at the end are almost an invitation for this ;) .
    The generation changes for GPUs are much more ... an issue. The performance of the CPU is and IMO will stay at least for tzhe next years better 'adjustable' than the performance of the GPU (mostly only possible by buying the new stuff :/ ).

    just my 2cents :)

    :( I'm really sorry for you, unfortunatly I am unaware of what the different error codes mean so I can't tell you exactly what went wrong on your installation.

    In general I don't have to add something to what @Apache and @GodEatGod have said. Most of the time it's rly something related to security stuff. Freelancer is so 'old' that seemingly most vendors of AV-programs render it as 'unknown' and a possible threat. :P

    Another often forgotten error is, that something's left in the registry. That was one of my favorites, when I embarked on installing, leaving something inone of the many 'trees' of the registry as well as some other FL related stuff like old savegames.

    As a personal experience : from announced release of CF 2.0 if went through the deinstal/reinstal shuffle for getting it properly working more than a DOZEN TIMES and I can't recall how often I did it with counting in CF 1.7, 1.8, .......... :tot:.
    But ... in the end I feel it absolutly woth the effort. ;)

    Btw.: a lil more info on your system like wich OS, graphic card, security set-up ? ... maybe could give an additional hint.

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    by APE
    ... and at least 4 times I had to redo it WITH the extended installation guide cause I forgot some lil step of it somewhere on the road
    .... even though I have made this guide :D

    ... prior to advertising/promoting, shouldn't be there a product to advertise/promote ? ^^

    @SilverFox ... is it available ... for 'free' ?? (or almost ^^ ) and good link this Black Shell Media chatter, dunno if paying someone for spaming about a SWAT mod would rly 'fit' us ...

    Agree with you :sehrgut:

    ...why not give it a try...

    I don't think we would have to compete with SC or ED, as long as SWAT stays away from let players pay for play. Even then, if staying in a low-level price-zone there would be a 'market' ... better a demand for a good made space-sim game.
    Esp if you think about the hardware you will need at least for SC to play :tot:.

    However, you call it 'luck'. I would call it 'good-game-making' ^^ . What counts are not (only) graphic candys but more the content and gameplay. Just look at minecraft and all of its clones : the concept and the gameplay counts.
    Tbh, with the SC and ED and shortly before X3 hype ... I would say the chances for ANY space-sim game are ... good.

    About this 'offer' : sounds to me as if they expect the game almost 'done' and just offer the advertising/public relation stuff ...

    ... as far as I remember it was based on one version of the FSO2 engines, right ?

    Back then, did you plan a SP version only (where the hack have I lost my FREDding stuff ....) or also a MP version ? Tbh I never played it 'online' even in the 'old' days and as it seems there isn't any 24/7 server at all. So I don't know how it worked as MP at all ....

    But ... didn't you also tested another engine at some point ? ... as a possible 'sequel' to the FL engine ?

    However, the interest in FL related - or better : FL-engine using mods might dwindle, but I'm sure there is a 'market' for space sims at all .... also (or especially ?) 'Indi'- made ^^

    Welcome aboard M8 :) Enjoy Crossfire in SP, and ... be carefull, if you ever dare to go online .... it has the potential to become addictive ;) , esp. with all the great folks around ^^ (my story).

    Ever tried some andere europäische Sprachen also ? :D

    ... btw, we have such a warning : "Ion storm comming" ... perhaps just change this message from 07:00 server time to 06:30 server time (or when ever the timer is set for the server software to start with its ... prepararions) and for the longer duration .... and

    let the server kick the players from the server during this time

    ... doesn't this happens already ?? (out of habit and knowing about this time I haven't been 'on' at this time for .... Aaaages :P )